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  1. Oh my god, my first programming language was also Visual Basic :0 We had to create a program that allowed clients to order pizzas in an hypothetical pizza shop. No idea what number version it was, but I did this in College back in 2017/18. It was great fun, if short. Unfortunately IT in our College was mostly boring general computer knowledge and theory...
  2. @TheGalaxyRose Those dress designs are stunning!!
  3. Bumping this up! In lieu of the situation right now, I would love to get some work and consequently some pocket change in my pockets
  4. Ahhh, gotcha! That sounds neat, and I’ve never seen that before, so it will definitely be your USP!
  5. Welcome @Recurrence! Hope you’ll have a great time here in TGL! Your idea sounds interesting... basically, the player will be able to decide what their animal will do throughout the day??
  6. I just hope the players won’t get too used to having so much new content that they’ll expect that for all time to come!
  7. Interesting idea, but like you already mentioned, I think a whole year’s worth of content released in only two months is way too much. What are they going to do after May? Work double time to try to make new stuff up for the rest of the year? I personally think it was not needed, or at least not to concentrate all the releases in just two months. Maybe across 6 months would be better? Especially since experts all over the world are saying the Corona Virus situation will last for many months...
  8. Kinda marking this for the (faaaar, far away) future! I have had an idea for a sim game for quite some years now, so it would be great to finally make it a reality
  9. UK here! The Government is still keeping calm for now, but I don’t think that will last long as cases are increasing rapidly lately! The whole situation hasn’t affected me personally for now (thankfully!) but I can just imagine how bad it will become when eventually schools will have to be closed down and other gathering places. University is extremely important to me, and I had to fight to get into it, so having to stop going to Uni will be extremely sad. Also, annoyingly, as other people have already mentioned, people have been stockpiling and buying out all kind of things here. Extremely annoying, as I can’t seem to find hand sanitisers anymore! My thoughts are out to Italy (where I am originally from) and I wish them the best - hope they will get on top of this mess
  10. Working on some wolf linearts! Planning to sell this (also thinking of making a female and pup version), but I’m stuck at the sketching phase
  11. Answered it perfectly, thank you very much! Time to login into my Twitter account that I haven’t used in years
  12. This looks so amazing I absolutely LOVE any games with wolf/canines, so this is right up my street! One little question: when entering the fanart for the alpha key competition, where do I post it and tag it? Do I have to enter it on Discord? Twitter? Or even here?
  13. I’ve been following this thread from the beginning as a lurker ? This seems to be going great! You’re working very fast, it’s amazing ?
  14. Was making collectible ‘beetle cards’ that I’m selling on my online shop
  15. Hello! I’ve been on and off pet sites and sim games for the past 7 years, and I’ve dabbled between art and writing. I decided to mainly pursue art in the end (I will also post my art later on) but right now I would love to be hired as a writer since writing is also something I love doing! I enjoy writing short stories as a hobby, and I also did some writing for my own game or for friends. ——————————————————— Below are some examples: 1) “You find an apple on the forest floor! You quickly snag the sweet fruit for yourself before the worms get a catch of it.” 2) ”You struggle through the dense vegetation, hacking at any grabbing vines with your trusty machete.” 3) ”This book looks to be ancient. Its leather cover is wasting away and, upon opening it, the pages reek of mold. It’s curiously empty of any writing...” 4) “The sun has just broken the horizon, bathing the world in soft morning light. Droplets of dew flash on the field as you trudge your way through the clearing.” ——————————————————— PRICE INFORMATION: • For any questions or budget worries, we can easily talk and negotiate things over. Feel free to message me anytime For short writing jobs, my rate will be at 5 cents per word (so it’s worth my time), whilst for longer pieces of work the rate will lower, again depending just HOW long. Quick examples: - For 5 item descriptions, I will ask for $5. They’ll be around 10-20 words each. - For 5 explore descriptions, I will ask for $10. They’ll be around 20-35 words each. - For a mini story around 500 words = $25 (5c per word) - For a story around 2,000 words = $40 (2c per word) For a more detailed count: - A writing job up to 499 words= 5c per word - A writing job between 500 and 1,499 words= 3c per word - A writing job between 1500 and 4,999 = 2c per word. - For anything more than 5,000 words please message me. ——————————————————— I ask for a minimum order of $10 at a time! ——————————————————— • I don’t mind signing any contracts, etc... • I accept payments through PayPal. • I can do anything from short item descriptions to >5,000 words stories, as long as I’m given enough time to complete the work! • I write in British English. ——————————————————— Thank you for any interest
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