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  1. The internet has ruined me, because when I saw that Neo turned 18, my first thought was: "So neopets are legal now, heh heh heh, hurr hurr, if you know what I mean..." The gods have forsaken us. Joined Neo in 2001, too. My pets are precious to me. They still hold sentimentality. I love my neopets so much. I love the characters I have made throughout the years. However, my fondest neopets related memories have mostly actually been offsite. Sure, the first time I ran to my mum telling her I had a cat... True tearjerking moment. But the neofriends I made on the Neoboards and on Leopets in 2006 trump everything. So many years of support, both with my pets and coding, and with genuine friendships. The community on those two neo fan sites got me through so much hardship in my life. There were always neofriends I could rely on for help. And so many years of fun and love. From graduating high school through graduating college, and after... Wonderful support.
  2. This is going slightly off topic, but please let me ramble... The minimum wage thing is a huge issue of discontent for me, and something you should all consider. Where I live, minimum wage is $10 an hour. So consider this... I charge $5 for a sketch that takes me 1/2 hour. That's $10/h: perfect. Go me. I charge $10 for a chibi that takes me 2 hours. That's $5/h: half minimum wage. I charge $25 for a flat color that takes me 5 hours. That's $5/h: half minimum wage. I charge $60 for a full color that takes me 12 hours. That's $5/h: half minimum wage. My prices aren't awful, as long as I don't decrease them, but I'm still selling myself short. I should be charging twice as much, so that I earn a fair, honest living with my work. It's not good of me to price my work at only half minimum wage, especially with my education. I hem and haw and tell myself that with how slow I have to work I can't charge fair, full prices. But I know that I am just making things harder on myself to survive, and I'm hurting the industry. Minimum wage isn't enough to afford both rent and food where I live, so my prices are impractical. WHEN YOU ARE DECIDING WHETHER TO WORK FOR FREE, OR FOR CHEAP, CONSIDER THE WAGES. Compare your price versus how many hours it takes to do the work, and compare to minimum wage.
  3. I give free art on a personal basis to friends, or people within my community, or as an apology if I had to delay a project. The art I give for free is almost always just sketches, chibis, and cute, feel-good things. Without a paying commission, I do not and will not produce my highest quality, 12-16 hours work. Free work should only take a maximum of 2 hrs, though most only takes half an hour. Sometimes, as special holiday gifts for friends, I will put in around 4-6 hours. There is no way I will devalue myself or the illustration business to give away a week's worth of work. (I can't do the 12-16 hours in one go, that's several days of 4hrs at a time, so that I do not inflame my wrists, hands, or fingers with tendonitis, carpal tunnel, or arthritis). I'm not going to say that a professional artist shouldn't ever give things away for free. However, I do agree that you should NEVER work for free. There is a difference. A gift is one thing, but if you feel you are doing WORK, then CHARGE MONEY.
  4. Dungeon Crawler, since I don't like guns. Even in a generally FPS game like Fortnite, I chose to use swords, since the option is given! Falling in love with someone whose sexuality does not match your sex, or being in a relationship with someone you yourself are not attracted to?
  5. I have SEVERE, DEADLY allergies that can very easily kill me if tobacco smoke gets near me. I do not go outside very often for this reason, and when I do I can't leave without equipment. I also can't go anywhere alone, because of the involved dangers, and because of disabilities. Gas Mask (to ideally prevent deadly smoke inhalation or general fumes) Benadryl (antihistamine to hopefully prevent most anaphylactic shock) Epipen (epinephrine injector to reverse anaphylactic shock and death) Medkit (including latex free bandaids, antiacids, and pain medication) Cane (walking cane I use because my knee muscles tear apart easily) Glasses (transition lenses because I am hypersensitive to sunlight) Guide (human who checks for smoke and gives medical assistance) Wallet (includes state identification, health card, allergy card, money) Phone (to call for a ride home or to the hospital if something happens) Charger (if my phone dies, then I put myself at deadly risk from issues)
  6. A few years back I picked up something called Queen Mary Victorian Grey from The Queen Mary Tea Room company, who hosted a lovely fashion show and tea party at Steamposium, Seattle's Steampunk convention. I'm still nursing it along, since it is still my current favorite. It's composed of china black tea, assam, rose, orange, cornflower, vanilla, bergamot, and creme. It's one of those strange teas that is actually better complimented by sugar, rather than honey (which is my favorite sauce to put on or in anything, ever). I only have enough for one or two more cups right now, so I mostly just open up the canister to savor the smell. ;w; I generally I adore anything from the companies Friday Afternoon Tea and Aromatica Fine Teas. Friday Afternoon Tea is also from Seattle, and is owned by a friend who designs the teas with aesthetic and aromatic themes based on nerdy things like Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who. This little company is owned by Friday and her daughter. Their house and its tea kitchen burned, so we kickstartered to raise funds for an actual brick and mortar shop! I'm so excited at the prospect of one day being able to go up and visit their tea shop in person. My favorite blends from Friday are the Cherry Chocolate, which has dark chocolate bits, and Audrey's Spring Tea, which is arguably the sweetest tea they have, designed by Friday's daughter. Aromatica Fine Teas is a little pop and mom shop just outside Vancouver, B.C., near a cute bee farm. I passed by it during my travels and fell in love with their worldwide award winning blends. They have something that the gentleman blender there called druid tea, which he designed after an old celtic recipe that druids used for meditation, but I think the blend's actual title is something like "Stress Relief" on the label. I'm also fond of their Angel Dreams blend, which very much helps with cramps, for those folks who have female based bodies. I have around fifty different teas right now, but I'm always on the lookout for more. I do enjoy greens and whites. Mostly I only get herbal mixtures and tisanes, though, because I've a major sweet tooth and prefer floral accents. They go better with my Oregon wildflower honey, generally!
  7. LEVEL: 28 GENDER: Nonbinary LOCATION: Pacific Northwest OCCUPATION: Artist, Director, Coordinator DEPENDENTS: None CHARACTERS: ∞
  8. I can't stand sites that have death or that require feeding. It ruins the game for me. I'm not a fan of sites with retiring mechanics, either, but, then again, I don't breed. I'm a character creator, so if I have a pet (a character), then I want it to be forever.
  9. I'm Nobody. Been playing games (petsites at first) since 2001. It got me into computers! Joined the VPL community over a decade ago, in 2005 or 2006, I think it was. Glad to see TGL offered as an alt-genre option for the community to expand. I'm a creative director, event coordinator, illustrator, author, and comic creator. For funsies my hobbies are gaming, streaming, parkour, swordplay, and cosplay. You can talk to me any time about tea, books, anime, and any kind of games! View Member
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