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  1. @Aminirus Yes, I am still looking for an artist.
  2. What I'm Looking For - An artist who is skilled and capable of creating semi-realistic to realistic greyscale feline art. - An artist who is capable of drawing item art. - Skills at landscapes/cityscapes/maps is an asset, but not a requirement. - Must be able to produce a minimum of one art piece per week. You will be compensated in the currency of your choice. In 2014, Paka Sanura was a somewhat successful cat breeding and showing sim game. We closed in 2014 to do a full revamp of the site. Unfortunately, we had a number of struggles that prevented us from opening again. While we don't have a concrete opening date, I'd like to get everything prepared in advance so that we're not delayed when the time comes. Please message me here or email me at thistlecosplay@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks, Thistle
  3. Programmer has been found! This can now be locked!
  4. As a player and a game owner, I prefer games that have an element of death or retiring. When I bring PS back, rather than being fully deleted off the system, I want "dead" pets to be memorialized. Basically, users could visit their "cemetery" (though I think I'll call it something else) and view the image and stats of their deceased pet, but won't be able to interact with them at all.
  5. I ran Paka Sanura successfully for a couple years. Unfortunately, it closed in 2014 and I'm only just starting to work on it again.
  6. Hey all! You may or may not know me from VPL and Gamefruit, but I was the owner of Paka Sanura, which has been closed since 2014. Development stopped in 2014 due to both my programmer and my artist vanishing. Despite a few attempts since then, I haven't been able to find anyone that will stay with the project. Going forward, I'll be renaming/rebranding the game entirely. Some info about the game - Heavy emphasis on breeding - Art heavy game - Complex genetics - Training and showing system - Job system - Wearable items for cats - Admin panel that makes it easy to add new breeds and items What I Need - A programmer who can work with what another programmer (Gabby) has already started - Someone who will remain attached to the game even after launch to fix bugs and eventually add new features - Someone who is easy to reach via Skype or email (preferably both) - Someone who can dedicate at least a few hours weekly to the game - A reasonable turnaround time on work - Someone who can log their hours and progress in a spreadsheet What I Can Pay - I am willing to negotiate hourly price - I can pay up to $150 per week Please message me here with links to references and previous work. Thanks!
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