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  1. As an oil painter, coloring digitally aggravates me to no end even after years of practice. It's just way easier to mix the right color on a palette for me than to pick one out of the millions on the screen. That said, some things that have helped me are: 1) Creating a limited palette to use before you begin coloring. This keeps you from going overboard with color and helps establish value levels. 2) Establishing values after sketching. If you can set down your dark and light tones before adding color, or getting too far ahead in your composition, the end result will ultimately have better tonal ranges and be less muddy. Also, if you add a medium tone, remember it should be used as a compositional tool rather than used as a shading tool. 3) Using a canvas that is much larger than what the final image will be. Working in a larger canvas will allow you to work more loosely while also allowing for more detail. At the same time, you will eventually fixate less on packing every detail you can think of in an image because, once scaled down, you won't be able to see it. 4) Working around the entire image rather than finishing one area and moving on. This makes sure the whole image looks cohesive and will help keep values in check. 5) Using program filters/tools. While working on an image, I keep a desaturated filter above my layers to turn on and off to check my values (if working in color). When I'm finished, I typically use the curves tool or throw on an overlay color to boost the colors or strengthen the contrast within the image. I don't use Procreate, but I assume there are similar functions in it. I also second what Aminirus said. I often watch speed paint/timelapse videos either to see a certain artist's workflow or to get myself in the mood to make my own art. If you have any further questions about what I've suggested, feel free to ask! Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing some of what you've sketched or colored it could really help us provide you with better and more direct feedback
  2. I got one and am enjoying it so far. I've only posted one thing, but compared to other apps I post on it did far better. The problems are causing a lot of people to jump ship already, but yesterday it worked better for me than since I downloaded it. It is definitely having severe growing pains right now, but I feel like it can safely be said it is due to the massive influx of new users it has had recently. I'm willing to stick it out for a bit even if it is just to have a normal timeline again. I'm also hoping the eventual subscription method will deter some bot use and develop an actual community. (Followed you by the way, username is just Morgan )
  3. What makes you stop/continue playing a game after the initial draw? A lot of the recent games that have come out haven't offered much of anything new, so I don't usually stay longer than a week. One sim game I really enjoyed playing was Indomita, but having to log in nearly everyday to stay on top of stuff and to keep horses alive was too much to keep up with. What are your favorite activities to do on a petsite? I like sites where you can set a lot of personal goals like obtaining certain pets or items, or even just saving a certain amount of money. Back on Neopets, it really felt like I had done something when I unlocked the secret laboratory, so I suppose any activity that could unlock more play options is something I enjoy doing. Do you think that Human Avatars [HAs] are an important part of a petsite? I don't think they have been important to any site I've been on, they're just there to look pretty. They also are incredibly expensive to implement and keep going artwise when then money could go to more robust features. However, if you have the money, it could help out your site artists and, if you set it up like Subeta, it can easily draw in cash from unique/limited items. Opinions on using items to change a pet's colour? I think I prefer sites with color change options, rather than the collecting sites where there is just a bunch of everything. The way the color changes usually is linked to the site story in some way so it helps world build. I don't think it's necessary though. If someone came up with an interesting pet system with single colored pets I believe it would work just fine. Also, like with avatar items, many sites now allow custom images for actual money, though I think it takes a lot away from the consistency of the art on site. I think if someone were to implement a system where some site artists handled custom pet art it would look better and help out the artists a lot.
  4. A cooldown from last night and today's warmup. Taemin took roughly 40 min, but Chanyeol was only about 20 min. Mostly just trying to go quick and eye these rather than get into angles and other stuff.
  5. This year I want to finally get some merchandise(art prints, charms, etc.) made and possibly start a Patreon once I know I can keep to a schedule. I also want to post time lapse videos more often on Youtube. I plan on launching my portfolio website soon, after finalizing some design things. As for art goals, I need to start drawing more than portraits and continue my figure studies I began last year. I'd like to do more embroidery and traditional medium work, but need to make room somewhere in the house to do that
  6. Hi, I am Morgan and I joined on 12/14/17! View Member
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