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  1. Still searching! Could definately use another coder!
  2. You can always try out Atrocity.. we have breeding and things- Lots of parts/addons. and 3 current types. Plus tons of items, NPCS places to go, we're working on an awesome battling system...and many other things! Heres some pet examples. If you refresh the page you'll get something different!
  3. @BlaireReally sorry! been busy busy! yes of course! Always grateful for any help! https://discord.gg/fJ8ptT4 <-- feel free to join our discord <3
  4. I can always use Coding help ^^ if you're interested!
  5. Hello! Im searching for staff members for my in progress virtual pet site! Im hoping to find people who will work for free (as even I dont make money off my site) You need to be reliable for one, willing to help/volunteer and wanting us to succeed as much as us creating the site want to succeed! You also must be at least 15-16+ Even if you only "work" part time thats fine too! Any help is appreciated! For the list of open positions please go here! I am also looking for moderators to help keep an eye on things- but I only give those positions to people I really trust so you need to prove yourself first ^^ You can either email me at atrocitypetsite@hotmail.com or pm me here on the forum, or reply to this topic...either one! Thanks and have a great day!
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