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  1. Here's some more updates for Leporidae! Summer Fair - The Summer Fair is a new type of show that's open from June to September! The winning rabbits are sold for a decent price and you can win some nifty fair exclussive items. Summer Skirts - These new Skirts can be purchased with points earned from the Summer Fair shows! Californian colored Harlequins - You can now get the Harlequin breed in this gene! Pet Shows - The pet shows have received a nice update. The winner gets a much bigger jackpot and is now announced in the news! It runs every other week. Golden Time Capsule - This new credit item will turn all of your kits into adults! It's an insta-age up device for your whole rabbitry so you don't have to wait for them to age. Himalayan Rhinelanders - Similar to Harlequins, Rhinelanders now come in this gene! Summertime Plushies - There's a couple of cute new plushies you can get at the Summer Fair! Leaderboards - Rabbit leaderboards now include traits! Most Leveled and Missions Completed have also been added to the player leaderboards. Both leaderboards have been given a layout makeover to make them easier to read, better-looking, and they now list more results. Additional updates... - Shows (GSRA and Everything) now give monetary rewards to all placements, so showing is now a good way to make some money even with smaller wins. - Several CODs have passed, making the following new color/breeds officially recognized by the GSRA: for Black Gold Tipped Steel New Zealands, Red Eyed White Continental Giants, Chinchilla Giant Angoras, Chestnut Giant Angoras, Dutch New Zealands. - A referral system was added. You can now get GD (Good Deed) points for referring someone who purchases credits! GD Points can be exchanged for special and rare items. - Blowers now have a much lower chance of breaking, and various bugs have been fixed. We've also re-added the 'Reserve Stud' feature.
  2. Hare


    Thank you, Digital. Warrenz has been getting tons of updates! Here's some updates since my last post: New layout by CarrotCube! The site is looking flashier than ever, and is easier to navigate. The first mythical creature. You can get these during the June event! Palm tree bunnies. These are also for the June event. Shop searching! This is a basic feature to go along with the player shops. NPC shops and restocking. This is a basic feature that allows you to snag items. Sometimes they have sales. Crystal Cave previewer. Allows you to preview your rabbits with various color alterating/transforming items applied. DIchromatic eyes. These are a rare mutation. New Spirit variations. The spirit markings now come in more variations than before. New pose. This fluffbutt was added as a standard pose. Preview Specs. These are a credit item that allows you to view the rabbits in explore before clicking.
  3. Hare


    April Updates - All rabbit artwork has received a bit of an upgrade (an extra layer of shading). - Chimerism has been added. One side of a rabbit with chimerism will have completely different genetics from the other side (any combination is possible). - Rabbits can now be sorted into separate tunnels within their warrens. - Various bug fixes and minor improvements. - The very first holiday event is currently underway for the month of April! There's a special April exclussive area where you can collect eggs that may contain valuable items.
  4. Are you getting any error messages? What happens when you try to sign up? Feel free to email us at admin@leporidae.org Here are some updates since the last post! Realtime Chat You can now join the Discord chat at any time through the site! Tortoise, Sallander, Magpie, and Japanese Mimic Lops Himalayan-colored Czech Frosties Tort Polish Californian Blanc de Hotots Pointed White Dwarf Hotots Pointed White Belgian Hares Californian Lilacs Californian Checkered Giants Californian-colored American Chinchillas Martenized Sallander Czech Frosties Dutch Lionheads Customs You can now upload your very own custom rabbits! These are categorized as a fantasy color, so they cannot be shown with the official GSRA. However, they CAN be shown in Everything Shows and, best of all, they can be bred and inherited! Other New Features: Leporidae Art - Get paid to add more colors to Leporidae rabbit breeds! Kits Event - You will now get an event notification when your kits are on their last day before age-out. Egg Incubation - We're getting ready for the big Easter blast this April! To kick things off, you can now incubate your eggs to improve the stat total of potential hatchlings. CODs passed: Black Giant Angora and Magpie Satin Angora have passed the COD process and are now showable through GSRA!
  5. Hare


    Glad to here you're loking what you see so far! Here are a few more recent updates. Gradient Colors These can now be found in some rare instances of colorful rabbits. Realtime Chat Warrenz now has an active Discord chat that can be accessed any time on the site. Wild Color This new color bridges the gap between realism and fantasy, providing a lot of fun and creative variation to all rabbit poses! Eye Colors (and many other colors) Any color is possible now including eye colors (even heterochromia in rare cases). Combine colors with wild to see some wild-looking variations! Spirit Markings Near a special area called the Spirit tree, you can find rabbits with unique glowing markings. You can also give these markings to any rabbit by fighting the spirit predators in the area (can be removed later if needed). Other New Features: Character Contest - This now runs once a week with huge payouts for category winners. The top winner is featured in the news each week. Random Daily Bonus - Once you reach a certain level, you can get a daily rabbit bonus and daily account bonus, being rewarded with stats, exp, and pts. Overcrowded Burrows - This is an extension of the Forsaken Burrows (where unwanted rabbits are sent) that has much lower prices. Seekers - A place where other warrens may request specific types of rsabbits. Fill their requests to earn pts. Auction Hollows - Where you can auction off your rabbits or place bids on others. Snowflakes - Items that can change the hidden values that control your rabbits' color and pattern (separate from genes and alleles).
  6. Edit: No longer needed! Seeking programmer who can add a simple realtime chat to leporidae.org. We have a mysql database and node.js is installed on the server. I'd also want to have permission to use the chat code for my other projects.
  7. Enjoy your stay if you decide to try it out! Here's another update on some of the latest Leporidae news. 1. Track Your Income You can now track how much money you've earned and spent on your events page. You can also check this out on any particular feature by selecting it from the events category dropdown. 2. Show Results Update You can now view show results by order of title (Best in Show, Best of Breed, Best of Variety, etc.). See at a glance whether the rabbit won a leg and how many other rabbits competed for it. 3. Search Order by Legs You can now search rabbits on the site by number of leg awards won (if you're looking for the show winners). 4. Missions A new feature called Missions tasks you with finding items for NPC rabbits. These rabbits have come all the way from warrenz.net to send you on these missions and will pay pretty well for them! If you have some junk or excess items laying around, this is a good way to turn them into cash. 5. Otter English Lops & Velveteen Lops You can now get English Lops and Velveteen Lops in Otter and other colors that come from the at allele. 6. Open/Close Buildings You can now set your buildings to be invisible if you want a little privacy. This will prevent other players from seeing the building on your rabbitry page. You can still link a friend to it directly. 7. Sell & Rename All When you click the sell all option on kits in litters, you can also rename them at the same time. 8. Dutch/Vienna New Zealands and Giant Angoras New Zealands and Giant Angoras now come in Dutch, Vienna, and BEW.
  8. Hare


    Two more poses were added recently. The Dutch pattern was also added, and broken pattern is coming up next!
  9. EDIT: SOLD Hello. I am the owner of leporidae.org and warrenz.net. I began working on a third site, eggadopt.com, but I'm not as interested in pursuing it. It features:- Adoptions- Hatching- Breeding- Dynamic image layering system- Database- Registration, login,forums, private messages, and other basic featuresYou can view the live demo at https://www.eggadopt.com Current Specs Running MySQL 5.7 PHP Version 7.1.26 Imagick compiled with ImageMagick version ImageMagick 6.7.2-7 2017-03-22 Q16 http://www.imagemagick.org Imagick using ImageMagick library version ImageMagick 6.7.2-7 2017-03-22 Q16 http://www.imagemagick.org Domain expires 6/12/19. Contact me if you're interest or have any questions.
  10. Those are stunning! And I love the concept.
  11. Hare


    I've started implementing labels whenever I'm in working on something with them, they'll get done eventually. What an improvement! I also took your advise on the layout, looks much better with some green. Also, added a level progress bar. There's a new badge system now that you can get nifty rewards from by accomlishing various things around the site. We also added various different ear nicks your rabbits can get from fighting, which can be healed with aloe vera or kept for aesthetic. Level progress bars were added to rabbits, too. You can now get rabbits with white markings and/or blue eyes. Additional stuff: Suggestions and bug topics have priority labels that you can set. You can sell items you found from foraging or sell rabbits to other players. Added a rabbit search feature that also serves as a place to find rabbits for sale. There's a Discord server now: https://discordapp.com/invite/4aVnxBu
  12. Updates since September 14, 2018 Leporidae continues to grow. We now have around 10-30 people online at any given time. There have been too many updates to list here, but here's a few. The French Angora artwork has been updated and is looking better than ever! A new fantasy color called Merle was added. The English Spot pattern has been added to many more breeds. The search feature has more options including the ability to omit fantasy colors. English Lops got an artwork update. You can now turn on utilities for a building, which provides lighting that can increase litter sizes (fertility) for the animals in the building. English Angoras got an artwork update. Other Additions: - A leveling system that provides many milestones and rewards based on using various features throughout the site. - A COD system that allows you to get new colors (and even breeds) recognized and showable. - The ability to save pedigrees. - Caring for animals is much easier now with the ability to care for multiple animals at a time in one click. - Traits and hidden color modifiers are easier to pass on now. If both partents are the exact same shade of gray, the babies will be too. If both parents have exactly the same broadness of head, the babies will too. - Ability to choose how many animals you view per page, allowing you to adjust based on your play style and Internet speed. - More crossbreeds. - A new Discord server https://discord.gg/vsNSsxS - The ability to become the leader of an official breed club through monthly voting and campaigning.
  13. I agree, good advise above. As far as knowing when players are right, or when you're right, sometimes it can be tricky. The way we perceive wealth is relative to what you can do with it and other people's wealth. If people feel disadvantaged because they can't buy the things they want, add more things they can buy on a lower budget. If they feel disavantaged compared to rich players, add a way for them to compete against the rich players that doesn't involve money (so everyone's on even footing). If players feel that money is too easy, add more expensive rewards. Most of the time though players can tell when there's an inbalance in the economy. I always examine the statistics and focus on the amount of disposable income people have. I usually try the psychological stuff first if I'm not sure.
  14. Hare


    Thank you for the feedback! We plan to add darker backgrounds to text in a few areas, add the labels now that you mention it. btw, I've always liked Eliyo's layout. Good design techniques.
  15. Just putting it out there that I've worked with Reav. I've found them to be easy to work with. They have the pigeon knowledge needed to pull this off, and good art quality (great pigeon anatomy). I agree that this site has good potential.
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