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  1. I have mixed feelings on this. Volunteer mods are discouraged from it in my company. I feel their entire job is to be WITH the community, and it is kinda important that they truly be a part of it at all times. Paid mods get two, a mod account and a plain one. They cannot use the second to moderate, but I do find their moderation and regular accounts are quickly linked. If I need to suspend a paid mod, I lock the mod account for a few days, which generally solves the problem during investigations. I have four. My admin one, my mod one (allowing me a strictly moderator view) and a tester “member” account with no privileges are the main three. I also have a fourth that is just for me to play on and has no permissions, though in the past this one was quietly and nonvisibly an admin account that was used to check up on members. After a security breach a year or so ago I removed permissions from my private account (nothing was compromised but I instantly realized just how bad that could have been). I don’t talk on that account, I lurk and occasionally trade with others only. It’s just for me to chill on without people asking me stuff. It also allows me to gauge the feel of the community when other staff aren’t around... Overall, it can be a useful tool! Just one that can easily be abused. Our revamp next year allows two accounts... not sure how this will change things, but one of the paid staff perks has always been an extra account, so mods will get three and I will probably have four or five. I’ll probably link my admin account with one of my two player accounts, so the other doesn’t attract attention and can continue to lurk. Trust me... lurking within my own community had taught me a lot!
  2. Level 23 Female Where are you from? South Carolina I am starting a small gaming company! Working on my first game. planning on going Air Force soon enough though. How many pets (and/or) kids you have: two dogs, three cats, two geckos, fish, and six snakes.
  3. Oh my god so did I... I joined in 2008 but I keep losing my account, probably have six. I just play it for the chemistry game now and I can’t find my last username either. I loved the pets at first but really played it for the mini games. It wasn’t my first game and certainly won’t be my last, but it was my first intro to sim type games. I still remember my first pet, a Lupe named something like ShmiSkywalker. He was green. I didn’t realize he was a dude. ? learned about the gender signs that week.
  4. Downloading it now! Didn’t know they had a mobile game!
  5. Eleven years later, the DS is still firm in my heart. favorite title: Puzzle Quest Galactrix, then ACNL I have four working systems and 60-80 games, huge into this even a dacade after my first system. I recommend Starfy as well. Relatively easy to find, was ranked high by GI, and it is unbeatable in terms of play. Never gets old. Drawn to Life was an unexpected gem as well. Very cheap these days.
  6. I started working for games back in 2008 as a volunteer mod, don’t remember the site. Have worked for a few other games since. First major launch is next year, will have more info soon. I previously ran Doomy but that has been down for half a decade at this point.
  7. I do a mix. Sometimes it’s puns, sometimes I use inside jokes long forgotten. One of my items in next year’s release is called pink spaghetti, which was a meme during my senior year in high school. Sometimes it is just what the item is: a ball of yarn is called a ball of yarn. Sometimes I play with sounds, sometimes I use generators and play from there.
  8. Also, clanheart is considered dead, it is pretty much waiting to be shut down right now I think.
  9. I’m prepping for three launches over 2018-2020, hopefully. Overall the industry is doing alright, but smaller games have gone down left and right lately. I’ve seen the following highly active ones die since 2013: dragonadopters, unicreatures 1/2, and another whose name I cannot seem to remember, it had horses. It seems like it is just getting harder to find new games, not that the industry is failing.
  10. Both, I’ve played a mix of each. However, in most recent years I’ve not seen too many fantasy games that kept my attention, with realistic breeding sims being my thing.
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