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  1. hey all I am an artist and I am open to help peo out in thier visuals for thier game. I am new to this but I wrk hard and pretty fast people have told me. so I will be posting art here to show what I have got. this will de random suff but if there is sommething you want to see let me know and I will show it off or create it. I make : avatars animals/creatures goods buildings backgrounds ... thanks for your time ps, most that can be posted here can be ideas for my own gae. rough ideas and art for a game I would love to make one day.
  2. I am looking to play somme fun games. its hard to find these games imo what am I NOT looking for: 3D games horse games egg clicking games.
  3. looking for fun breeding and collecting game

  4. looking for fun breeding and collecting game

    I play lioden novilar ovipets flightrizing and a few others ^^ I love oipets and lionden a ton I love the exploari feature so you can get food and new creatures in lioden
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