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  1. Oh wow. Thank you for all the amazing advice, everyone! ^.^ For now, I'm still going through the Code Academy things since they're totally free, and I figure that's the best way to learn if I really like it. But I did sign up on Neocities, and I'm looking at Udemy and Udacity. So far from what I've seen, they both look really good. And I've started throwing down some ideas for a game, but... again, that's probably years away at this point.
  2. Thank you so much for the great tips! For the game, I'm holding out on that. I want to learn coding and other stuff first, and just dream about it and take little notes for the time being. Decide what features to keep and get rid of, and how to make it stand out from other games. And play around with it a bit before I totally decide if I want to have a game. Haha. And thank you for the tips on languages. There's so many to choose from! On Code Academy, I'm doing HTML and Python right now because I just didn't know where to start. I'll definitely do Javascript next. Gosh... there's so much to learn. Thank you!
  3. So hello, I hope this is alright! I've always been a fan of SIM games and have played or dabbled in what feels like all of them. And with summer and college out, I'm finally able to play more. And like many of others, I've always dreamed of maybe my own pet sim. I'm planning on using Code Academy to learn how to code since I cannot draw, and writing is... well... useful, but not as much coding or drawing. I think. Haha. Anyway, hello! I'm up for getting active on here!
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