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  1. Vixen

    Vixen (Lv. 2 Pinat)

    A master ambusher, the Pinat loves to hide in tall grasses and pounce on about anyone, even you! Just avoid it's spines, they tend to hurt when touched and you will be perfectly okay!

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  2. Yairo

    Yairo (Lv. 2 Spiketail Dragon)

    This guy is all about the loot. If you wonder where he has wandered off to, just look at the nearest bag, you will probably see his tail sticking out of it while he rummages looking for shiny or valuables to run off with.

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  3. Ueino

    Ueino (Lv. 5 Kangakoo)

    This guy is all about running around, fully of energy and life. You will never find a Kangakoo sitting still for any period of time!

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  4. Yiuson

    Yiuson (Lv. 3 Fawsh Younghoof)

    Playful but sticking close to it's owner, the Fawsh Younghoof is a curious but shy little guy.

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  5. Butterscotch

    Butterscotch (Lv. 9 Mottled Hare)

    Completely lazy and never in a rush just about defines the Mottled Hare. If you wanted a pet with ambition, well - this bunny isn't it.

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  6. Otis

    Otis (Lv. 3 Oasis Nagaling)

    The Nagaling is a curious but shy creature, still preferring to mostly remain in the water where it is cool and safe. Known to be a slight troublemaker, it is not uncommon to find yourself getting soaked by streams of water it shoots at you before disappearing back under the surface of the water.

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  7. Pixie

    Pixie (Lv. 2 Kitsee)

    The soft and cuddly Kitsee are less fox and almost more like a cute fluffy cat. Preferring to cuddle on a nice lap and snooze rather then be out exploring, they lounge the day away.

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  8. Viva

    Viva (Lv. 5 Vine Sloth)

    The Vine Sloth is a mature plant, fully grown, and extremely lazy. It is hard enough being a plant, slowly growing all the time, but to be a sloth too - it's just too much. Just remember to keep this guy green by continual watering.

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  9. Unknown

    Unknown (Lv. 1 Egg)

    This egg is remarkably soft and kinda.. slimy?

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  10. Demi

    Demi (Lv. 5 Demikin)

    Appearing only around Halloween, this demon is on a mission to cause as much mischief as it possible can!

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