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  1. Hey folks! I am on the look out for a PHP Laravel developer and a Front end developer to join the Mythaura team. Mythaura is an upcoming virtual pet game where you can own and raise a wide variety of different mythological beasts such as Dragons, Griffins and Unicorns. You can breed them to create new hybrids, battle them, train them and customize them with hundreds of unique items. You can check out more about the game here on tumblr, our patreon and our live Beast Demo. PHP Laravel Programmer - Understanding of full stack PHP application development. - Proficient with the PHP Laravel framework. - Understanding of version control such as git (BitBucket) - Experience with mySQL. Front End Developer - CSS/JS, jQuery, HTML5. - Experience with responsive web design. - Able to design layouts from conceptual mock-ups. - Understanding of Laravel a plus. - Understanding of version control such as git (BitBucket). You will be joining 3 other casual programmers. Tasks will include working with pre-existing code, database config, PHP/Laravel or layout development of the core game, and assisting other team members where necessary. A person with exceptional time management skills and regularly demonstrate work in progress will be highly valued! We are aiming for a beta release this year. We are currently planning to build: User profiles, User Account Settings, Forums, Pet Breeding, Pet Profiles And more. The team collaborates within a team environment via Discord. If this interests you, please send a message with your rates and availability or post here. Thank you!
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