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  1. We need to hire an additional colorist since the workload is a tad too heavy for our current colorist.
  2. I charge $60/hr as well for freelancing, $46/hr for W2. It all depends on the skill level of the web developer as well!
  3. We found another artist who can complete the coloring work, but we may need backup so I'm reopening this position as well just in case
  4. Still looking to fill this position.
  5. We are opening this back up! We need somebody who will complete at least one base per week since we are falling behind extremely on this aspect of the game.
  6. We have found somebody for this position. Applications are closed now. Thank you!
  7. STILL LOOKING TO FILL THIS POSITION. Hello! We are looking to hire a colorist for our in development game, Lurania Kingdom. Our Tumblr is pretty quiet right now until development progresses, but you can find it here: https://luraniakingdom.tumblr.com/ Your Role We have a lot of art that needs colored. We have a sole pet sketch/concept artist who completes the lineart work for the purebreds and hybrids. Your role will be to take those linearts and shade them and complete any future markings. You must know how to color grayscale, but we have plenty of PSDs for you to reference to
  8. Hello! We are looking to hire a miscellaneous artist for my in development game, Lurania Kingdom. Our Tumblr is pretty quiet right now until development progresses, but you can find it here: https://luraniakingdom.tumblr.com/ Your Role We have a lot of art that needs completed, but as a role of the Miscellaneous Artist, your job will be a little more sparse and act as a filler for any other additional graphics that need completed that don't belong under pet art or landscape work. These assets will include things like chests, achievement badges, icon work, item assets, and even things
  9. Wow I love your art style! Seeing the progress is incredible! Do you do most of your base work as traditional? That's incredible! Your art definitely has a lot of dimension to it.
  10. I have noticed this as well. I was a huge fan of Neopets, still am just because of my childhood. But if I was never born in that time where pet sites/web-based applications were popular, I probably wouldn't give them a chance. Nowadays, I'm playing Far Cry, Fallout, etc. I think what a lot of pet sites/web applications are missing is a good story line. When I even play on my console, if a game doesn't have a good story line that captivates me (like FFXV), I just can't get interested to begin with. First impressions are everything. I think pet sites as a whole need to adapt more roleplayin
  11. @Makazu I am so sorry for not apologizing sooner! I definitely wanted to vouch for @JWatkinsArt. He does FANTASTIC work for our game that is in development. He came on mid project where a style was already established that was definitely different from his previous work. After a few critiques/feedback sessions on his first environmental map for us, he NAILED the style (and now his current pieces are even going above and beyond our original landscape artist). I am beyond impressed with his work and he is so vital to our team. I couldn't imagine not having him on my team. His diligence and commu
  12. I haven't mentioned much about my game to the public yet, but we are in need of a landscape artist. We had found an artist on ConceptArt, but unfortunately he has not been responding to our emails for the past 2-3 months now. We were talking to a potential candidate, but haven't heard from them in over a week so we are keeping our options open for now. Lurania Kingdom We are an in development RPG/simulation browser-based game. We have a small team of six people: four artists, one admin, and then me, the game owner. We have been in development for about half a year now and plan to rel
  13. @Passage oh that is awesome! What games do you currently have on your Switch? Maybe there are some that I have as well that has online multiplayer My favorite game I'm thoroughly enjoying right now is Xenoblade Chronicles 2! My brother in law just bought it for me to thank me for the 2 weeks I stayed at the hospital with my sister (even though he so didn't have to)! Oh I heard of the Pokemon games in the GameInformer too! They are the ones that will connect to the Pokemon Go! app right? I'm curious to see how those take off! And I'm stalking their Kickstarter so as soon as they rele
  14. I believe this game is only like $20 or somewhere around there I'm use to games being like $60 on the PS4 and other consoles so I get stoked when a cute game like this comes out for that price! As soon as it releases on the Switch, I'll let everybody know how the game is for sure.
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