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  1. Sortie's Sketchbook

    Wow I love your art style! Seeing the progress is incredible! Do you do most of your base work as traditional? That's incredible! Your art definitely has a lot of dimension to it.
  2. I have noticed this as well. I was a huge fan of Neopets, still am just because of my childhood. But if I was never born in that time where pet sites/web-based applications were popular, I probably wouldn't give them a chance. Nowadays, I'm playing Far Cry, Fallout, etc. I think what a lot of pet sites/web applications are missing is a good story line. When I even play on my console, if a game doesn't have a good story line that captivates me (like FFXV), I just can't get interested to begin with. First impressions are everything. I think pet sites as a whole need to adapt more roleplaying elements and integrate a good base story line that gives players a sense of the world they are playing in. It would help them grow an attachment to characters. Right now, NPCs are so "flat", that I just don't have that connection with them like I do a character from FFXV (like Ignis.. even the enemy NPCs).
  3. @Makazu I am so sorry for not apologizing sooner! I definitely wanted to vouch for @JWatkinsArt. He does FANTASTIC work for our game that is in development. He came on mid project where a style was already established that was definitely different from his previous work. After a few critiques/feedback sessions on his first environmental map for us, he NAILED the style (and now his current pieces are even going above and beyond our original landscape artist). I am beyond impressed with his work and he is so vital to our team. I couldn't imagine not having him on my team. His diligence and communication skills are on par as well. He never goes MIA without notice and he always answers his emails.
  4. I haven't mentioned much about my game to the public yet, but we are in need of a landscape artist. We had found an artist on ConceptArt, but unfortunately he has not been responding to our emails for the past 2-3 months now. We were talking to a potential candidate, but haven't heard from them in over a week so we are keeping our options open for now. Lurania Kingdom We are an in development RPG/simulation browser-based game. We have a small team of six people: four artists, one admin, and then me, the game owner. We have been in development for about half a year now and plan to release the game late this year or early next year. We do not want to release a definite month to the public (we are keeping that within staff as an ultimate goal). We focus heavily on scientific breeding and genderless pets meaning you can breed any specie with any other specie. There will be genetic mutations and markings that are passed to the offspring who will have two stages (baby and adult). Once fully grown, your new guardian will be available to hire into your adventure party from your habitat to explore the surrounding regions and battle. This posting isn't meant to provide a lot of spoilers for the game as that will be detailed in a later post when we get more of the art completed. It is being developed with Python and AngularJS. Below, you will see a small list of our main features: Breeding - Once adults, your guardians can be bred together if the relationship status meets the requirements. Breeding two species together will require resources and scientific knowledge meaning you will have to visit the local Scientist to make this happen. Adventuring - Adult guardians will set out on adventures and quests to gather resources and protect the lands from possessed creatures. Regions range from the plains of the Kingdom to marshlands and deserts. Habitats - This is where your guardians relationships will happen (whether that is gaining friendships or creating enemies). All of your guardians will be available in your habitat, but once they are adults, they can be created into parties to set out to adventure the regions beyond the Kingdom. Farming - After hours of adventuring, your guardians will need to replenish their hunger which you can do so by fresh crops. Some guardians will prefer crops over other food sources (even specific crops) so this skill is always nice to enhance. Fishing - Another food source, you can fish at local lakes, oceans, and ponds for different types of fish. Can you discover all different breeds of fish in the regions? As some guardians prefer certain crops, some guardians will prefer fish. Job Summary The role we are seeking is a landscape artist who can produce artwork within the style of the game. We communicate weekly on Slack for notifications and information regarding the game so it will be required for you to check in weekly. However, you can report progress in different ways other than Slack. We use Jira as our tasking software. Each task will allow you to upload concepts and finished art pieces (including PSDs). Every two weeks, we have sprints that run with specific tasks outlined in those sprints. At the end of each sprint, payments are sent out and any unfinished tasks gets put onto the next sprint. This is an easy way for us to keep track of progress that was made and payment schedules. Requirements Provide concepts along the way to make sure everybody is on the same page of the direction of the composition of the art piece. Compile artwork into PSDs that will be delivered upon payment Update Jira tasks to keep the status in line of your progress Artwork Examples Below, you will see an image to the right, this is merely a closeup of the piece to the left. Sizing & Pricing This is a description of the prices we had from our previous artist. We understand every artist has different pricing, but this worked well with our budgeting. Overview/Safe-zone Landscapes (first sample listed): 6000 x 3000 (Final Size: 1000 x 500) - The super large isn't NECESSARY if you are able to match the style in a smaller canvas Unsafe-zone Landscapes (second sample listed): 10800 x 1500 (Final Size: 3600 x 500) Overview Landscape: $250 Safe-zone Landscape: $125 Unsafe-zone Landscape: $85 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To submit your application, you can either private message me on here or email me at haleybuggs6@gmail.com. Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your applications!
  5. Moonlighter - Action RPG/Shopkeeping Game

    @Passage oh that is awesome! What games do you currently have on your Switch? Maybe there are some that I have as well that has online multiplayer My favorite game I'm thoroughly enjoying right now is Xenoblade Chronicles 2! My brother in law just bought it for me to thank me for the 2 weeks I stayed at the hospital with my sister (even though he so didn't have to)! Oh I heard of the Pokemon games in the GameInformer too! They are the ones that will connect to the Pokemon Go! app right? I'm curious to see how those take off! And I'm stalking their Kickstarter so as soon as they release a definite date, I will definitely post it here!
  6. Moonlighter - Action RPG/Shopkeeping Game

    I believe this game is only like $20 or somewhere around there I'm use to games being like $60 on the PS4 and other consoles so I get stoked when a cute game like this comes out for that price! As soon as it releases on the Switch, I'll let everybody know how the game is for sure.
  7. So this is a game I have been keeping a VERY close eye on! I saw it in the GameInformer and instantly got SO excited beyond words. http://moonlighterthegame.com/ Unfortunately, I missed the Kickstarter when they ran it, but it was extremely successful! 5,229 backers pledged $134,276 to help bring this project to life. That's insane! They just released this game on May 25th I believe (somewhere in May.. can't remember the exact date). However, the Nintendo Switch was held back for release which is what I'm patiently awaiting for! They are now estimating it somewhere in Q3 of this year! So July - September I am going to be stalking the Nintendo Store like no other. I believe there is a physical copy that you can buy as well so I'll be checking my local retailers. Last I checked though, GameStop didn't have a physical copy so I'm hoping Target or some other store will! Has anybody else heard of this game or played it yet? I was a HUGE fan of Neopets Treasure Keepers (a facebook game) and was extremely upset when they shut it down. That's why this game caught my attention!
  8. What's your favorite classic games?

    Oh boy oh boy. Here is my list: Spyro - all of them on the PS1 and PS2! I'm so excited for the trilogy coming out in September! I already pre-ordered it like a month or two ago (basically when they announced the remastered version). Mario Party I - I played this all the time with my sister. My favorite mini-game was the Handcar Havoc. Super Mario 64 - This was my all-time favorite Mario game, even more so than Mario Party. Just something about jumping through those picture frames and then I LOVED flooding the main area with water. Okage: Shadow King - This is just so relaxing and calming. I still have yet to buy it in the PlayStation store since I could get it on my PS4 now. Neopets: The Darkest Faerie - Can't forget this one. I beat this game like 20 times and could continuously keep replaying it... it never gets old. My sister and I love to voice the cutscenes xD @Mobotropolis I never saw Monster Rancher 3. I just looked it up and it looks like a game I would thoroughly enjoy! Thanks for that mention!
  9. Show off what you are working on

    I seriously love your work Dracula!! You produce such amazing quality!
  10. Filled out the survey Can't wait to see the responses as well!
  11. Hello! I have a concept (a flat vector) for the logo for my in development game. However, I was wanting a version to put on the website itself that... well, look more artsy and game-like. I was wondering, where do you go to commission a logo? Is there an alternative website that you go to look for professional freelancers that specialize in logo design? Right now, I have been developing my game with a logo placeholder since my vector one pretty much disappears into the landscape (the banner) and doesn't really pop and I'm wanting to finally get that knocked out of the way.
  12. Calling all Artists and Programmers!

    I would be interested in something like this 😁
  13. Show off what you are working on

    @Bingo oh my!! Your art is absolutely adorable! I LOVE that first image! So much feels in one image. Are those adoptables at the end of your post? <3 They are sooo cute!!
  14. Get your Holiday 2017 Adoptable today!

    Super adorable Can't wait to evolve it! <3
  15. Hiring PHP + HTML5 Programmer

    @Pepper-Head what is the battle system done in? Is it not just raw php/json responses? Or is it done in a current game engine of sorts like phaser.io (obviously not that one in particular, lol). You can skype me at h_lohrenz. I'm online from 8am-10pm most days.

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