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About Me

I am married for over 3 years now to a wonderful husband. No kids yet, but we do have quite a few pets including a dog, 2 cats, and 2 rats. All spoiled. Along with animals I also enjoy gaming. Which is what drew me to the virtual pet world. I don't really play many browser games anymore, but have 2 games I work on in my spare time. Professionally I am a web developer. 


Eliyo is a virtual pet site that focuses on breeding and battling. Eliyo has primarily been a product of my own doing including concept and programming, but I have refined and revamped things in talking with family and since release the community as well. I have a lot still planned for this game and am excited to release stuff for everyone to enjoy.



Animal Acres is a virtual sim game that allows you to breed and train to get the best animals. Animal Acres was purchased by myself late 2015 and I have been working to update it ever since. A lot has been done, but I also have more plans to make it more fun and more modern. It's a game that's been around for quite a while. 


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