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  1. MY Apologies, I've been unwell this past week. I no longer need a developer, I have hired someone already, however I am still looking for artists. Please find attached below a World, Pet, Character & Item so you can see my style
  2. Hey Yall, So some of you may remember me, I certainly remember a few of you. I used to go under this screen name or santamynana, or variations there of. I'm starting a new game, hoping to launch in a few months. It's not going to be a Virtual Pet Game, but structured in a similar manner. I have around $2000 to spend on getting the website up and running, and I remembered this community and wanted to open it up, I'm taking bids from multiple freelancers at the moment, but as I say, my ties are to the virtual pet community, and me and my old business partner loved virtual pet games,
  3. Hey Judda, thanks for getting in touch. Me and Sara have had a discussion about this, and really thank you for wanting to buy, but no thanks. It’s kind of a reminder for us of our own personal projects and how they started, we’d miss it too much if it was gone.
  4. Hey Guys, So I was originally planning to post this somewhere else but found that place had been shut down. You may remember me and my business partner from many years ago, I went by simpson925 or santamynana usually, but I’m called James, my partner was ekielola and she was called Sara. 6 years ago, we started Atween and MyVPS individually, 4 years ago we started MoonFire Gaming LTD together and received a £5000 grant to start up the company. An officially registered company In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Anyways, it’s with regret we’ve decided to
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