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  1. Eggadopt Game (Sold)

    EDIT: SOLD Hello. I am the owner of leporidae.org and warrenz.net. I began working on a third site, eggadopt.com, but I'm not as interested in pursuing it. It features:- Adoptions- Hatching- Breeding- Dynamic image layering system- Database- Registration, login,forums, private messages, and other basic featuresYou can view the live demo at https://www.eggadopt.com Current Specs Running MySQL 5.7 PHP Version 7.1.26 Imagick compiled with ImageMagick version ImageMagick 6.7.2-7 2017-03-22 Q16 http://www.imagemagick.org Imagick using ImageMagick library version ImageMagick 6.7.2-7 2017-03-22 Q16 http://www.imagemagick.org Domain expires 6/12/19. Contact me if you're interest or have any questions.
  2. Solpets: New Lapis Color!

    Those are stunning! And I love the concept.
  3. Warrenz.net (new release)

    I've started implementing labels whenever I'm in working on something with them, they'll get done eventually. What an improvement! I also took your advise on the layout, looks much better with some green. Also, added a level progress bar. There's a new badge system now that you can get nifty rewards from by accomlishing various things around the site. We also added various different ear nicks your rabbits can get from fighting, which can be healed with aloe vera or kept for aesthetic. Level progress bars were added to rabbits, too. You can now get rabbits with white markings and/or blue eyes. Additional stuff: Suggestions and bug topics have priority labels that you can set. You can sell items you found from foraging or sell rabbits to other players. Added a rabbit search feature that also serves as a place to find rabbits for sale. There's a Discord server now: https://discordapp.com/invite/4aVnxBu
  4. Leporidae

    Updates since September 14, 2018 Leporidae continues to grow. We now have around 10-30 people online at any given time. There have been too many updates to list here, but here's a few. The French Angora artwork has been updated and is looking better than ever! A new fantasy color called Merle was added. The English Spot pattern has been added to many more breeds. The search feature has more options including the ability to omit fantasy colors. English Lops got an artwork update. You can now turn on utilities for a building, which provides lighting that can increase litter sizes (fertility) for the animals in the building. English Angoras got an artwork update. Other Additions: - A leveling system that provides many milestones and rewards based on using various features throughout the site. - A COD system that allows you to get new colors (and even breeds) recognized and showable. - The ability to save pedigrees. - Caring for animals is much easier now with the ability to care for multiple animals at a time in one click. - Traits and hidden color modifiers are easier to pass on now. If both partents are the exact same shade of gray, the babies will be too. If both parents have exactly the same broadness of head, the babies will too. - Ability to choose how many animals you view per page, allowing you to adjust based on your play style and Internet speed. - More crossbreeds. - A new Discord server https://discord.gg/vsNSsxS - The ability to become the leader of an official breed club through monthly voting and campaigning.
  5. I agree, good advise above. As far as knowing when players are right, or when you're right, sometimes it can be tricky. The way we perceive wealth is relative to what you can do with it and other people's wealth. If people feel disadvantaged because they can't buy the things they want, add more things they can buy on a lower budget. If they feel disavantaged compared to rich players, add a way for them to compete against the rich players that doesn't involve money (so everyone's on even footing). If players feel that money is too easy, add more expensive rewards. Most of the time though players can tell when there's an inbalance in the economy. I always examine the statistics and focus on the amount of disposable income people have. I usually try the psychological stuff first if I'm not sure.
  6. Warrenz.net (new release)

    Thank you for the feedback! We plan to add darker backgrounds to text in a few areas, add the labels now that you mention it. btw, I've always liked Eliyo's layout. Good design techniques.
  7. Just putting it out there that I've worked with Reav. I've found them to be easy to work with. They have the pigeon knowledge needed to pull this off, and good art quality (great pigeon anatomy). I agree that this site has good potential.
  8. Leporidae.org, after being worked on for 5+ years (still going), now has a sister site named Warrenz.net. Warrenz is similar to Leporidae in some ways, but features wild rabbits and has more of an animated RPG style. Current features include breeding (with a color genetics system), a fighting system, and foraging for food. The site is open to the public, but still very new and we're still adding things. =D
  9. I drew these rabbits for my game, but have decided to not use these ones. If anyone would like to purchase them, they're $20 each and come with full copyright and 600x600px layered PSD files.
  10. KingofCrows

    I did some skletches for Kingofcrows and had a good experience working with them. Highly recommended!
  11. Edit: I found some artwork. Thank you! Hello! I'm looking for feline art. Sketches, lines, colored, anything for sale or artists who take commissions. I definitely need a cat that's more on the realistic side, not a super friendly pose (either mean or neutral). Please let me know if you have anything available and prices.
  12. Oooh, I get what you mean! That sounds better, could probably use the same code too (just change the ranges for $x and $y that determine where the sheet gets moved to). Oooh, I've never used a hashing or seeding method for this. How do you use those for genetic traits? And how would you name the image files being called up? (would they have the hash in them?) I'd like to see a snippet or example. I would love to implement bigger and better image generation methods for breeding systems. Or if you have a link to somewhere I can read about this, let me know. I'm also interested in hearing from you about which limitations would make you prefer another method. There's a few things I've been trying to smooth out (not sure if it's possible or not), such as finding a way to reverse the method (get the original value of the pet when your inputs are just the primes and modulus selections for each pattern). This would be useful for a generator where players get a custom pet. We have a generator on my site that uses the modulus, and you can select patterns by changing the hidden value, but I'd like to make it so there's a sliding scale or dropdown selection for each different type of markings, which all come together to generate the single value using the primes and modulus selections involved. I feel like this should be mathematically possible, but I never took high level math classes, so I'm still working my primitive brain trying to figure out a formula (if it's possible). And the tricky breeding thing I mentioned might be a limirtation or 'quirk,' another thing I'm not sure if there's a fix to. I'm still trying to figure something out for that on my site. I did find a solution to running out of smaller primes though. I just use another modulus to set it for how many files I want. For example, say you want to add a star pattern allele to a pet's genotype. You want different variations of stars, but the lowest prime you have available is 173 because the other 39 (or however many) primes before 173 are being used for other marking (or other types of variation like opacity and such). You don't want to draw 173 different star patterns, so: $starpattern = $markingint % 173; $starpattern2 = $starpattern % 3; Add the layer for a file called "star" . $starpattern2 . ".png" and it'll cycle through 3 different star patterns based on the 173 remainder of the pet's marking value. If the pet has a marking value of 346, you get star0.png because 173 goes into 346 with a remainder of 0. 347 will give the pet star1.png, 348 will give star2.png, and 349 goes back to star0.png. I'm always testing though and will post on this thread if I find any limitations that I know of. Anyway, yeah. I'm interested in knowing more about hashing or other methods.
  13. So like the player would draw the spots on the sheet and upload it?
  14. Are you thinking of something like this? It randomize where the the spots go and creates a clipping mask into the top color layer to reveal another color underneathe. It might be cool to play around with resizing, rotating, etc. too to get all sorts of cool combos. Here's an imagemagick code for it: //randomize for a 400px pet image $x = mt_rand(0,400); $y = mt_rand(0,400); $masklayer = new Imagick( $path . "/spots.png" ); //100x100px transparent png $whitelayer->compositeImage($masklayer, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DSTOUT, $x, $y);

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