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  1. Hey gang! I'm in need of some critique on my proposed colorwheel I plan on using for Kalerrden. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hN9ASJCEoGS_m8R3LO4LB8CIhbBUBxyAS35yLqz9clw/edit?usp=sharing If people could take a look at the above spreadsheet, and 'vote' on colors that they like/dislike on the last tab named 'VOTE FOR COLORS', as well as point out any colors they find that seem super similar to another, I'd greatly appreciate it! Once I have a final color list, I can start assigning accent colors and the like and implement them into the site and have another thing for people to fiddle with until the site is ready for alpha/beta/launch! Thank you and have a happy holidays!
  2. I would be interested in a longterm coding partner after my last 2 flaked on me. I am happy to pay for work and for art (actually have bought a few pieces of art already and the artist is happy to do more!) I've got the domain sorted and a large document detailing aspects of the site and happy to discuss anything that might pop up when you're coding. I just... need someone to code it haha. I was hoping to get some form of demo up by the end of the year but sadly I doubt that now....
  3. I too have not heard from them in months. I hope it works out.
  4. Hey gang! In my game, I'm hoping to have Mendelian type genetics (recessive alleles ect) that stretch back to the grandparents of the lineage and also include the potential for species specific mutations and hybrids. I would like some code that automatically colors the species bases with a set palette, to make creating markings one newer species easier and faster. Like what Flight Rising has? If anyone has knowledge on how to do either of these things, please post below! It would be great if you can include an estimate for how much this might cost and if you have any active examples of your systems working (IE: already published in a game) to share for me to have a squint at. Thank you!
  5. Still working on Kalerrden! Hoping to get some of the basic coding squared away, hopefully get the breeding system done and dusted!
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