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  1. @Bedouin I've just sent you a friend request. I'm Sunlit#4577. The artwork for Eqcetera looks beautiful and I noticed you made it mobile responsive, which is awesome. I use my phone quite a lot to access the web games I play. Unfortunately not all of them feature responsive design! @ToyOwlet That is sweet that your boyfriend is able to work with you in some way. I'd love it if my partner could help me. He has better social skills than me so maybe he can still be of use later on. ? Development for me has been slow going as well, especially as I am learning. Some days the only thing I get done is 1/3 of the installation of something. (slow due to complexity; not related to download speed) @Dinocanid Hey there. Perhaps I was wrong in assuming most of us worked in teams, because there are many of us solo'ers here. I will need to hire an artist at some point myself. I'm not keen on doing all the programming AND artwork. @Hare I've added your discord, Hare. I've seen your name here quite a bit. I believe you're an artist too? @hurricaneviolet Hello there. I actually just had a peek at horsephenomena's forum and I think you're an inspiration (you are Samantha?). It's heartwarming to see game owners/developers really get involved with their community. @LuciBeingLuci I don't know how old you are, but I take it kiddo means in your early teens or about that? When I was around that age I was absolutely crazy about virtual pet games. Good luck to you and your bro with your creations!
  2. Hey all. @StarSea, I see! So now, you're working on your first official pet/sim game, like myself? How exciting. PHP is mentioned often here, so I'm guessing it's the server side language of choice for the browser pet/sim game genre? I've been using Node, although Laravel interests me as well. Hey @Bedouin. You must have a decent amount of experience in developing these games with your history and passion for programming. I'm curious about your games. I think you just don't know the right people! I'd love to share ideas for features and chat about development, web tech and whatnot. I have discord if you use it, it's been mentioned by others here. There is one thing I'm hesitant to share though - the theme of my site. I want it to be a surprise. To answer your question, the framework I've gone with is Nuxt.js. It is built upon Vue but has the option to come preconfigured for server side rendering, among other changes and improvements on the Vue framework. It's been a breeze both learning the framework and doing work. I'm really enjoying it. I can't say I know much about Angular, what's your opinion? @juliet I think it is pretty admirable you managed to succeed alone. You're right, the internet is extremely resourceful if you know where to look. I do a heck of a lot of googling. My only gripe with this method, sometimes, is when I'm searching for a pet/sim game specific answer, then it can be hard to find the right info. Will respond to the rest when I have time.
  3. @StarSea Nice to meet you. Slow development is better than none! How are you liking your development and what was it like when you first started? Did you have any prior knowledge in programming? I started learning JavaScript just over a year ago, not knowing anything about it other than that it made websites more interactive. I took months worth of online courses with many breaks in between to get to the point where I felt confident enough to begin working on my game. I've gone through a few frameworks for both the front-end and back-end and decided they weren't for me. Only very recently have I settled on a framework for the front-end with the features I'm interested in.
  4. Hello. Who else out there is developing a game alone? I am and I feel like I could benefit from having developer friends. I have been doing all the planning, research, programming and design work for my web app, learning as I go. I am working on the bare bones of my game, and at this time, primarily the front-end. I have restarted this process a few times already and I'm beginning to see improvements with each iteration. I must say I'm excited. But I don't know any other person who has experience web or game development, let alone such a niche as browser-based pet/sims games. I've posted a question here once, but 99% of questions I have I end up Googling because it tends to be more convenient. Fellow Developers, artists, programmers, I'd love to know about you.
  5. I started off with a concept I've dreamt of bringing to life for years. Now I'm 5 months into learning my languages of choice and have just begun building a basic UI, registration & login system as my first few steps into development. I am very motivated and excited for the future because nobody in our gaming niche has designed a game that is similar to the concept I have in mind, so unless there is someone out there already working on the same idea, it's going to be something quite different and fresh. There is usually some aspect of it in games, but it has never been a central theme of any pet or sim browser game to my knowledge. It's the one thing that really drives me: no one else has made this game yet. Thanks for this thread by the way. I appreciate the insight of others here, it's quite helpful!
  6. Just wanted to come back and say thanks for the responses. I'm sticking to what I've committed to learning already. My ideal game will be similar to a breeding sim with extensive lore unlocked via questing system. Animals' images will be dynamically generated within a limited range of "colours" (a preset palette) and patterns, think Flight Rising's colour wheel except genes would also be dynamic. Other features will include some form of battle (including PVP) and possibly real-time exploration.
  7. So I have a couple of questions pertaining to pet site development. Is there a particular backend language that is best suited for developing a pet site? And is Node.js viable for developing pet sites? I've already chosen to learn Node and I'd like to use it on the backend for my project but find myself continually second-guessing my choice as a newcomer to programming. I know that many of you here use and swear by PHP but my impression is PHP is or is becoming outdated technology, and as a beginner I would like to learn something more modern. Thoughts? Any advice from more experienced programmers would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I think you'd reach out to a wider audience if your game's animals don't have expiry dates, but if for example survival is an objective of your game then it wouldn't make much sense if they never died. I'd say go with what would make most sense to the core themes of your game. If you wanted, you could do something like include animal death as a feature of your game but freeze the health, hunger or aging mechanics of animals whose owners haven't logged in for x amount of time so the game doesn't feel punishing for returning players. Best of both worlds. Personally, I prefer games that I can enjoy playing casually.
  9. It's BeastKeeper.com without the s, and it's been out of beta for a long time so maybe it should go on the other list? There's an upcoming game called BeastEon by the same developers. Not sure if you'd like to include it but the dev blog is here: http://beasteon.tumblr.com/
  10. Celosia


    Hey! Welcome back to the community It seems you have quite a lot of experience under your belt working on pet sites. I've simply been a player following the industry as it has evolved for over a decade. I used to lurk VPL until it went down one day as well and like you I'm glad I found this site to replace it. Currently I play Flight Rising and Dappervolk. Any games you are active on now or are working on? Or plans for the future?
  11. I loved the old party quests from Maplestory. They required you to have a party of ~6 players, they were timed and separated into stages. Players HAD to work together to complete the different challenges/puzzles each stage presented, thus communication was necessary, often especially from the party leader whose job was more complicated. Now I don't know how feasible it would be to incorporate something like a party quest into a pet browser game and I've never truly seen it done before, but some of my most beloved memories in gaming has been doing these quests with friends and other players. The most common problem I have with quests (especially repeatables) in browser games today is often the rewards aren't worth the effort, so after a while I end up never touching them again. I wouldn't mind seeing more engaging quests and quests that give unique rewards such as unlocking other features of the site or achievements, either. One game I'm currently active on, Flight Rising, could seriously benefit from using their lore to create quest lines and show us more of their world.
  12. It's hard to say. I haven't played a game that gives you a wide variety of choice like Neopets in a long time. If we're talking this type of petsite, then both OR fantasy. If we're talking the type of pet game that focuses on one species or type of creature such as Flight Rising (where the only 'pets' are dragons), then my answer is any animal that either hasn't been done before or a familiar species with unique gameplay. Dogs? I have no interest in playing another generic dog sim, but a browser game about survival where you lead a pack of stray dogs? That could be interesting.
  13. In my experience, no game can escape becoming boring eventually. Having said that if the community is active enough, I tend to hang around a site's forums long after I've stop playing the game. While I am actively participating in gameplay, it motivates me to see active owners who frequently release new content and events. Often updates spark renewed interest in playing if I still visit the site. Updates of course are an important factor in making a game overall not feel repetitive. In terms of daily tasks I'm not bothered by repetition if it means all I need to do is click a button to obtain a reward or something similarly easy, with the exception being if the reward is consistently worthless to me (like money rewarded from old quests not scaled with inflation). This is the problem I have with some games - features existing that are not worth the reward. Perhaps daily tasks could be tasks your users would normally do while playing your game anyway, give a few extra steps for a reward that feels worth the effort. The bottom line is I have fun when gameplay just feels rewarding, even if it's a bit repetitive. In fact, repetition can be a source of enjoyment if it feels rewarding.
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