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  1. 4dopt Project Update
    Many things have been added since the last update.

    New Default Layout
    The default layout has been updated to be easier on the eyes and a lot of minor UI changes have been added to help both visually impaired users and users on mobile devices.

    Color Transforms/Accessories
    - Markings and accessories can now be added with items.


    Item creators can set their items to either private or public access for other artists.


    Species creators can set any item that belongs to them or is public artist access. 


    Players will be given access to any markings or accessories that the species creator has made available (either free, with items, or other requirements).

    - Evolutions can be set up for a species using items and other requirements. 
    - Backwards and branching evolutions are supported.


    Overall Updates
    - Spotlight Contest. Enter your favorite adopts and compete for votes. The winners are announced each week.
    - Leaderboards for players and adoptables. See whether yours makes the top of the list.
    - New weekly event called '4riday' in which lots of new species and items may be released all at once!
    - Warrenz transports. You can now move your Warrenz stuff over to 4dopt (if you choose).
    - Custom sidebar links. 
    - Breeding gender settings, different gender ratio options for species creators.
    - More advanced tagging and blocking features.
    - Realtime comments systems for news, user profiles, adopt profiles etc. 
    - More features converted to realtime to make things faster and easier for users, including breeding.
    - Edit prices and bios on 'all my adopts' area.
    - Players can now hide entire folders of adoptables from public viewing.
    - More advanced searching and selection tools accross the site.
    - Notifications have been made easier to see and now include adopt/species/item images when relevant. 
    - Open registration on Saturdays.

    More to come.


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  2. I don't and haven't seen a lot of trading going on. 

    I started out as an artist and learned PHP/MySQL, JS, AJAX, etc. because I couldn't afford to commission someone for it or the commissions fell through. 

    From my experience, coders are harder to commission. You have to worry about security and how their work will affect you in the longrun. Buying some art here and there is a lot easier, though, and usually less investment. 


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  3. I’m not sure if this is of much help, but you could try turning strict mode off in your php ini file and see what happens.

    When I updated to php 7, strict mode caused my site to stop working and I had to turn it off temporarily while updating our code according to the new version documentation.

    That might not be it though.

    if your error is caused by a specific class, I would make sure that the class is working correctly. 

  4. My Adopts
    - View all of your adopts, create folders, and sort them any way you'd like. 
    - Place adopts into your storage, which provides extra space (players can have hundreds of slots without having to upgrade thanks to the storage system). 
    - Get more slots as your level up. You can also get additional stacking slots with account upgrades and permanent slot purchases. 



    Adopt Search
    - Find adopts for sale, of a species, color, gender, and numerous advanced searching options. 
    - The search includes all adopts (including ones in storage) on the site that are owned by players (no shelter or explore spawns will appear here). 


    Naming System
    - Adopt names are randomly generated by the name generator, which contains thousands of possible words. 
    - Names are normally two words combined. Single and triple word names are possible, but less common.
    - Random names can be hilarious! ANd/or valuable.
    - If you don't want a random name, you can opt out of the system with a common item for renaming (a Name Stone).
    - An adopt's 'old name' cannot be changed. However, it can be toggled off so it's not visible, for those who don't like the random name system.
    - Names are not unique. Multiple adopts can have the same name.
    - Inappropriate names can be reported by players and added to the blocking system by staff. 
    - Collect your favorite names! Or funny names. Or names with a theme... and customize your adopts to look the part! 


    Recoloring Tool
    - Recolor your individual adopts by adding, removing, or editing individual layers.
    - This feature is meant mostly for the species creator to have full access and customization of individual adopts. 
    - By default, this is inaccessible to anyone but the species creator, BUT creators can make it public access if they choose to.
    - Previews are realtime, no page reloading needed.
    - Change any setting including opacity, sort order, filter (such as multiply, overlay, difference, etc.), hex fill, and color modulators for hue, saturation, and brightness (these are applied after the hex if a hex refill is selected).


    Edit All Bios
    Use the edit bios page to quickly modify the bios of all your adopts! Bios can be used to give your adopts their own persononalities or any other custom information you want others to see.
    ALSO, you can add special codes to your adopts' bios to activate certain functions (these codes are hidden, so they will not appear in the bio to anyone but you).
    - [lockbreed] removes the adopt from your breedasble adopts page, so you will never accidentally breed them.
    - [locksell] removes selling options and prevents you from accidentally getting rid of your adopt through selling, shelter, raffle, auctions, and any other features that would remove them from your account.
    - [lockevo] prevents accidentally evolving your adopt. 
    - [remoldname] makes an adopt's old name not visible, so you can opt out of the random naming system and just name your adopts whatever you want (the old name will reappear if this code is removed).
    - [deleteme] allows you to completely delete the adopt, which can be done through the 'Data' panel of your account settings. This will delete the adopt's data from the game. 


    Forums & Chat
    - Meet and chat with others on the forums!
    - There is also a realtime chat on the site, which can be toggled off or on in the right sidebar. 
    - The toggleable chat feature is directly connected to the forums, so you can use it as a quick access to forums any time. 
    - Switch channels in realtime and chat without reloading the page. 
    - All forum topics are their own channel, allowing for easy forum access through the chat.
    - Post as yourself or as your adopts with a dropdown!
    - Gain adopt EXP by posting as adopts (spamming is allowed in the spamming section).
    - Subscribe to topics to be notified through the notification system.
    - We also have an active Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/wuJrUwm


    Notifications System
    - When something significant happens, your notificats icon will light up. This includes things like adopts sold, news posts, items sold, etc.
    - Check your latest notifications, organize by category.
    - View points earned or spent in your notification logs either by all or by category.
    - Delete notifications.
    - Edit your notifications settings to turn notifications off or on by category (so you will no longer have to see indicators or sift through things you don't care about).
    - View public notification logs for specific items, adopts, or species if you're interested in tracking something.

    Other Features (misc.)
    - Private messaging system, of course.
    - Custom profiles.
    - Normally only the artist can crteate adopts of their species, but there's an option to make this public.
    - Change queues. Certain changes to a species, such as removing them from circulation, will need 1-2 days to process (to ensure players have time to prepare for the change).
    - Approval queue for artist applications, and for file replacements. Higher level players can gain access to viewing the approval queue, and can leave comments that are only viewable to staff (for anonymous tipoffs if there's any issues).
    - Achievements (which give rewards for reaching various milestones, and can be shown off on your profile).
    - Comments section for news, player profiles, adopt profiles, and species pages.
    - Custom shops/shop keepers for player shops.
    - Referral system, which gives out giftboxes if you refer a player who purchases credits (gift boxes contain valuable items!)
    - Block certain tags. This will hide any images of adopts or items with these tags.
    - Block players. You can block them just from specific things like mail, forums, or adopt sales (or all).
    - New species and item releases news posts!
    - Easy to access on-site guides. If you see a (?) next to a feature, you can click on it to access the guide.

    More to come. 

    Currently in Development
    4dopt is currently in development.
    Some features we are currently working on:
    - Color transform items.
    - Breeding seasons.
    - Item evolutions.
    - Group/club feature.
    - Trading system.
    - More realtime.
    - Quality of life updates.
    - And more.
    - Improved navigation.


  5. Gameplay Features
    4dopt can also be played as a pet site without creating anything. 
    Here are some of the gameplay features in action!


    - Choose from a variety of areas to explore in. Unlock more areas by leveling up. Each month has its own special area that is available only during that month of each year. There is also a special area for upgraded players.
    - Find adopts, either newly spawned ones or respawned adopts.
    - Adopts you find depend on where the artists chose to put them, and come in different rarities. OR, you may find adopts that other players 'donated' to the explore area!
    - Find items! The items you find are based on where their creators placed them. OR, you can find items that other players donated to the explore area!
    - Respawn adopts and items you've already seen, so you don't have to worry about clicking past adopts. 
    - Clicking 'shoo' will cause the adopt/item to enter the 'open' respawn pool where other players can respawn it, too. 
    - Find blurbs! Blurbs are also created by players, and can be pretty funny sometimes (you can also add your own to the generator).
    - Get random bonuses like account EXP, adopt EXP, points, and item space expansions while exploring if you have explore energy.
    - Get more exploring energy to increase your chances of finding better stuff (though, you don't NEED energy to explore).
    - Click the 'What Lurks Here' button to see adopts and items that can be found in the area. 


    - Breed one or multiple adopts at a time. 
    - Breeding settimngs (what species can be bred to what), number of offspring, baby stages, cooldowns, and rarities are all set by the species creators. 
    - See what offspring you get from different combinations of parents!
    - Markings can be passed between different species if they have compatible settings. 
    - Colors are inherited based on settings, and be inherited between different species. 


    Items & Shops
    - Inventories have quick stop options for shops, collections, and donating to explore. 
    - Sell your items with quick mass pricing and removal option, and suggested prices based on other player shops.
    - Search player shops for specific items, categories, and lowest prices.
    - Find items to buy in NPC shops as well, which restock regularly at random times (to prevent sniping).
    - View indicatrors of how many of that item you have in your collection.
    - Click to use an item. Different items have different uses that are decided by the item creator. Item background color also depends on its main use.
    - Expand your inventory space.
    - Add items to your adopts' treasures.


    Item Collections
    - Collectible items are categorized by their creators. 
    - Quickly add and remove items from your collection.
    - Click on items to view item information, such as where to find them.
    - Items that are not made available through explore and other in-game features are placed in the 'unobtainable' category and do not count towards your 'needed' items, so you don't have to worry about those!


    - Auction off your adopts and items! Items can be auctioned through adopt treasures (any treasures an adopt has will appear with the auction).
    - Set a starting bid, minimum increment, auction length (hours/days), and currency (points or credits). 
    - Place bids on auctions that you like!


    - Donate your adopts to the daily raffle!
    - Items can be donated by adding them to an adopt's treasures.
    - Place tickets into the bags of adopts you want to take home the next day!
    - A random winner will be chosen the next day.


    - Put your unwanted adopts into the shelter.
    - Adopts that go un-adopted after 1 week will be cleared out. 
    - Rescue adopts from the shelter to give them a home.
    - Refresh the page to view random adopts who need a home.

    More coming.

  6. Item Creation
    - Unlike species, items are a single file (no layers), but you can upload recolors as separate items.
    - Create an item name and description. 
    - Choose a collection category (categories include rocks, critters, books, flowers, etc.) so players can collect your item (all items are collectible). 
    - Choose a main function/use for your item. This will ensure that your item has at least one in-game use, whether its giving EXP points to adopts, giving exploring energy, giving the player some account EXP, random points, catching items, or expanding inventory space. 
    - Allow other creators to use your item as species transforms or item containers (items that contain other items). 


    Item Artwork
    - Add artwork for your item. Unlike species, which can vary in size and dimensions, items are simple 100x100px PNGs. 
    - Add credit to all artists involved in the making of your item.


    Distribute Item
    - Like species, your item can be released into the game to be sold or given to other players. 
    - You can create individuals of your item, just like species, if you want to manually distribute it to others or keep it private. 
    - Or add your item to up to 3 explore areas with their own rarity. 
    - Add your item to the NPC shops (like the Book Store, or Garden Center). Choose a rarity, restock quantity, and price range. 
    - Add your item to a container. Containers are other items that, when opened by the player, randomly generate one of the possible items that's assigned to be inside. This dropdown includes all of your item items, plus any other items that artists have set to allow others to use as containers. 


    Releasing Items/Species
    The final step of creation for both species and items is the release button. Before anything is released, it remains unavailble to players in-game, and cannot be viewed by anyone other than the creator, site staff, and artists who are given credit to that species/item. 
    This step is optional, artists do not have to release their work on the site. 
    - Must have at least 3 tags added. 
    - All artists MUST be credited. 
    - License agreement must be signed by all artists (they will be notified and can sign this on their license page). 
    - Must go through the approval queue and be approved by staff. 

    More information coming!

    Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 1.50.34 AM.png

  7. Glad you like the idea! The site is less than a year old, here's some features it has so far. 


    Species Creation
    - Name your species 
    - Add description
    - Add credit for artists (can add multiple, this will grant permission for them to view and add their artwork if you wish to set up collaborations)
    - Add artwork (upload each layer, a multifile uploader is available for upgraded users)
    - Set your layer order, i.e. base on the bottom, lines on top. You can use this for watermarks, backgrounds, and foregrounds too.
    - Set the 'essential' layer (lines, shading, base, etc.) that will ALWAYS come with your species no matter what color it is.

    Create Colors for Species
    - Colors/variations of your species can be created with the 'layer groups' panel, which is a layer linking system with customizable settings. You can use this to make colors, alternate forms (wings, horns, etc)


    - add one or multiple layers to 'oink together' as a layer group.
    - Settings include hex fills for recoloring 
    - color range sliders (if you want a red dog to come in various shades of red, for example)
    - opacity settings (which can be fixed or randomized within a range)
    - random variation (if you want different spot patterns, for example) 


    Breeding Settings
    - Turn breeding off or on for your species. 
    - Choose same species breeding to stay within the species, or allow your species to cross with other species (either as open breeding, or within a breeding group). 
    - Choose the number of offspring, a cooldown, baby stage, and other options. 
    - Species pass rarity, marking rarity, and layer group rarity all have settings.


    - Create your own custom stats. 
    - Turn breeding off or on for each stat. 


    Release Your Species
    - You can keep your species private, or release it to make it available for other players to view or obtain in-game. 
    - Ceate individuals of your species manually and sell or give them away. 
    - Release your species through the explore feature. Choose which area(s) you want them to appear in, select a rarity, and catching method (items, points, etc.), and add optional lore blurs that players can read when they encounter your species. 


    Evolutions & Transforms
    - Allow your species to evolve from another species through leveling, stats, age, gender, etc. 
    - Choose transform items that can be used to turn other adopts into your species. 

    Permissions & Credit
    - There is a credit and approvals system to help keep art theft off the site. Users found to be trading or stealing art are removed from art access and/or banned.
    - Artists may remove their species from breeding, explore, transform, evolution, and other features at any time. 
    - Already existing adopts (owned by players) cannot be removed by the species owner, BUT selling can be turned off along with the features that circulate the species. 

    More information coming!

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  8. 4dopt.com is now open for testing!


    create your own species
    4dopt is a community-created pet game made for artists who want to create their own pet site without having to touch code, figure out frameworks, or pay for hosting. It has a lot of tools built-in that allows users to create their own content and plug it into the game. 

    interspecies breeding
    Advanced marking inheritance system with lots of settings for creators. Players will have a blast mixing and matching according to creators' rules!
    create recolors
    Layering system with built-in recolorability that allows players to add markings and accessories with items, stats, and other criteria based on the creator's settings.
    auctions, raffles & shops
    Sell adoptables and items YOUR way. There is a multitude of ways to sell adoptables.
    create items
    Choose from a number of functionalities for your items. Stat increases, inventory expansion, breeding supplements, transforms, recolorables, hatchables, containers, and the list goes on.
    post as character
    Roleplay and chat as your adoptables! 



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  9. 1 hour ago, judda said:

    You have to be careful with a query like that.  You should be validating that it is more than just set otherwise you could potentially get yourself into SQL injection territories. Adding in an "intval" could help with that just to 100% make the string an integer before being placed in your code.

    I've adjusted your code block to also remove the "else" section, because you can easily define it above, and won't run into scoping issues.

    $page = 1;
    if (isset($_GET["page"]) && ($value = intval($_GET["page"]))) {
        $page  = $value;
    $start_from = ($page-1) * $perpage; 

    The caveat with this code, is it isn't going to do a "0-based", so your pages must start at 1 which is what you are doing anyways with the page - 1 part.

    Thank you, Judda! This looks great =D

  10. How many things on the page:

    $perpage = 100;

    Then put this after to get the page number from the URL

    if (isset($_GET["page"])) { $page  = $_GET["page"]; } else { $page=1; }; 
    $start_from = ($page-1) * $perpage; 

    This add this to the end of the select query of things youre paginating.

    LIMIT $start_from, $perpage

    Then you just need to gather the links to the pages (in another query but without the limit). 

  11. $query = mysqli_query($connect, "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '$username'");
    $row = mysqli_fetch_array($query);
    $usermoney = $row["money"];

    This will get the user based on their username, and allow you to display their money. 

    echo $usermoney;

    If it worked, you'll be able to display the user's money like this.

    This is all assuming that you have the user's name contained in the $username variable. If you don't have $username set, it won't work. You can set $username with a session or cookie. 

    This also assumed you have your PHP/MYSQL database connection set up and contained in the $connect variable (or whatever you named yours).

  12. Hello everyone! I want to share a little insider look at our advanced marking system and Artist CP on warrenz.net. 
    I was going to post in our update thread, but this seems like a topic all its own.

    This system has been working wonderfully and the artists have been having a lot of fun with it (along with players). So here it is!

    The Crystal Cave
    The Crystal Cave is where users can apply markings to their rabbits, or just view them.

    ^ Above is the 'all rabbits at once' view. If you want to see what all of your rabbits in a certain pose or gene would look like, you have the option to flip through them quickly. 


    If you just want to work with one rabbit, you can click on them or use the link from their profiles.

    The single rabbit view has extra marking selections. Items (marking stones) are used to apply them (if you have the item in your inventory, it gets used). 
    You can also edit existing markings with an item, altering the opacity, hue, brightness, and saturation. 


    There's also a randomizer if you just want to edit a rabbit's markings randomly (this randomizes the opacity, hue, saturation, brightness, and patterns of markings). But I'm skipping that for now.

    Artist CP
    The artist CP is for artist drawing new markings for pets (you must apply for an artist position to access it). It provides resources and an upload button so you can easily keep track of everything.


    At the top of the page us the upload button. Then a place for Admins to approve uploads. They get automatically added and become instantly available in the Crystal Cave (no having to manually name and upload these). 

    Below the upload button that are the marking types, and at the bottom of the page are the different poses and a list of markings that are most needed for them. You can download the pose template here.

    (The unreleases poses/markings are censored out of this screenshot.)


    If you click on a marking type, it brings up the examples page. This gives you:
    - detailed instructions on how to draw the marking
    - examples of pets currently on the site with that marking (can refresh for a new set)
    - all existing files of that marking type


    You can also click on any pose to view every marking currently available for that pose.

    That's it!
    Thus concludes a rundown of our markings system. I also want to add, we combined it with the semi-reliastic genetics that were originally all we had on the site. So every rabbit has its own genotype, and markings can be added separately (which may interact differently depending on the genes). For example, most markings don't show up on albino pets (except spirit markings and special markings). 
    We are also working on adding accessories, which will share the same system. 

  13. Updates since December 19th
    A lot has been happening these past few months! We have been working on smoothing out the marking system features, fixing bugs, improving our staff panels, and streamlining gameplay.

    Thank you all for your comments and I'm glad you're enjoying the updates =D

    - New blocking features have been added so you can now block sales/auctions in addition to forums and messages.
    - Guides have been added for the marking system.

    All Litters
    When viewing all litters, you can now quickly and easily set all prices at once or choose whether to keep your kits.

    New Items
    Several new items were added including the Extra Forage (which allows your rabbits to forage again for the day) and Random Name Stone (which randomly generates a new name for your rabbit).

    New Pose
    This new jumping bunny was added as a new basic pose you can find.

  14. Just posting to wish you luck, and also mention that I had a similar issue with a programmer by the name of Gabby quite a few years back.

    Gabby had used a Laravel script for mine, if that’s of any help. It was redone afterwards.


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  15. 14 hours ago, Solistia said:

    @HareThat happened to my cousin in the custody battle for his child whom he dearly loves. His wife was a complete bitch about the entire matter, demanding full custody, and got it...cause she's the mother, and isn't letting him see his child. He's doing his best to fight back to keep his relationship with his son alive, but with full custody, there's not a lot to be done.

    I feel fortunate my parents had a relatively amicable divorce, and despite that my mother also got full custody, she at least realized I still needed my father in my life, and just because she didn't love him anymore, didn't mean that I shouldn't see him. Sadly, I think that's not necessarily the norm, as, let's be honest, women kinda tend to be spiteful (unlike guys who just punch each other and then everything's ok, women hold a grudge forever), and I've seen other split family's where the mother uses the children to hurt to divorced husband (it was truly awful, the mother was a drug addict had committed petty crimes, didn't show up to court and STILL got full custody). The law system is definitely rigged against men for family court, I've seen it all too much.

    This is sad, yeah I hear about this a lot. Where I was from, there were a couple judges with a reputation of giving custody to Mom despite evidence that she wasn’t providing adequate care for kids. I watched a lot of male clients lose their kids to women who were just so spiteful. They’d throw their own kids under the bus without batting an eye. Sometimes even the kids didn’t want to be around Mom and they’d tell you just how nutty she is, yet Dad is lucky if he gets weekends.  Sometimes I think they knew they could get away it because of society’s inclination to assume that women are better parents.

    Even outside court I see men fackng this problem taking their kids out in public. They’re met with suspicion or their parental status isn’t taken seriously just on the basis of gender.

  16. There are definitely differences and inequalities, but it's very complicated and varied. 

    The biggest thing I notice is that people focus a lot on gender, think in terms of gender, and this is the root of many problems. Like the common misunderstanding that feminism is about women and that women's issues are disonnected from men's. In reality, women's and men's issues are often one and the same. 

    For example: in family law, sometimes judges may be biased to assume that the moms should get custody of kids simply because they are women, thus causing fathers to lose custody in divorce cases. This negatively impacts men, but stems from the bias that assumes women are all naturally suited to be mothers and that is their rightful role in society. 

    There are many other situations like that. Unfortunately it's just human nature to want to label and categorize others.

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