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  1. Yeah, the stat boosts you get every now and then seemed like a nice touch to break the usual pace of the battles.
  2. Indeed. I managed to do some leveling up because of it. Perhaps it could be a thing for the elemental festivals? As in the specific clan would get such bonuses for a couple of days during its corresponding month.
  3. Not really, no. I'm generally not as invested in reading such content in such sites, but I am glad it's there for those who do.
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  5. It will be quite interesting to see how their servers handle the load. Undoubtedly they are prepared for it, considering the launch issues they had, but good to see they've revamped the coding and have quite a solid foundation. It's essentially the only site I keep going back to, if anything, for the dailies.
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  8. ***What makes you stop/continue playing a game after the initial draw? For me it is generally the "freshness" so to speak of interactivity, in the sense of not being obligated to repeat the same course of action everyday. What are your favorite activities to do on a petsite? Quite positively, battling is my go to feature that defines how long I'll stick around. Do you think that Human Avatars [HAs] are an important part of a petsite? I am rather indifferent on this. Granted, it's a nice feature to have and a lot of people like it, but personally I don't mind just regular good old avatars. Opinions on using items to change a pet's colour? Again, I don't mind not having too many customization abilities, generally speaking, I'm rather low maintenance when it comes to this sort of thing.
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