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  1. Hi I may be interested, I don't see any examples of your style though
  2. @Enivi Not sure if you got my ping! just making sure
  3. Hi! I think I might fit the criteria you're looking for! I do a semi realistic style but also cartoony with some detail. I have various styles, I can do soft and cell shading. Harsh or thin lines, and various sizes. I also am frequently on Discord and we can communicate there if you want. (name there is Sheep #1126) Here's just a few of my examples of my styles in random order. ALSO: My prices are from $2-$5 per item but we can work anything out, I'm very flexible.
  4. Just checking up to see if y'all had made a decision yet.
  5. Alrighty! <3 Thanks for getting back to me so fast too
  6. Hi! I go by Sheep in the art world. Usually I lurk this forum but I saw your topic and I just had to post! I'm super interested in this offer, I loveeee dogs and virtual pets. I've been playing virtual pet games since I was like 10, (I'm 21 now) I'm not sure what kind of artist you're looking for exactly, like a pet or item artist or both but I have various examples of both. <3 I'm very willing to listen to ideas cause I usually look for inspiration so I'm always open for suggestions or whatever someone throws at me. Creativity is everything. I work pretty good in a team, I think. I work well with everyone I'm told haha. And I'm always willing to grow and I want to do more and more everyday, I have a flexible schedule as well. Also, I have not done any tracing or art theft, there's no reason to thats why we have references and whatnot. I have done work for Aywas, Verpets, Xanje, and Solpets, and a few others. I will post some of those below: (new to oldish) pets: (base body was from Aywas, I did the wolfy/fluffy dog edits) (done by me, this is oooold, so is this next one) (I dunno why I never colored this in) Items: I hope to hear from you guys soon, you can contact me here or my email redenchanted@gmail.com. <3
  7. Hi, I am Sheepwalk and I joined on 12/10/17! View Member
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