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  1. Hey dracula, would you be willing to "finish" it or is it "buy as WIP"? If you'd be willing to start working on it again I'd like to discuss it further. regards, Feuerqueen
  2. Well in my case it makes it definitely more maintainable. And what do you mean of "can't add any new features"? I was always able to add new features because my code worked. I did this 6 years long. I was always adding new features, even bigger ones and doing new events and stuff. But now it is so much easier for me to add new features. And also the PHP 7 compatibility was a huge factor for me. I had to touch every script anyway to make it work on PHP 7, so why not do a complete recode then? For me, it worked out. Before I did the complete recode I sometimes refactored some scripts when I couldn't find the bug. That helped a lot along the way too.
  3. I completely disagree, to be honest. I take my game which is online for over 6 years now as an example. The last 2 years I was working on a relaunch to upgrade my complete codebase. When I started 7 years ago I knew nothing about programming and learned a lot in the following years. The code is a weak construct on an even weaker foundation. It won't run on PHP 7, is completely coded procedural which makes it hard to maintain and is not responsive. Does it work? Yes! Should I leave it like that and build more features on this foundation? No! Most of the work won't make a difference for most of the players that is true. But I got them excited for the new version anyway. I developed the new version completely separate from the current version and they were still able to play on what we call version 3.0. There weren't regular updates but still a few and also continued our event schedule (eastern, summer, Halloween, Christmas), so they still got stuff to do on the working 3.0 version. What do they get from this new version? First of all, an upgrade to PHP 7 makes the game run faster. Upgrading to OOP makes it more maintainable for me and easier to implement new features and therefore the users will get new features more frequently. Also, the new layout makes it easier for them to use the site on their smartphone. So yes most of the time I invested in the relaunch ist nothing they can "see" but it will make an overall better experience for them. Of course, the time I invested could have been invested in tons of new features instead but then again my game is already very feature-rich and not just starting out. So I feel to update the complete code basis will only bring benefits. And with screenshots of the new layout, you can get the users excited along the way. The launch is in February and we are almost done. I'm very happy that I decided to go this route and would recommend to everyone which is in a similar position.
  4. I agree with the posts before. Things can look nice and everything on the paper or in your mind but when you're actually working on it you may notice that things do not work out as intended. I started with my game 2011 with no programming knowledge. I taught myself one year while working on the game. 2012 I launched the very first alpha version with very basic content. Only a few friends of mine were invited into it to test it. After 10 days I opened it up to the public but did not advertise it at all. So the community was growing slowly through word of mouth and I was able to integrate feature after feature and get immediate feedback of what is liked and what not or what the players would like to see. Also while playing the game myself, I found out what I wanted to see integrated. And so the game grew and grew and now it is very feature rich. Not all ideas I had were great and fit into the game. I removed features I thought that were not that great as I imagined them to be. This was a learning progress. Overall this was the right way for me. Probably because I was so inexperienced in programming, game design and overall management. Nowadays with already one game up and running, I would definitely develop the second game to a more polished state, before I would launch, but I would still only make a vast concept instead of planning each detail out. The details come while developing. At least for me.
  5. Hey Mandy, which Petsite? This is not said in your title or post anywhere. A link would also help.
  6. @Kesstryl Thank you for this information. I wrote them an email with questions and the answers were not satisfying either. So I decided not to go with Codoforum but chose Vanilla instead.
  7. Wow! Very beautiful artwork! If I ever start a new project I definitely keep you in mind. I really love your style.
  8. Hi @Mobotropolis, do you have your Vanilla Forum up and running? Is it possible to have a look at it? Would be interesting to see what other made of it.
  9. Wow thank you for your answer. Vanilla and Invision look very interesting, I will surely look into them! Thank you very much for the list. From this list, I knew vBulletin and phpBB but never really liked them. They still feel like they are stuck in the 90s or early 2000s. Maybe I am wrong and they changed a lot over time but I guess I will start looking into the other two options first. I never heard of them before and on the first glance they are looking very interesting Thanks again! Feuerqueen
  10. Hello community, I am mostly more of a silent reader than a poster myself. But this is a topic where I would love to have the opinion of other game owners or programmers. At the moment I am using a very basic, self-made forum on my site. This is limited by many things and I really want to upgrade no a new, better forum. I was looking for good forum software and came across Codoforum . Does anyone of you have any experience with this software? Also if you know of any other software which you may use yourself I'd be happy if you share your information. Important to me is that it supports SSO (Single Sign-On). It doesn't have to be freeware I would be willing to pay for it, but it should have no monthly/yearly fee. Thank you and I am looking forward to your opinions. EDIT: Forgot to mention that I am not using a framework. So I can't use any framework integrated forum.
  11. Thank you for your opinion on this. It is very much appreciated.
  12. Very good read, thank you! I heard of all of that already, because one of our customers is using AWS. So I know how to deploy using terraform and stuff but I never set up AWS by myself. It is a very complex theme but also a very interesting one. I really should look more into it. And maybe I can catch one or two things when the Senior is talking about it What I really would like to know is, what you think about the size of a project where "designing for scale" would be profitable? Because the costs of such an installation need to be earned each month. Is this only something for the "big fishes" or would you recommend it to smaller projects, too? Sorry for my English. Haven't used it for quite a while now... I hope you still understand what I am talking about
  13. Wolves! I have always been in love with wolves! But generally all the canides, felines and equides.
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