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  1. @Mobotropolis Thanks for the response and advice! It's much appreciated. I've been thinking about my future for a very long time. I think even since middle school I've been very conscious in seeking out advice and realistically going over the pros and cons of potential occupations I find myself interested in. For the past year I've felt kind of lost, but I've finally decided on sticking on my passion for creative avenues instead of worrying about substantial income. I just don't feel like I'd be happy working and doing a job where I can't let my creative side shine. I have experience working in developing a roleplay server and being part of an administrative team. For two years I worked with a similar website, but due to some personal reasons decided to step away from that particular community. I'd love to help out other pet sites, but I don't know where to begin. I guess the best place to start would be advertising my experience here.
  2. Hi! I'm Majo. I'm 17 at the time of this post, but I will be 18 in about a few months. Virtual pet sites and sims have been a big part of my life for a long time. I'd like to make my own some day, but I realize I probably won't have the resources or skills required for a few more years. I plan to go to college for graphic arts and digital media, but depending on what I take more to, I may try web design and coding. I already have a vague concept in my head, one I'm hoping to continue to flesh out and modify as I mature more and gain the necessary skills. As of right now my art is a bit sub par and I have only a basic understanding of html. Lore writing is the only skill I have to offer at the moment. For a long time now I've felt rather lost on what I want to make of my life, but for once I feel as though I'm behind a cause I have some passion for. Though I may not start real development for a few years, I hope this forum will be able to help make make the connections necessary to become a game owner in the future and possibly connect with future team members. I don't know where to begin, but I'm sure I will find good things on this forum. Thanks to @Grif for recommending this site to me. I greatly appreciate being sent this direction. It will most likely be a great asset to my future if I continue down this path.
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