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  1. I've been planning on adding account deletion into Pony's V2 The way I was planning of doing it was the player had to pay a decent sum of game money (Probably ~10% more than the account starting funds) to start the deletion process (since they're not planning on returning); this should stop players that think they're clever for creating extra accounts to swipe the start up money and delete the account to repeat the process. Step two would be all their pets being either deleted or sent to the shelter and their remaining money, credits and items will either be deleted or sent to the Giving Tree (player's choice). The Giving Tree is going to be an area where players can place items, money and credits for new players with accounts under 7 days old can randomly receive a gift every day Third step would be a email confirmation that would have a link for the player to click. That link would expire in 24 hours (and would have a cancel option for them to keep the account) and their money refunded if they don't continue the process. Step four is the account being added to a queue to be deleted in 6 months and their pets, items and currency go to the preselected destination; the void or the Giving Tree. The account will still show on the player's login history until it's selected to be deleted in the queue so if they're exceeding the 3-account limit, they won't be able to create more accounts and delete them to keep taking the money and start up items given to new players. I dunno if this seems too lengthy a process to just delete an account, but I wanted to try safeguarding from account hoppers that make extra accounts over the allowed limit to steal the extra start ups. Perhaps you can block account deletion for accounts under a certain age and under investigation for rule/ToS violations? This way, you can track who did what and tried to bail out before getting caught.
  2. I love the idea of being able to offer low account IDs for game money! I hadn't thought of that at all but it would be fantastic for players that aren't able to buy low ids with credits or USD; definitely going to implement this into V2! I had also thought of a way to control both population and economic flow by means of the pet store; each player is currently given a specific number of horse credits to buy horses with (each horse costs $2000), but I had thought of making it so players could buy an unlimited number of horses, but for each horse over their purchase limit, the cost for the horses goes up by $500 or so. Taxes seem to be a good way of controlling income flow as well; do you tax players based on how much money they currently have (richer players pay more in taxes) or is it a flat 3% across? That's why I like sites like this; I can ask for advice from people who've been there before and have more experience they don't mind sharing ;w; Its great learning different methods for all sorts of things from more experienced site owners and developers.
  3. http://www.pony-sim.com/ This is Pony; I used to play it when I was in school so when I saw it was for sale, I jumped on it xD Right now, it'd be classed as a sim game, but I'm planning on turning it into a text based RPG style sim. I completely understand what you mean with making it fun for all level of players; I'm hoping to manage to do that to keep the power players engaged with a lot more difficult tasks than what the newbies and average players would obtain. Something I have planned in V2 of Pony is adding quests for players to complete that will get progressively harder as the player's level grows. I'll definitely add this in! I think being able to see how things are going during testing of V2 will make it easier to fix potential issues I've already got before relaunch. Thank you for the resources! I did have the idea of supply and demand in mind; I had planned on making it so the NPCs in the game all have different jobs and prices for services that will automatically change based on a RNG personality rate (like the judges). Each service will have a few different NPCs that can do the same job (and then, once Pony gets rolling with more players, they too will be able to do the same jobs) and they'll change based on how much business they get. I'll definitely read through those books and see about doing a class on it if I can (or buy more books xD)
  4. @Dinocanid I hadn't thought of the different feed types and charging for minigames as money sinks; I think I know where I can add that in (I've been planning on making an explore region in Pony's recode and can add in the feature to charge a 'parking' fee for riders taking their horses through). I also have the shows planned out so the prize money comes from money that already exists (I've been trying to limit how much money is created out of thin air). Instead of a set fee for creating a show, the cost is variant on the judge they hire as well as the number of horses that enter. Additionally, the shows (and regular use) in their training arena will cause gradual damage to the equipment that would have a cost to be repaired (but it can only be repaired when it drops to around 85-90% condition). Show cash prizes are also being altered based on the number of entries; currently, the show host is able to set the prize as long as the first place is at least x3, second is at least x2 and third is at least equal to the entry fee. But since there aren't a lot of players yet (Pony's been dead for a few years before I bought it), that means one player can earn quite a lot of money from the 15 shows per horse if no one else shows in the same sports. The intended change is so the prize purse is divided up into three or 4 areas: Judge costs, entrant prizes, host income and (possibly) facility rental. The judge of the show gets their pay first and it can be anywhere from a $1 - $5 base fee for the show with a $0.50 - $2 per horse cost. Shows (depending on the facility size) can host up to 45 horses currently ($67.5 - $315 cost range at the largest show possible) and the judges will randomly change their prices if they get more shows to judge than they can handle (I've added a random personality stat that will determine when they will change their prices and to what if they get a certain number of shows; nicer judges will take more shows but still won't charge too much, but snooty judges will shoot their prices up if they get too popular). After the judge gets their cut, any possible facility rental will be taken. This would only happen if the host rented someone else's arena for their show. With what remains, it will be split 60/40; the 1st place winner will get 30%, second will get 20% and 3rd will get 10%. The last 40% goes to the host as profit. Needless to say, I'll be doing a lot of testing for this method before I say its set in stone, but I'm hoping this works well.
  5. Something I have always wondered was how to build a sustainable economy on a game. Something that wouldn't need too much maintenance to keep it balanced, but wasn't ridiculously hard or easy to get by. The reason I ask is because I used to play a few games where the economy started out so everything was super expensive, hard to obtain and took a while to build a savings for buying new things, but after a year or so, it was heavily inflated. Nothing had value and the game dev added in a money sink in the way of high-value pets that had already gotten a huge number of points (the game's way of training pets added points). That worked for only a few months because the boosted pets just shot their owner's income way high because they would always win shows (there by making a fast return on the buyer's investment) and before the pet would retire from being too old, the player that bought it was able to afford buying two more to take its place from showing the pet and selling breedings to it. And then, any offspring from the show-monster pet would show ridiculously well, making even more money. Rinse and repeat, essentially... What are some ways you guys balance your economies or what methods have you seen in other games that you thought worked well? What are some problems you see in failing economies that should be avoided? Any tips or pointers are appreciated.
  6. I've been trying to work on my sim's breed art and put its recode on pause. I'm not fantastic at horses, but I used to be a LOT worse xD This one is the American Cream Draft and I have about 13 more breeds I've started sketches for but haven't finished yet.I also plan on making a few item bases with interchangeable pieces so I don't need to draw the same item a million times :D I'll post that when I'm done. There's also this chest that I've drawn to replace a donation item called "Mystical Sugar Cubes." Currently, they're a bunch of cute little shapes, but I had a great idea of having them in a fancy little box, stacked neatly inside. I'll be sketching the cubes by hand instead of using straight lines like how I did with the box to give them a more organic and natural look (because the story that I've made for them is they're created by the local wizard that lives in our town xD). I'll update when these are finished and when I work on something new ^-^ I've completed the American Cream!
  7. I'm trying to learn PDO and having a bit of trouble. Its mostly me. I'm rather stupid when it comes to reading how something is supposed to work and have to physically do it myself to see what I'm doing wrong... Kinda sink or swim style? I need some tutorials or videos... anything, really, for learning PDO. ^o^;; I tried google, but I'm not clicking with what I've gotten in the search ;w; If you possibly have something a little interactive, I'll give virtual cookies of epic deliciousness xD
  8. This looks amazing! Being a huge fan of literally all of the games you listed, I'm really excited to see this one's development! I'll be keeping an eye on this
  9. Those are excellent examples, actually! I'll send an email to you to with details on what I'm looking for so I can possibly get a price quote ^-^
  10. I love your style! Do you happen to have any more examples of birds like the snowy owl? I have a project in mind that I haven't started yet because I suck at drawing birds xD
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