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  1. So I don't have the time to compile the data and analyze it or anything but I switched the survey to let respondents see the results. If it doesn't let you just look at the results you can submit the survey without filling any information out.
  2. @Solistia - I'll be making the results public at a later date. I'm hoping that the survey gets around a bit more before I start analyzing.
  3. I created a Google Forms survey to collect additional responses if anyone would like to: https://goo.gl/forms/3a7FGxRjes44zysF2
  4. @Corleone @Angel @Morgan Thank you all so, so much for your well thought out responses! It's given me a lot of food for thought, thank you! <3 <3 <3
  5. Edit: I created a longer google survey if you'd like to spend a bit more time answering a few additional questions: https://goo.gl/forms/3a7FGxRjes44zysF2 I'm looking into beginning development on a game idea I've had sitting around in my head for a while now. It's going to take some years to build, and I'm curious about what activities on petsites make or break the game. What do you enjoy doing? Personally, I love being able to acquire trophies for both my pets and my account, dress up a pet / human avatar, and collect avatars / achievements / official item sets (i.e. stamps on Neopets) If you would answer at least this first question, I'd really appreciate it. I added a few more because they're things I'm curious about. ***What makes you stop/continue playing a game after the initial draw? - i.e. I stopped playing Flight Rising because there wasn't very much to do. I kept playing Aywas because I fell in love with a lot of the artists' work. Rescreatu's lack of between-site trading, and the looming potential for my pets to die if I went on hiatus, had me hesitant to continue playing. What are your favorite activities to do on a petsite? - i.e. I have a friend who will play a game if she can decorate a house, and another friend likes games to include some sort of fishing Do you think that Human Avatars [HAs] are an important part of a petsite? Do they make or break it for you? If there are HAs, do you think they should have any function aside from looking pretty? I've seen successful sites which both include and exclude HAs. Opinions on using items to change a pet's colour? Neopets, Subeta, Rescreatu - so many petsites have various species with the option to use dyes, potions, or paint brushes to change their colours. Is this system overdone? Is it used so frequently because it works? Would you be less interested in a site that didn't have an option to change your pets' colour?
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