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  1. Bug Reports

    Thank you! This looks about like what we have. We could add more. =D
  2. Bug Reports

    Thank you for your responses! Very helpful. We don't have any automated tests that I know of (what are these exactly?). We check error logs and test out the features in various different ways before going live. 99% of our bugs are similar to this one: For example, our most recent one: angora rabbits have to be groomed to show, and their groom meter starts to tic once they're born. This is set up so they'll need grooming by the time they're 6 months old (adults). We have a 'low maintenance coat' you can breed for though that makes it take longer for them to get matted. This result in some 3-4 month old angoras being showable (which was reported as bug because in real life they generally don't have a full coat by then). We didn't code the shows to just exclude the younger angoras at that age because it would have required a ton of exceptions to list all the angora breeds (and then we're worried we'd forget to update it in the future when we add more angora breeds). So I fixed the bug by not applying the low maintenance coat to animals under 6 months. Would an automated tester be able to help with this? Having a dedicated testing group sounds like a beter way of handling new features than releasing them site-wide, we should implement that and I'm thinking have a longer testing period after coding new things.
  3. Bug Reports

    What are good methods with which to handle bug reports, and what is a good rate of fixing bugs? We had about 300 bugs reports resolved in the past 2 months, and average of 5 resolves per day. There are usually about 30-50 open reports at any given time. The reason there are so many bug reports is because of the rate of development (we release a lot of new features). We could reduce the number of reports in the 2 month period by spacing out new things over a greater period of time. That would result in fewer bug reports open at any given time. We're also trying to come up with any improvements we can make to our reporting system. We have a regular bug reports forum with open and resolved topics. A staff or the player who created the topic can open or resolve it if needed (like if a player finds that their bug was fixed without staff help, they can resolve it on their own, if we marked it resolved but it comes up again, they can re-open it). Higher priority bugs are pinned. Then we had a modbox for sensitive things. Sometimes we have bugs that we have trouble figuring out. I hate to say it, but we do have some bugs that have been going on for a month or more and we've yet to figure out how to fix it. What's best to do in these situations? In the past, we've managed to 'finally' fix something after a few months, or recoded the feature around it in a way that removed the bug. Other random questions: - When do you shut down a feature? - When do you reimburse a player for lost stuff due to a bug? - Do you temporarily take and hold things that a player reports as a potential bug until it can be determined whether it was a bug or not? - How do you prioritize bugs? - How do you communicate with players before, during, and after the bug is fixed? - How long is reasonable for players to wait on various types of bugs? - What is done about a bug that removes things from a player's account (like money) that they say they need right away? - Any other comments or ideas on how to have a good bug report system?
  4. Another option for this is that you could allow players to buy or sell the USD 'credits' (or whatever currency they pay USD for) to others for game money. Players who don't have USD to spend can buy the currency from others and use them for any of the USD currency features you offer. There will also be players who want to buy the USD currency just so they can sell it to other players for regular game currency. Good idea, I think raising the cost based on number of horses you already have sounds like a good option. I would still set a limit on the horses just to be careful in case you ever need to have limits. Just because it's so much easier to have them in place from the start than to add them in later (at the frustration of players). Overall, I've discovered that it's best to focus more on money sinks first before the game is released or as early as possible so as to make players happy and enjoy your game more. Players will enjoy when you add new ways to earn money, raise earnings, and lower costs or charges being removed, but they won't be as happy about new charges or higher costs. So add all the stuff players won't enjoy before they start playing. Of course, make sure the game is fun and don't make costs so high or money so hard to earn that players won't want to give the game a chance, but yeah focus on those money sinks and save the balance for later. After you see how your site plays and the economy is doing in practice, and you get feedback from players about what they think is vs what makes them less inclined to play, you can start removing charges or lowering costs accordingly.
  5. Account Deletion

    We plan on having account deletion, too. Just a matter of getting around to the coding. Does anyone offer to remove any personal info such as IPs, email, password, etc. or any content the user created such as forum posts, messages, animal names, notes, etc.? User created content would not include things like animal genetics, IDs, statistics on their account, settings, etc. The animals they breed belong to the site, for example, but custom signatures or profiles is user-created. Most big commercial sites seem to delete all user created content when an account is deleted. Is it because there's no way for the user to request having their content removed after deleting their account?
  6. Google Adsense - Worth It?

    I've been wondering this, too.
  7. Leporidae

    Another year, another update. Leporidae has grown bigger and better with many new and polished features. Showing Show your rabbits against other players. There are multiple types of shows. - Official GSRA shows where rabbits compete for grandchampionships and prizes. - Everything Goes Shows, which are similar, but have fewer prizes and fewer rules. - Pet Shows where players vote on the winner based on the rabbit's name and image. - Meat Pens, where you enter 3 rabbits together and they are judged on various aspects such as uniformity. Breeding - Realistic Mendelian genetics. - Hidden modifiers that control color and pattern variation. Millions of possibilities. - Crossbreeding. - Breedable stat total and traits. Traits are compared against a breed standard when showing. - Different fur types (normal, rex, satin). - Fantasy colors and breeds. Customization - Organize and customize the housing for your animals. - Customize your avatar. - Profiles, forum signatures, and more. Breeds & Species - 60+ breeds, including all American recognized breeds. - Includes unrecognized breeds like Velveteen Lops, Loffelohrs, and Czech Frosties. - Alien creatures and fantasy creatures such as Easter Bunnies and Skelebuns. - Hares
  8. I would recommend having a logging system that keeps track of every transaction players make. Store the date, money value, and type if transaction that was made. Then you'll have statistics on what players are spending their money on, and what they're earning money with. So if any issues come up, you'll notice them before they develop into a bigger problem.
  9. Some Critters for Sale

    These are beautiful!
  10. I'm making a insect breeding game

    I like the name so far and am interested in knowing more.
  11. The LLC is to protect you. If there is a legal situation, the LLC gets sued (not you).
  12. An update on this: I got a lot of help and am tremendously grateful for that and for the assistance from my friend. I thought I was not going to be able to keep the site anymore, but he took it off my hands and fixed the issues we were having. We're now back to working on it together. It was a culmination of a few larger files and their backups, including an image cache and some other cache files. I've since deleted those, freeing up enough space so we're no longer on the brink of downtime. We also reduced the animal limits and it has made a world of difference.
  13. To Die or Not To Die?

    I don't think death is too sensitive to have in a game. They've been doing virtual pets dying since tamagotchis. Sometimes emulating real life trauma can help people (and children) to build emotional strength so they can endure a much harsher reality. I would phrase it nicely, though. Like 'x has passed away.' I do think whether to have animals die or not though ultimately depends on your gameplay, features, and demograph. If players are going to be spending all their time with a single animal, such as training and building a bond, death might end up just being a huge disappointment to players who worked hard with that animal. On the flip side, if the game is more about constantly getting new animals (such as with breeding features), then death can help clear out animals and won't be as much of a bother to players who are always replacing them, anyway. You could also do both. Have animals die under normal circumstances, but have some way (like an item or feature) to immortalize them if the player really wants to keep a particular animal.
  14. Paypal Alternatives

    I don't have any experience, but just had an idea. What if, upon purchase, you shipped a little card to the player, which could be redeemed for the digital reward? Might not be a good idea here, but thought I'd mention it.
  15. Thank you everyone for the feedback. I'm still on the fence on the moment about whether this will be anything, considering some issues I've had in the past with space and site design. But it is fun to play around with and see what's possible.

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