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  1. Hey everyone! I'm Tony, and I'm currently looking to take on some additional work. I pride myself in my ability to produce quality work quickly, and to style match the current work in a project. Feel free to contact me with questions! My Site: https://tonywatkinsart.weebly.com/ A few samples of my work; (NOTE: Horse bases are not by me, the items and markings on the horses are by me)
  2. As an update, I've been here about a month and still have nothing but positive things to say about the owner, staff, and site. They're always working toward positive change for the staff and community (which is fantastic on all ends). Payments are always timely. Work is enjoyable. Community is warm, friendly, and growing! (If you're not playing CE yet... why aren't you?) The only other thing I could ask for are the yacht parties. Would 10/10 recommend this to a friend, which is saying a lot because I would only recommend jobs to friends if they were genuinely good places to work.
  3. I got into a debate with my husband the other night. He uses multiply layers to shade (using primarily purple and blue tones). I very rarely do this, and when I do it's more of a base/guide than the actual shading. Instead, I use color shifting. What are your thoughts? What techniques do you use to shade?
  4. I've been working directly with Celestial Equine (CE) for a few weeks now and thought I should share my thoughts. So far, it's been a really fantastic experience. The pay structure is easy to understand and forward. The community has been very warm and welcoming (and understanding while I learn the backend systems haha). The owner, Mae, has been incredibly kind, forward-thinking, and genuinely seems to care about her game, community, and the people who work within it. I work most directly with the community itself and Ell. There's a heavy focus on self-care while also maintaining producti
  5. Hey everyone! I'm trying to recoup some lost funds for this. Selling these sabretooth tiger sketches, looking for $20 OBO. I can make small changes for the purchaser. I can also complete the sketches (ink, flat color, shade, whatever) for an additional upcharge. Samples of my completed work can be found here: instagram.com/tonywatkinsart HMU if you're interested I accept PayPal and Venmo. My ToS is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wz-goUtItRCjiwqblQOqpLgIGjEHqU_vC6wVZap6ojE/edit?usp=sharing (keeping in mind that in the Rights portion, you'd be obtaining the full ri
  6. For reference; I'm finished with this person and the situation. If anyone needs additional screenshots or logs I have the full conversation. I won't have my own image twisted as one of a person who doesn't try to bend. My payment for orders under $75USD is full, he refused and stated he wouldn't even negotiate on paying half down. I tried.
  7. 1. You told Judda I was "getting threatening". 2. Your "apology" came with no offer of resolution. Just "I didn't see this". 3. There are still numerous red flags and contradictions throughout our conversation. I generally try to work with my clients through difficulties and misunderstandings, but there comes a point where it's not a misunderstanding. You literally tried to manipulate me into working without payment by telling me how you pay artists more than they ask, and very suddenly told me about family issues you were having when I asked for payment. I made this warning at t
  8. Hey all, Long time no see (on the forum at least haha). Unfortunately, I'm here on my old account to give a negative experience I've had. NOTES: I'm "FlameoHotman", yes, this account is Jwatkinsart when I used to go by my middle name online. All updated art profiles are TonyWatkinsArt (insta/twitter) for lack of confusion (... can I change my name here somehow? ) I posted work of a lion on the TGL Discord server and was put in contact with PhantomFire of PocketPumaPets (which I'll call P3 going forward from here). We discussed his needs and price and settled on the price for
  9. Hey everyone. Does anyone know how to contact the owner of Marapets? I've found ads for their site on some graphic articles about murder, skinning pets, and transphobic content. I can't imagine this is their target market, and I thought they would want to know (I know I would! ) Thanks everyone!
  10. If anyone is interested just let me know. Looking for $8 for the set or $3 each
  11. Hey there! Is there a specific style you're seeking for your maps? I want to make sure I'm sending you relevant samples Edit: I've also got these 3 items for sale if you're interested:
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