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  1. No problem at all - Thank you for letting me know!
  2. If Hare hasn't bought that sketch then I'd love to @dracula
  3. Real Species, Fictional Species or Both?

    I like both. No restrictions on imaginations that way. ;)
  4. Looking for a Project

    I may have something for you depending on your prices, expertise and interest. I'll PM you sometime later today/tomorrow.
  5. As a collector I would say it's another aspect to be able to enjoy a game with. If the items are usable as well then all the better.
  6. ^^This is incredibly important. I feel a lot of potential buyers believe that art isnt work, or that it's very easy and doesnt take long to do so shouldnt be paid for because 'the artist enjoys it' - At least a lot of the people I know think this - and that an artist can therefore 'just quickly throw some art' someones way for free/supercheap. It's especially difficult to convince people to pay good money for good art when it comes to digital art in my opinion. Personally, as I'm still learning, I tend to do a lot of art to practice certain techniques or whatever and then (if I feel it's good enough) that is sometimes given away to my friends for free. When I do charge, it isnt anywhere near what a professional would/could charge but that is like any job in my opinion. What you charge is directly related to your skill level. I also dont have a problem working for free for a short time on something new given that that means more practice for me and a possible job down the road. It's like an apprenticeship or work experience. Lastly, I also work for (sort of) free if I'm going to get another benefit that would have cost me money to obtain. As I say though, I do believe that different skill levels have different 'rules'.
  7. Griffins of Darkholem

    I just joined over there - It looks interesting!
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