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  1. a group of people has attack the city! come and join either the police or the destructor to help the side you chose! whether you want to save the city or to rule the world! attack or save now : https://fb.gg/play/gloryordestruction
  2. Melon Editor comes from our vision "everyone can make games". so even those with limitless programming knowledge can create their own dream games. just prepare your game assets and do a simple drag and drop and voila you're done! Making Games has never been this easy! execute now : http://editor.melongaming.com/meloneditor/
  3. The game industry is escalating rapidly with an ever-growing amount of players. It has been predicted that by the end of 2018, there would be approximately 2.3 billion active gamers spread across the globe. Seeing how big the enthusiasm for games is all over the world, Melon Gaming Ltd. brings you MELON GAMING GAME DEV CONTEST; an international game development competition. We aim to gather game enthusiasts, developers, animators and producers from all parts of the world, and give them an opportunity to enhance their creativity and showcase their own games to the world. By joining this competition, the chosen participants with the best games will get the chance to publish their game through Facebook Messenger. On top of that, the winners of this competition will earn a total of $15.500 of prize money. Unlike other game developing competitions, this particular competition requires all of its participants to use MelonJS—a HTML5-based game engine created by Melon Gaming Ltd.—to develop their games and make them as interesting and original as possible. This competition will be fully held virtually, where the participants have to submit their works online. There will be 3 main winners and 5 favorite winners chosen by the judges. Each winner will get their own prize as follows : • First-Place Winner : $ 10,000 • Second-Place Winner : $ 2,000 • Third-Place Winner : $ 1,000 • Honorable Mentions (5) : @ $ 500 Additionally, we will be publishing each winner’s games on Facebook Messenger, and the winner gets to keep 50% of the revenue gathered from their games. For those of you who are interested to join Melon Gaming Game Dev Contest, you can go ahead and register yourself or your team, starting from September 15th 2018 until December 18th 2018. Meanwhile, the chosen winners will be announced on January 12th 2019. To register, go to Game Dev Contest and you will also find any additional information there.
  4. Hai guys, thanks you for accepting What is melonJS ? melonJS is an open source HTML5 game engine that empowers developers and designers to focus on content. The framework provides a collection of composable entities and support for a number of third-party tools. Giving you a powerful combination that can be used wholesale or piecemeal.How To Build Games in MelonjsJust in case you missed our previous post about what is melonJS, you can go here.Now you already know about what melonJS is, and probably are excited and want to start making your game right away, here are some tips that might help you out :1- Go to melonJS WikiThis is melonJS centralized knowledge base. You will find lots of information here, from Documentation, FAQ, Tutorials, and more. We strongly suggest that you read FAQ section and play some of games created by melonJS in section.2- Complete Platformer Tutorial3- Complete Space Invaders TutorialMore about melonJS : http://melonjs.orgOfficial website : http://melongaming.com/After tutorials completion, you're ready. It's time to write your game concept and get crazy with your wild ideas. And let us know once you're game is online, we would like to play it
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