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  1. Hello all! I'm seeking several artists to create artwork for a project I'm working on. Looking for artwork in some of the following categories: Item artwork (weapons, potions, trinkets, artifacts, etc.) Creature artwork (sketches, full designs, poses, etc.) Scenes (nature, caverns, towns, etc.) This would be fully paid work, and not full time but definitely a consistent gig. If you are interested please DM me here or hit up Syntax on discord with the following What categories you're interested in doing Your portfolio Your desired price range/structure What inspires you?
  2. Like what @judda said, a 500 error indicates a code issue, and changing the htaccess probably isn't going to get that fixed. Can you access the logs on the server? nginx logs for example would dump a more explicit error than 500 which could help. failing to open stream sounds like a fopen or file issue, which doesn't make sense on a registration page unless maybe there are files on your server with incorrect permissions.
  3. Super happy to see this. I know I've been out of the loop the last couple years but would love to get involved in some projects and see some revival in this community.
  4. You can try pulling elements from other genres of games. Many MMO's have a storyline or campaign that's considered essentially a really long introduction, with the endgame being the looting, collecting, events, etc. Try to make new content unlockable in some way. Don't just throw it in a store and call it a day, set up a system of either randomly generated rewards or requiring some effort to get the new stuff. Provide methods of 'secondary' goals. Typically most games have a standard endgame goal. Be the strongest possible, defeat the elite four, beat the big bad boss, etc. But having secondary goals such as completing a pokedex or finding that one special armor piece to complete a look or breeding the perfect IV Charmander keep people playing long after they've 'finished' the game.
  5. I have a quick update for everyone! We are still on track for launching the BETA soon, we're just doing some final testing of a bug reporting feature we built for BETA testers, tweaking some economy changes and testing an overhaul to the creation UI. I'm really excited about these things though, so I'm sharing some info and screen shots for everyone Bug Reporting! We built a Bug Report tab available on every page of the site to make it super easy to report issues found. It sends a report directly to all the devs so we can review and fix any issues. This will be available during the entire beta period, and we may keep the feature around even after launch if it seems to be working well. Economy Tweaks! Part of the inception of this project was a sort of self-rewarding points system. During beta and at launch there will be a currency, points which can be earned through various activities on the site such as interacting in the forums and having your creations adopted. The points are then used to add additional features to creations such as additional stages. We have a TON of ideas and potentials for this system, although for launch we are trying to keep things to a minimum so we can make sure we're not the only ones who like these ideas! Overhauled UI for Creating Adoptables! As far as forms go, creating an adoptable isn't the simplest. But we've nixed the multi-page creation idea in favor of tabs that can be filled out in any order at any time. We've included drag-n-drop to reorder stages and the number of stages is only limited by how many points you have. When you're done and happy with what you've created, you can publish your creation so it can be adopted! Again, we're keeping things simple for launch but have a list of ideas we'd like to implement in this area as well! Thoughts, ideas and questions are always appreciated! Thanks for reading
  6. Yes, but the access code for the beta will be through the emails only. We're not anticipating an incredibly long beta period before final launch though, probably a few weeks at the longest.
  7. Thank you guys! I'm really looking forward to the beta :)
  8. In just a few weeks, a project much like squiby.net once was will be launching a closed beta. We are looking for interested testers to help us find bugs in the system but also to give us feedback about UI, features, community policies and the like. Anyone who is interested in joining the beta or just wants updates on the project going forward can get involved here: https://mailchi.mp/753694387517/join-the-beta We are fully expecting the BETA to launch before March, and also want to provide BETA testers with some extra perks when we are fully launched but we're hoping they will help us figure out what they want. Thanks for reading!
  9. Yes, I love Stripe. Currently working on a project that utilizes their Stripe Connect and Recurring Payments functionality and I was very, very impressed with their documentation and support. If you have any questions I seriously recommend reaching out to them because not only will they answer your questions and provide as much documentation and helpful resources as they can they've also continued to follow up with me over the last few weeks just to see if there was anything else they could help with and ask how development was going.
  10. Only the former. Information shared publicly of oneself does not need to be encrypted. The only thing with forums/chats/etc you may want to think about is dealing with the removal of info if the original poster would like it removed or removing info one user posted that was personally identifying another user. Either way encryption isn't necessary unless you're specifically collecting or compiling this info. Many social media sites collect this info either directly or indirectly to help target ads to you or use it for large data analysis to predict trends and behavior. If the messages in your forums, chats, etc. are simply being stored for historical/public reference that should be fine.
  11. Pulling from MMORPG games, many of them use time as a way to sort of break up potentially repetitive things. Time to re spawn targets, time to restock stores, time before you can do xyz again, or you have to do xyz before this time for this reward. In addition to physical rewards for completing daily tasks, you can layer rewards. Meaning if they complete 1 task they get 1 reward, but if they complete all three daily tasks, bonus reward. Providing minor variation can always be helpful as well. Shop keepers having a dozen potential different lines to say, different amounts/items to collect for a quest, etc. Even if the variation is mostly cosmetic/shallow that variation can keep things interesting for much longer.
  12. The GDPR is very vague, but maybe some food for thought can clear it up a bit. As a general rule, the GDPR is considered to cover the following areas: Basic identity information such as name, address and ID numbers Web data such as location, IP address, cookie data and RFID tags Health and genetic data Biometric data Racial or ethnic data Political opinions Sexual orientation Obviously that does seem like a lot but especially for games it's not a huge impact. First look at what information you're collecting. And by that I don't mean what are users willingly posting publicly on your forums but are you REQUESTING users fill our their political opinion, sexual orientation, etc. Second look at what information you're using. Are you selling information or compiling information for a specific use? Are you collecting metadata that would imply certain things(like political opinion based on article 'likes' or something)? Most virtual pet sites will need very few changes for this if any. If you're collecting users names and addresses... consider reworking the system to use usernames. I can't think of a reason to collect an address unless you're using an e-commerce system in which case you can use other services who will collect and store that information for you. If you're collecting IP addresses... It may be necessary to encrypt this to stay compliant. If you're using cookies... Sessions? Encrypt anything you save in cookies For additional covering of bases, provide a 'privacy policy' that explains what you do with the information you collect, and who has what access to what information that might be thought to be private (such as mods being able to see your private messages or personal notes). Finally, always consider having some sort of contract with anyone who may potentially access your users data intentionally that could essentially put any leak or security blame on them if it properly their fault. This means vendors, subcontractors, employees, etc. If they need access to the data(for example to optimize a database) make sure you have an NDA or some other sort of contract that will put them in a legal bind if they were to choose to misuse the data. Properly encrypted data will somewhat mitigate this risk however.
  13. Using SSH in place of normal terminal logins would mostly resolve this. You can also use firewalls to block access of database and ssh ports from all IP addresses except your own. I wouldn't go into production with a server you're unfamiliar with but personally I'd actually prefer to experiment with a host like Digital Ocean over using or exposing my local computer. It was a little intimidating at first, I started playing with Digital Ocean with pretty much no sys admin experience out of need for my company but DO provides a lot of support and they have an incredible library of tutorials and there's options to spin up servers with most of the software you need installed already. I don't know what you're budget is but if it allows I'd recommend looking at Forge(forge.laravel.com) too. They provide a really nice interface for managing server sites, ssh logins, ssls, databases, etc. It can be pricy but if you're just dealing with one server it's not bad.
  14. Hey everyone! So my life has -finally- settled down and most of my major projects have wrapped up so I'm looking for a new one to jump into! For those who don't know me or my background I'm a developer with over 10 years of coding experience. I prefer primarily to work with PHP and Laravel. My current job is in web application development where I'm the lead developer. I'm looking for either an established project(close to or already launched) that I could join long term or to partner up with someone who would do or fund the artwork for a project. Just shoot me a message if you're interested but please don't be offended if I'm not interested in a project, I'm really looking for something I can dedicate years of my life towards.
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