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    3/15/18 Edit: Edited to add Pitbull Base Recolor examples
  2. Artist for Hire

    Open for Commissions - 3/11/2018 Hello everyone! I am currently open for commissions for item art and animal base/re-color art. To keep the comments clean here, please message me with any orders. Or, alternatively, you can e-mail me at sdrudge18@gmail.com. ~ Examples & Prices ~ ** Animal Bases & Re-colors ** $20 per base with 15 free recolors. +$1 for every 5 recolors over the initial 15 free recolors. (I.E 20 total recolors would cost $21, 25 total recolors would cost $22, etc.) ASK ME ABOUT DISCOUNTS FOR LARGE ORDERS! I work with greyscales, making re-colors extremely easy. I greyscale much differently than most artists, so it's best if you hire me for the bases AND the re-colors. Don't worry, recolors don't change the price, unless there will be over 15 recolors for a single base! ** Items ** $3 per item. ASK ME ABOUT DISCOUNTS FOR LARGE ORDERS! ~ Rules & FAQ ~ I do not require payment up front. You make an order, I give you a total, you accept the total, I will get your order finished, send you a watermarked version of the items/bases and will request payment. Once payment is received, I will e-mail you the files. I only accept payment through PayPal in USD. I will accept long-term jobs. However, with long term jobs, I will require a contract, as well as a specified day for payments (rather than having you pay after each order is completed). How long is your turn around? When it comes to items, I try to finish an absolute minimum of 20 per day, 7 days a week. (120 items per week). When it comes to bases and recolors, I try to finish a minimum of 2 bases per day, as well as the initial free 15 recolors for each base. (14 bases per week). If I hire you for a long term job, will you require specific days off or some sort of schedule? Preferably. I like to have a set schedule when it comes to long term jobs. This makes it easy for everyone. Things to think about including in a schedule can be found below: A day of the week set to sending your weekly order for items/bases. A day of the week set to send the completed order and collect payment At least one day off, depending on the work load. What tools and programs do you use? I use Photoshop CC, SAI (for linework only), and a Huion GT-191 (basically a Wacom Cintiq with a different name on it).

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