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  1. Flight Rising actually told me that; no you can't promote/advertise off-site games.
  2. I think it'll be useful to find more users and have them be in the hype
  3. Nice! Whats your discord user? I wanna talk to you more about this, My discord is oakhearted#8284
  4. What are you doing exactly? I am working on Archives but you can still adopt one on Hewan: https://www.hewan.org !!
  5. I've promoted on this one, virtual pet list, Chicken Smoothie, in a couple of discord servers etc Any other sites like this that I could advertise my game Hewan on? Just curious!
  6. Flight Rising, Chicken Smoothie, Wajas, idk I like em all!
  7. Thanks for visiting my profile :)

  8. I don't have in real money to pay, but i could pay with items from flight rising, chicken smoothie if possible. or just art freely done? comment or pm on here if interested in doing art for hewan adopts and such
  9. To register on Hewan, please refer to this image below to answer the question! You can find your answer within here! Click here for more image previews! (imgur album)
  10. To become a sponsor, please PM me on discord, I am oakhearted#8284. You are also free to discuss about it in our server. Click here for the CS post made about their site! Click here for the CS post made about their site! Click here for the CS post made about their site! Click here for the CS post made about their site!
  11. Click here for past adoptables! ( coming soon ) Animals Anthro Cyborg/Robot/Android Celestial /Supernatural Beings Human (Mythological) Humanoid Hybrid Other If you want to know more about each of these creature species types, Search it on Google and look around Wikipedia or something relating to that, There's way too much for me to even list here. W I P
  12. News: What we have currently working on Hewan: - Adoptions (where you get all your adopts at) - Hut (where your adoptables that you adopt are stored) - Very customisable and unique types of BBCode that are very HTML/CSS like! Updates: Please join our discord server for updates on Hewan, Since this thread wont be as frequently checked. Hewan now isn't on a sub-domain ( at the time been ^^ ) It's now .org and not .altervista.org Future Plans: This is a list containing all the things we have yet to add/fix. Finish up pages for Archives, Knowledge Base, Contact Us, About, FAQ 2.0, Staff Team, etc... "Editable Biography" option for adopts, like what Flight Rising has. "Rename Adoptable (Hewan)" option for those who accidentally named their adoptable something they didn't want or provided no name. "Name Randomizer/Generator" for those who don't want to leave the naming field blank but also have no idea for a name. "Subscribe to Hewan for further announcements!" page ( possibly or widget ) for those who aren't allowed to have Discord and/or don't have or use it. "Hewan Mini-Games / Games" To earn in-game currencies from completing fun activities, Our currency is HP ( Hewan Points ) and TT ( Trinket Tokens ).
  13. Hewan is a virtual adoptables game community, Established in June of 2018, You can adopt a variety of different species including humanoids/humans (mythological type) / anthros / furries! ( More info about this can be seen on Adoptable Species ) Inspiration: Cheyne aka Oakhearted, ever since he discovered Chicken Smoothie in 2017, as the years came by, his fascination with pet sites grew larger by the day, He would then end up joining several other known websites relating to CS such as Flight Rising, Wajas, Xanje, Ovipets, Mweor and much more. He really wanted to make a site that would stand out amongst the others and be unique in it's own way, Hence the whole 'pink' theme Hewan has. He luckily managed to find a diverse name that isn't too plain or basic. The word hewan is actually Indonesian for 'animal'. Evolution: Hewan started out as a Forumotion community with little to no signs of adoptables anywhere to be seen, Then transitioned later on in 2018 to a Jcink community, On this one, There was some adoptables, First ones known to Hewan were by a lovely individual named BTD, Who isn't on Chicken Smoothie but on Wajas instead.
  14. Forum | Rules | Knowledge Base | Archives | Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Wikia ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ What is Hewan? News, Updates & Future Plans Adoptable Species Our Sponsors More Information
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