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  1. @Martyn - I do recognise you then, think I know you as Zulpha- did you make music on VPL?
  2. @Martyn - I feel that I know your UN too- if not, nice to meet you, and thanks! I intend to stick around for a good while.
  3. I can certainly try @Deloryan. I'll give it a go between work today and see if I have any luck with the style!
  4. Working on this - I'm helping to run a kaiju convention in the UK this autumn, this is going to be a promotional thing for a competition!
  5. Hey, it's been a long time since I last ventured in to the virtual pet site scene to work- but work at the moment is pretty dire and I'm looking to either join a team to work for long term or just acquire a few commissions for pet or item art - I can do other art too, but would prefer to discuss that separately. My name is Cry/Charlie, I've previously worked for a number of pet sites, though most notably Verpets. I haven't worked for a petsite now in about 2 years. I prefer to do item and pet art, but I'm open for most things- battle opponents are always fun too. I can do a range of styles and don't tend to stick to just one for virtual pet art- so if you want something specific I can certainly try it. I don't have many/any item examples readily available on this PC but I can acquire some if you are interested. Prices generally range from about $15-30 for pets and $2.50-4.00 per item (unless ordering in bulk/multiple colours, in which case, contact me and we can discuss!) I'll come back and edit the thread if I find more examples!
  6. This post completely ruined my stealth operation. Hey Jak!
  7. Hi, I am Cry and I joined on 02/19/18! View Member
  8. Cry


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