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  1. Sorry for a bit of a late reply (my 4 month old is starting his teething so he's been a little more restless) @CaityJuju I'd love if you could link some of your literature examples! I may also have some SucoCat items I'd love done from you! If you have any price quotes for both, please let me know You can DM me here or give a boop on Discord @CynicalRaptor You can either DM me here or we can talk over Discord! My discord ID is Shino#5863
  2. @CynicalRaptor I'm actually very glad to see you've posted! I saw your post after I had made this and wasn't sure how up to date it was, but I'd love to chat and see about getting a price range for you to work on SucoCats pieces!
  3. Hello everyone! Shino here with a bit of an ad. My husband and I are looking to do some serious work getting some new simulation and roleplay games running and in order for us to do such a thing, we're looking to hire dedicated artists and loremasters that we can have completing work regularly for persistent releases of new content across multiple projects. We're hoping, within the next coming month or two, to take out a bit of a loan to use as a startup fund for the projects that are top priority: my horse sim, Pony-sim, and a DeviantArt based art role play (possibly 2) SucoCats. A possible s
  4. I've been planning on adding account deletion into Pony's V2 The way I was planning of doing it was the player had to pay a decent sum of game money (Probably ~10% more than the account starting funds) to start the deletion process (since they're not planning on returning); this should stop players that think they're clever for creating extra accounts to swipe the start up money and delete the account to repeat the process. Step two would be all their pets being either deleted or sent to the shelter and their remaining money, credits and items will either be deleted or sent to the Gi
  5. I love the idea of being able to offer low account IDs for game money! I hadn't thought of that at all but it would be fantastic for players that aren't able to buy low ids with credits or USD; definitely going to implement this into V2! I had also thought of a way to control both population and economic flow by means of the pet store; each player is currently given a specific number of horse credits to buy horses with (each horse costs $2000), but I had thought of making it so players could buy an unlimited number of horses, but for each horse over their purchase limit, the cost for the
  6. http://www.pony-sim.com/ This is Pony; I used to play it when I was in school so when I saw it was for sale, I jumped on it xD Right now, it'd be classed as a sim game, but I'm planning on turning it into a text based RPG style sim. I completely understand what you mean with making it fun for all level of players; I'm hoping to manage to do that to keep the power players engaged with a lot more difficult tasks than what the newbies and average players would obtain. Something I have planned in V2 of Pony is adding quests for players to complete that will get progressively harder as th
  7. @Dinocanid I hadn't thought of the different feed types and charging for minigames as money sinks; I think I know where I can add that in (I've been planning on making an explore region in Pony's recode and can add in the feature to charge a 'parking' fee for riders taking their horses through). I also have the shows planned out so the prize money comes from money that already exists (I've been trying to limit how much money is created out of thin air). Instead of a set fee for creating a show, the cost is variant on the judge they hire as well as the number of horses that enter. Addition
  8. Something I have always wondered was how to build a sustainable economy on a game. Something that wouldn't need too much maintenance to keep it balanced, but wasn't ridiculously hard or easy to get by. The reason I ask is because I used to play a few games where the economy started out so everything was super expensive, hard to obtain and took a while to build a savings for buying new things, but after a year or so, it was heavily inflated. Nothing had value and the game dev added in a money sink in the way of high-value pets that had already gotten a huge number of points (the game's way
  9. I've been trying to work on my sim's breed art and put its recode on pause. I'm not fantastic at horses, but I used to be a LOT worse xD This one is the American Cream Draft and I have about 13 more breeds I've started sketches for but haven't finished yet.I also plan on making a few item bases with interchangeable pieces so I don't need to draw the same item a million times :D I'll post that when I'm done. There's also this chest that I've drawn to replace a donation item called "Mystical Sugar Cubes." Currently, they're a bunch of cute little shapes, but I had a great idea of having the
  10. I'm trying to learn PDO and having a bit of trouble. Its mostly me. I'm rather stupid when it comes to reading how something is supposed to work and have to physically do it myself to see what I'm doing wrong... Kinda sink or swim style? I need some tutorials or videos... anything, really, for learning PDO. ^o^;; I tried google, but I'm not clicking with what I've gotten in the search ;w; If you possibly have something a little interactive, I'll give virtual cookies of epic deliciousness xD
  11. This looks amazing! Being a huge fan of literally all of the games you listed, I'm really excited to see this one's development! I'll be keeping an eye on this
  12. Those are excellent examples, actually! I'll send an email to you to with details on what I'm looking for so I can possibly get a price quote ^-^
  13. I love your style! Do you happen to have any more examples of birds like the snowy owl? I have a project in mind that I haven't started yet because I suck at drawing birds xD
  14. Shinobu


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