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  1. Hey DG! I'd be interested in getting a few site items (basic style). Are you still open?
  2. Still seeking artwork for human avatars! I'll probably give it another month before moving on to the world map.
  3. Development has been coming along pretty smoothly for XoticPets, but we're hitting a roadblock without some art. Human Avatars I'm seeking bases for both males/females. Posing something like the image in the spoiler below and a style that closely resembles artwork already completed (see spoiler at the bottom of the post). I also need some basic features: Single default face - 1 m - 1 f Simple hairstyles - 4 total - at least one long and one short style Basic clothing - A shirt and pants Skin colors: 3 - Pale, tan, dark World Map/Locations This section will be updated once I've completed the rough layout of the world map. Current Style Items:
  4. @Pepper-Head If you're still available, I'd love to get a set of items.
  5. Thank you guys for replying! Someone I actually knew from one of the sites I visit contacted me about coding, so this will finally be a step forward. We worked out the hours and development should be starting soon. In the meantime I have to start looking for an artist to get some concepts hashed out.
  6. I've always had this desire to make my own pet site, but it's hit me especially hard with the decline of my go-to. I'd like to think I'm in a financially stable position and have the time to spare to create and run my own site, but I'm not even sure where to start on making my project a reality. I have most of my concept written out when it comes to the pets and world (events and features, etc.), and I have a list of things I know I'll need: Planned layout of the site Code of the site itself A place to host the site A team (Coder/Artist especially) So I have a few things that have me stumped. Do I work on getting some art done first or should I look for a coder first? What are some places that can host a virtual pet site (as I can look into costs, but really have no clue when it comes to where to host)? And while I know it varies, is there an approximate estimate as to how much it costs to start up your own site?
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