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  1. I’ve been following this thread from the beginning as a lurker This seems to be going great! You’re working very fast, it’s amazing
  2. Was making collectible ‘beetle cards’ that I’m selling on my online shop
  3. Hello! I’ve been on and off pet sites and sim games for the past 7 years, and I’ve dabbled between art and writing. I decided to mainly pursue art in the end (I will also post my art later on) but right now I would love to be hired as a writer since writing is also something I love doing! I haven’t been in any official positions yet, but I do enjoy writing short stories as a hobby, and I also did some writing for my own game. Below are some examples: 1) “You find an apple on the forest floor! You quickly snag the sweet fruit for yourself before the worms get a catch of it.” 2) ”You struggle through the dense vegetation, hacking at any grabbing vines with your trusty machete.” 3) ”This book looks to be ancient. Its leather cover is wasting away and, upon opening it, the pages reek of mold. It’s curiously empty of any words...” 4) “The sun has just broken the horizon, bathing the world in soft morning light. Droplets of dew flash on the field as you trudge your way through the clearing.” • My pay starts at 5c per word for item descriptions (but the price will lower for longer pieces), however we can easily negotiate • I don’t mind signing any contracts, etc... • I accept payments through PayPal. • I can do anything from short item descriptions to >5,000 words stories, as long as I’m given enough time to complete the work! • I write in British English. Thank you for any interest
  4. Hmm, so I have these random items for Easter The items are all 400 x 400 px with transparent background. They will be sent as PSD files. The items are a large fancy chocolate egg (with 3 coloured ones that I’ll send as PNGs), a chocolate chicken, a chocolate bunny, and a chocolate mini-egg (with 3 coloured ones that I’ll also send as PNGs). I am looking to get £10 for them. I would prefer for all of them being bought as a whole, but maybe I’ll sell them individually if too much time passes... You will receive all rights to the items And payment will be done through PayPal. Thank you!
  5. @Bingo I totally would: doing art day in, day out is my absolute dream. That will only be possible though if art jobs become as common as takeaway shops hiring for helpers in my area
  6. Currently I’m just a student and don’t really have a job, but I’m planning to become a Clinical Psychologist, so that’s what I’m going to divide my time with as well as doing art for my game/hobby/little random commissions. I agree that doing art right now is not something ‘stable’ at all, and it’s more of a side job to get some spare money in your pockets. I DO love art, been doing it for years and I can’t see myself stopping, but I also like to be realistic with myself and plan the fact that I won’t ever be able to do digital art full-time (unless I become SUCH a famous artist that people buy my art either every bloody second, or I can sell my piece for crazy money... and that is pretty hard to achieve) At least, that’s my personal opinion. I think this industry is very cutthroat and hard to sparkle in... firs of all, there isn’t enough job opportunities for every artist out there, and new games seem to hire ‘the best of the best’. Also, I find it pretty hard to advertise my art... like, how are potential employers gonna see me? There isn’t really very many hashtags in Instagram about browser based games o.O My art seems to only be seen by, simply, other artists and art lovers, not specifically people that have a potential idea to make a new game and might want to hire me. The Gaming List is, really, the only platform that seems to allow me to advertise for that actual industry, but not many games are being made, and not all Job Postings are right for me. And even if you decide to do broader art, not just for online games, then good luck, hundreds of thousands of others out there are already doing digital art and graphics. I do love looking at other people’s art, but sometimes I look at them and they’re so much better than me, and I tell myself “What is my art compared to theirs?” It might sound depressing, but I’m saying it on a realistic way: there are so many more artists out there with art way better than mine, it just is as it is. Employers will probably hire them, not me. Yes, you COULD try to get lessons and try and improve your skills in art, but I’m thinking, it’s gonna take time - months... years? And where are you gonna get the money to feed yourself and pay the bills in the meantime? And is it 100% sure that after finishing those courses you’ll magically get way more opportunities? Art is all about advertising yourself as mich as possible and being famous; that takes a crazy amount of work, dedication, the right connections... and money. Unfortunately, that is not me. I know that people say that if you love something enough, you should strive for it. Passion is important, I totally agree, but it shouldn’t make you stupid. Art as a career is not stable at all - it can all crash down in a very short time. So that’s why I have a plan C for everything (didn’t you know? Nowadays plan Bs are not enough anymore ) and I’m also starting to do business investments as yet another provider of income. So then I will have money coming in from doing art, from my job, and from my investments. Ok, I think I’ve talked enough, I probably even went out of the railways a bit O.o
  7. Unfortunately, I’ve lost touch with anime, but I remember back when I was younger, I was absolutely addicted to them. It’s safe to say I grew up watching anime There are many I loved, some of them more famous than others: - DragonBall (a right classic ) - Yu-Gi-Oh - Detective Conan (loved loved loved it!) - Sailor Moon (very cheesy, but amusing ) - One Piece (my absolute favourite) - Knights of the Zodiac - Sugar Sugar (or at least that’s how remember it’s called ) - Inuyasha (I was too young to really like its weirdness and morbid imagery, but I still kept on watching it ) - Soul Eater (the principal of the school was just hilarious) - Olly and Benji - Mila and Shiro ...and many, many more I can’t remember right now, but I’ll definitely come to add later as they’ll gradually get back at me
  8. Finished my first npc for my game I did some modifications from the sketch bit to the final piece, I kept on changing my mind on a lot of things
  9. A feathered dragon, since I love birds... so why not add it to a cool dragon? WIP
  10. Those plants look amazing >.> I love gardening, so I can’t wait to get every type
  11. That is hilarious! I wish food would fall on me like that everytime I enter a room
  12. All those game plans sound amazing I like the idea that you could be raising herbivores to feed the carnivores you’re also keeping
  13. It would be great if every area was buildable. In minecraft I often build landmarks to help me navigate around the habitats so I can find my way back home (I get lost so easily )
  14. Ohhhhh, I wanna play *makes grabby hands* This sounds and looks like an amazing game, I love sandbox designs, (and this really reminds me of Pokemon) so it’ll probably be something I’ll waste hours of my life playing! And most of all, dinosaurs! Yay! Can’t wait, good luck on making it and keep that good work coming P.S: I personally don’t like how fast the human character can walk, I would like it to be a tad bit slower But that’s just personal preferences
  15. Still trying to finish this background...
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