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  1. Looks like they're down to me. Seems a similar site to what you described exists here. At the bottom they seem to offer a chance to retrieve your data, but I'm also seeing that the copyright is for 2014 so it seems like this place has been abandoned for some time.
  2. It is technically possible to have music in your HTML5 game, yes. Here's the HTML5 Tag for doing that I feel like music is fine as long as you offer the option to turn it off since the user may not want music playing/auto-playing for a number of reasons. That said, music when used appropriately can make a game and experience within a game memorable.
  3. Howdy. Again! As things begin to gear up behind the scenes I can always use for some artwork. So about about it, Freelancers? Want to PM me a category below and some quotes? I pay with Paypal and will pay when I see your sketches. Then finish and send me the PSDs. Current Status: Closed. Will Update June 21st-ish. Last Updated: June 14th 2019 Work pretty much came to a screeching halt due to bereavement, but I feel well enough physically and financially to get things rolling again. I'm going to just update this thread every-so-often with my needs instead of creating multiple threads. Categories I'm Looking For: I made a Google Doc for Tracking Purposes If it's in Red I'm looking for it now. If it's Green I already have it. Toys - 24 Gifts - 24 Books - 24 Physical Games - 12 Video Games - 12 Electronics - 24 Summer Seasonal (like going to a beach or on a picnic) - 24 Rainbow Themed Items - 12 Melon Themed Items - 12 Pumpkin and Harvest Themed Items - 12 Burger Shop Food - 12 Tex-Mex Food - 12 Hot Chocolates - 8 Scratchcard Art - 6 Lottery Art - Keeper and a Ticket Treasure Map Art - Four Illustrations. Will Describe in the PM. Shopkeepers (If I like your style, I'll let you do them all) - 23 Signage (If I like your style, I'll let you do them all) - 24 Shoot me a PM. Let's make a deal.
  4. Howdy. I'm fiddling away on my little learning project and have reached the point where I can commission some more art. Mainly for the map. I'll need six different map areas: Main Entrance - It's going to be like a Splash Page 4 Wings (Four Separate Maps) - Some concepts are below for this one. There are going to be six storefronts in each wing (24 stores total) Central Food Court - There are going to be six storefronts in the Food Court Here's a feel for what I am looking for - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PLkuSLSEvaJxg5UwGlJOqL_mLkbDQEYB/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/14PuUKkCJOT7nUpEShVE3icGElKF_AiCy/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bUubyzpjH8OUpSgZIfqfE3yHDKDHwL9G/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xHo2fe6cfNjYWeRkJuGuBIP94TYFnIAV/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ou5MQzPolz30Y_kIsdg0uFbX6f94EMXV/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kr9YDlOzLwj2AWaLQAYgsRSzHteKN5jQ/view?usp=sharing Alternative Perspective - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t9j8s9Vo3UkEgTGm8hFzRYd9OgoUNDQQ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TlqRp8buNnPKeSyymYAnfTQVDycJEuEH/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cD9wFSm-rHcSFOUaep7Ev-sD5pdHcJv_/view?usp=sharing These areas are going to be editable PSDs since the look and makeup of the maps is going to change seasonally. So the storefronts should be empty for now. If you do a great job, I'll pay extra for you to design the storefronts. I already have money budgeted for this and will pay by Paypal. PM Me with a quote and your portfolio. Thanks. Edit: Found an Artist. I think I'll let them do the entire set if they're up for it, so I'm going to close this one.
  5. Ah, I never do anything like that, no. I usually just look at what's trending when I go to Twitter. The only browser game I remember trending in recently was Club Penguin which met its maker last year. And I only have a Twitter Account in the first place because I did #NeoCreationWeek. I almost never see games in general trending on Twitter, let alone browser games/sims. Edit: When it comes to looking for new games which I mainly do for the internal audit project I started and should probably finish now that a year has passed, I looked two places: 1. Here 2. The list of Browser Games on Wikipedia I was able to find that there are a surprising number of active browser games just by doing that alone. First audit turned up about 50. If I dug a little deeper I think I can find over 100 active games.
  6. Ah, you mean Hashtags? Hashtags are the way that people find information quickly on Twitter. When you click on a Hashtag you are sent to a page that has all of the posts related to that hashtag so you can see all comments about it, starting with the latest. If a Hashtag gets a high number of posts within a certain time period it will appear in the Top 10 of Twitter and be "trending", which greatly increases its exposure. That said, it is rare (but not impossible) for a game to get that type of exposure. Super Smash Brothers, Pokemon, Call of Duty, and Animal Crossing are a few of the games I remember trending in the last few months. Club Penguin, more a game our speed, trended a while ago when its demise was announced. Well, let's dive in, anyway. First thing's first; you have to make Hashtags for your own products, features and events. So you have to make a #WildSouls or #FoodBabs tag so people can find your product. You don't and shouldn't use your custom Hashtag on every post but you should on important posts (major features, events, promotions, updates, ect.). Next, you have to work on getting some more exposure by using other tags. To that, I say you must be extremely careful. One ill-advised strategy that I often see Twitter Accounts using is commenting on whatever's trending in the Top 10 to increase their exposure even if they (1) are not sure why something is trending or (2) have nothing relevant to say about the trending topic. Unfortunately, events of tragedy (someone's death, a disaster, mass causality event or scandal) trend often on Twitter and making a promotional comment on such a tag may make you seem insensitive and/or out of touch. Don't be one of these people. Instead, you should be looking for Recurring Hashtags (Google it) and why they trend and try to throw your weigh into there. Here are some examples that I'm hiding in the Spoiler Thread -
  7. If you just have to host some HTML/CSS/JavaScript I have two to recommend. NeoCities is a throwback to the Geocities/Angelfire era of web hosting. You can get signed up in about a minute and have your site up in less than five minutes if your HTML Files are already ready. They have a generous free tier. If you pay $5 a month you can use a custom domain and make multiple basic sites. Netifly is something I've come across recently while trying to modernize my approach to development. The magic here is that you can connect it to your GitHub account and push updates live as you push things to your repositories. Free Tier comes with SSL and the ability to use a Custom Domain. If you need something for PHP and don't want to deal with a DigitalOcean setup, I'll review the host I just left - Hostwinds will allow you to buy a domain and some hosting with CPanel for about $100 a year. They sometimes have sales on their hosting and I've gotten it as low as $50 a year before. The one thing I will say is that even when I did have a problem with their technical setup (linking domains, updating PHP, one click scripts) their support center was very responsive and friendly. Think this is more than enough for most people who want to host a site. I only left because for the amount of stuff I have to host and the amount of traffic I get I'm sure I can get it cheaper.
  8. When I say activities I mean Games, Dailies, Competitions, Quests, Puzzles, Events and whatnot. Things that the players are going to be invested it and what brings them back to the site every day. People who may be looking for a game might be curious about what there is to do at your game, and why it might be different from the 50-some plus active and/or in development games around.
  9. I re-read your opening post and thing the idea might be interesting. What types of activities would the player be able to get involved in? Community could be interesting. Will there be something like groups, factions or alliances? A game that has community might need social features. Do you have any in mind?
  10. I commend you for your honesty about the state of your project and applaud you for your courage posting. Good luck! One good thing about getting everything out in the open is that there are people here who can and will be willing to help you. So, what do you think your next steps are? Getting that artwork? Of what and in what format? Or maybe some people to bounce ideas and features off of?
  11. Can you provide some examples of what you're looking for? Possibly of what's already in there so we know how to do this stylistically?
  12. Semi-related, but if they're not checking age they may not be COPPA compliant which can also put them into another round of legal trouble. COPPA requires sites that market to children (either primarily or as one of their general audiences) to check age and restrict certain types of content for users who claim to be under 13. COPPA is more directed towards protecting the privacy of children than protecting them from offensive content, however. Since laws on offensive online content can vary by country and in the United States by state, most sites that cater to the 18+ crowd outright ban minors from viewing or joining to cover their bases.
  13. What an interesting style. I think people are looking more for items than pets. Items tend to be cheaper and more adaptable than pets. Can you possibly update your post with Pricing and Payment methods?
  14. Actually had the same problem. Upgrading my server was the end of my promising Mysidia adventure. There's an effort to update Mysidia called Mysidia Deluxe, but I'm not sure how far along they are. I guess the question to ask yourself now is what you might want your site built in. There are no shortages of CMS and Frameworks that a Pet Site could potentially be built in. Even Wordpress can do it, technically. As someone who's played the Perfect Framework Game for far too long, let me say this; There is none. A push-button solution doesn't really exist. Especially for Pet Sites in particular. You'll have to choose a solution, learn how to work with it, and shape it into that thing that you want. One thing I will say is the process of doing that is probably easier now than it was 5-10 years ago. There are more places you can ask for help. There are video tutorials. Many Frameworks have a support line you can ask questions. If you are completely new to this website-making thing, I'd suggest working on the Front-End first. Front-End is easier to learn and more forgiving than Back-End. Choose a Front-End Framework to work with and design the look and feel of your site. You can either learn or get someone to hook your site up to the Back-End later. Some Popular Front-End Frameworks: Bootstrap - The most popular Front-End Framework. Developed by Twitter. Foundation - Competitor for Bootstrap used by Facebook. Pure - CSS Framework developed by Yahoo. Materialize - A Framework with many ready-to-use components. Semantic UI - Framework designed for Beginners to Front-End Development. Choose one and get buildin'. Oh, and you might need an HTML Editor if you're building Front-End. I just made the switch to Visual Studio Code and am quite happy with it.
  15. Howdy. I've been busy the last few days, but I think I can squeeze out a little time today to take a look around. Let's see what's changed by looking at the News. Okay. Let's take a look around elsewhere. Good work. It seems like things are starting to come together.
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