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  1. We have a very large update today! At least, we have a very large companion to start the update off with. Do you find yourself attracting a vast amount of Kite Goldies when fishing? Well, it could be a sign from a higher being. The Grand Royal Kitefish and Grand Dream Kitefish will join your Enivi if you can collect 100 Kite Goldies (each). These giant companions can be obtained via crafting. To give some perspective; We expect more variations of these will show themselves soon. Happy Fishing! LOVELY BASE AND MARKINGS COLOR The Lovely base color has been added to our Art Packs for easy use. Your Enivi can now be a wonderful shade of pink. You'll just need to use a color-change potion to make it happen. We've also pre-made Appaloosa, Tiger Stripes, Pangare, and Badger Mask in the new, Lovely color. PEARLS FOR YOUR LOVED ONES We've added the beautiful Pearl Necklace accessory for your Enivi's fancy night out. It comes in four variations; Pearl Necklace, Pink Pearl Necklace, Rainbow Pearl Necklace, and Black Pearl Necklace. These can all be found in our Art Packs, and will restock in the Unique Boutique! MORE LOVE! For the rest of the month the Lovely My Sweet Enivi can be grabbed for your collection! Lovely MSE will be found randomly in Sophie's Shoppe. Add them to your collection while you can! SWAN WINGS Swan Wings have been added to the game and art packs. You'll be able to get Swan Wings through a variety of Prompts and through Mysterious Slime (which you can earn randomly through racing and exploring). They're a very romantic touch for your Enivi. SITE UPDATES Finally, a few smaller site updates we've made this week; All items that need to be opened for use now have a small open chest in their icon. The exception is the Gachapon capsules. We've removed common base applicators as they served little purpose. If you had one in your inventory, we've replaced it with a Color Change Potion. We've added a variety of emojis to the Discord server. We'll begin hosting Flash Prompts on the Discord server this week. Be sure to check it out! Want to know what's coming next? Check out our Patreon! Not a member of Keepers of Eniv? Check us out at KeepersofEniv.com! Keepers of Eniv is a fantasy ARPG meets SIM game. Create your first Enivi using our art packs, then grow them through a series of art prompts, customize them with our easy to use items, markings, and traits, and meet new friends in our active and inviting community. We can't wait to see you there!
  2. It's hot. It's humid. Let's hit the beach! The Beach Party Update includes a few accessories to make your beach day perfect. From a Classic Beach Ball and Blue Striped Towel to the lovely Summer's End Bouquet, you're bound to find something to enhance your Enivi! Other Updates We've updated the navigation bar to be more user-friendly. We've fixed the bug in the Beauty Contest that kept some players from being able to enter or vote. We've fixed the bug that kept the Fishing game from refreshing. Lures are now free to purchase at Sophie's Shoppe. For the part of the community that's been asking, we've been having meetings about opening up different funding avenues for the site going forward. You'll likely see some of those appear soon, but we're dedicated to ensuring the game doesn't end up pay-to-play or pay-to-win. As an off-site note, Keepers of Eniv is currently open for Kickstarter Backers, but will be opening for the general public in September. Join our Discord Server to weigh in, keep track, and get alerts for our membership openings!
  3. Yeah she's absolutely fantastic. I'm looking forward to your Kickstarter being a success and coloring some horses!
  4. Yeah, I backed this. The line art for these is really nice. I'm wondering if Ell did it or if they hired on another artist. Whoever it was, they did a really fantastic job.
  5. For myself, I know that the majority of what I need are useful items like scrolls, books, and weapons. Less so much on food, but that's just speaking for me.
  6. A Small Update We're currently at 86% funded and looking good to be fully funded by the end of the weekend! Thanks so much to everyone who has been sharing and backing us. The team is very excited and we're really looking forward to bringing you a stellar game!
  7. I'm back with a few updates! The Kickstarter Our Kickstarter is now 35% funded! We have a (reliable) backer who will fund the rest if we can make it to the $600 mark (60%), so we've added a few additional pieces to tempt everyone into Backing or upping their pledge. Many of our members are coming from our old community, World of Eniv. They're the owners of our "Legacy" Enivi. For an additional $5 they can get an Enivi Transfer Token, which will allow them to transfer 1 Enivi onto the new base via one of our Official Staff Artists. For an additional $10 you can add a Druaesi Make-Your-Own as a reward. An Ancient Sprout will allow you to create your own rare, plant-based Enivi! Coding We're happy to say that the site is currently up and functional! The additional features we're adding will likely need to be funded after the KickStarter, though we do have a few currently in the works that we're excited to show off when they're finished. Currently, all our user profiles, character profiles, links, sign-up, login, shops, and items are all ready to go. Artwork Some new item artwork, gene templates, and site-art has been created and put to use. There are some examples below. We're really excited for the opportunity to have this game become a reality, and we're so thankful for everyone's support - be it in the form of backing us on Kickstarter or spreading the word. Thank you all so much!
  8. Haha! I can attest to CE's forums being active. With the art requests, forum games, and general convo you got a poppin' community on there. I guess I hadn't really thought about just how much people used the forums, even in hand with your Discord.
  9. That's a really good way of looking at it. I've gotten mixed things about forums from my own community, and started to wonder just how important they are, but these are good points. Granted, our community isn't like... Flight Rising sized so scamming hasn't been a big issue (yet? Don't wanna jinx myself).
  10. What the title says! How important do you think forums are for a VPS? If there's an active Discord server, are forums even needed anymore?
  11. Oh wow. I wish I needed something in your style. I'm just gonna comment here to bump and help you gain some traction. Your work is absolutely beautiful!
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