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  1. Help with Breeding Roller

    I thoroughly understand how genetics work, and I thoroughly understand how punnet squares work. I don't need help with the genetics portion at all, I just need help with how to get the genetics into the JavaScript. I also never asked for someone to do the entire thing for free, I asked if someone wouldn't mind teaching me, but stated if someone WANTED to do the entire thing I'm fine with that too.
  2. Hey guys! I dabble in coding every now and then, never for any sort of profit or commissions...mainly for personal use. The HTML/CSS stuff I've learned has mostly been from messing around with DeviantArt journal skins and I'm fairly good at problem solving with it now. I am starting an ARPG Species on DeviantArt and I'm attempting to do all of the work 100% myself (because I like a good challenge). Are there any coders out there that might be willing to take on a young grasshopper and help me code my own breeding roller? I understand Java enough to be able to read it. I just don't know where exactly to start. Even if I could just have someone help me with the first portion that controls the base coats in the genetics, I SHOULD be able to do the rest with very minimal questions. Alternatively, if someone is bored and just wants to code the whole thing and teach me how to do it as you go, that's fine as well. Basics of what I need: The breeding roller will be a tool for admins of the ARPG to roll the resulting litter of a breeding request from a player. Players will send in a comment with links to the two parents. I will need something that I can enter the genotype and a few other options into (such as if they have a breeding item that changes the chances for something). This breeding roller will need to randomly generate a number of pups between 1 and 8. It will then need to randomly generate genders for the resulting pups. It will then need to give genos for each pup based off of the genos from the parents, as well as a few random mutations and defects that have small chances of popping up in any breeding. I FEEL like this would essentially be a fairly simple project if someone were a master in Java, but I am nowhere near a master and don't even know where to start. It's like I can read the language, but I can't speak it. Lol.
  3. Artist for Hire

    3/15/18 Edit: Edited to add Pitbull Base Recolor examples
  4. Artist for Hire

    Open for Commissions - 3/11/2018 Hello everyone! I am currently open for commissions for item art and animal base/re-color art. To keep the comments clean here, please message me with any orders. Or, alternatively, you can e-mail me at sdrudge18@gmail.com. ~ Examples & Prices ~ ** Animal Bases & Re-colors ** $20 per base with 15 free recolors. +$1 for every 5 recolors over the initial 15 free recolors. (I.E 20 total recolors would cost $21, 25 total recolors would cost $22, etc.) ASK ME ABOUT DISCOUNTS FOR LARGE ORDERS! I work with greyscales, making re-colors extremely easy. I greyscale much differently than most artists, so it's best if you hire me for the bases AND the re-colors. Don't worry, recolors don't change the price, unless there will be over 15 recolors for a single base! ** Items ** $3 per item. ASK ME ABOUT DISCOUNTS FOR LARGE ORDERS! ~ Rules & FAQ ~ I do not require payment up front. You make an order, I give you a total, you accept the total, I will get your order finished, send you a watermarked version of the items/bases and will request payment. Once payment is received, I will e-mail you the files. I only accept payment through PayPal in USD. I will accept long-term jobs. However, with long term jobs, I will require a contract, as well as a specified day for payments (rather than having you pay after each order is completed). How long is your turn around? When it comes to items, I try to finish an absolute minimum of 20 per day, 7 days a week. (120 items per week). When it comes to bases and recolors, I try to finish a minimum of 2 bases per day, as well as the initial free 15 recolors for each base. (14 bases per week). If I hire you for a long term job, will you require specific days off or some sort of schedule? Preferably. I like to have a set schedule when it comes to long term jobs. This makes it easy for everyone. Things to think about including in a schedule can be found below: A day of the week set to sending your weekly order for items/bases. A day of the week set to send the completed order and collect payment At least one day off, depending on the work load. What tools and programs do you use? I use Photoshop CC, SAI (for linework only), and a Huion GT-191 (basically a Wacom Cintiq with a different name on it).

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