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  1. Payrate for writers?

    I don't think there's a market rate, each writer has their own rates. A quick check on r/hireawriter had rates from anywhere between .07/ a word to .15/per word if you're curious.
  2. Seeking Writer

    I'm interested! But I do have a question, how long would each part be?
  3. Undeclared

    Love the art style! Does your friend have a DA account I can follow or something?
  4. Show off what you are working on

    I can't really show what I'm working on but I'm simultaneously working on my own game site (more so game mechanics and writing than actual coding and art) very very slowly and collaborating on a comic book with an artist.
  5. What inspire(s/d) you?

    I've always liked games from a very young age and picked up writing quitr quickly as I loved reading and creating stories. I want to make games because as with my writing I like making a world and watching people grow and expand in it. To see what they can come up with and knowing I've inspired them. I also really like the community aspect of games
  6. Dead Ship Commissions [OPEN]

    I was wondering if you fix lineart / do shading templates? I was looking for something in the style of your little gryphon!
  7. Seeking shading template

    Hi guys, I am currently looking for someone to redo the shading template on this guy. The artist who did them doesn't quite understand what I mean by a shading template and I need a template so other artists can also utilize it. Please post prices thanks!
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