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  1. filled out. i can't wait to see the results.
  2. Show off what you are working on

    toss me some info on this in my message inbox. I love helping grass roots programs like this.
  3. The Lost Fable

    there are ways to combat bots. If you can set questions upon registering and customize them (like who is the first president of the united states, and what color is the sky?) it will help combat these bots easily.
  4. Happy Holidays to Everyone!

    thank you and a happy YULE to you too. I got what i wanted early. i got a kickass team to work on tremder that are focused and working on their assigned task with little to no prodding. We're shooting for december next year for open beta. So here's to hoping!
  5. Word Association

  6. It's beginning to look festive around here!

    it's very nice and festive.
  7. Tremder Update

    So some of you have asked, and I'll clarify, because until a few weeks ago I didn't know myself if we would be able to do these things. Tremder will have combat Each wolf born or created will have an element they are born under. This is dictated by the day of the week the wolf is born under. Certain days are stronger for element births than other, but being born on say Friday, will not always guarantee a Wood Element. There's a percentage of a chance that the pups will be born outside their default “Wood” element and pick up an element from another day. We call this the “Wild Card” effect. Each Wolf will have a combat skill tree related to their element Wolves are normally peaceful creatures who have to hunt meat to survive. The skills a wolf can unlock by getting skill points through leveling their experience meters up are many. Each wolf comes with 3 skills they MUST unlock before they can unlock their elemental trees. Bite, Scratch, and Charge are default for every wolf on the sim. Then there are 3 trees a wolf can “chase.” Offensive, Neutral, and Defensive. There are 3 skills to each tree. The next one a little more powerful than the one before it. Offensive skills are your attack skills, and are geared for lashing out at your foe. Neutral skills are aimed at healing and regaining attack energies. Defensive are arts you use to defend yourself, reduce damage from oncoming attacks, and make your enemy have status effects that can stun them for a few rounds. There are many ways to spend your skill stats for your skill tree And there's no wrong way to do it, but a right way that can unlock some very interesting things we'll leave you all to discover. Call them known easter eggs as it where. It is possible to Min/Max your stats, spend all your skill points into one branch of your tree, and that's fine. However to unlock the easter egg skills, you first need to stat your wolf just right to be able to do so. We are going to leave it up to you all to figure out how. There is a maximum level to a wolf's level. It's 25 To keep the game fair and balanced, we did the math, crunched the numbers, worked the percentages and tweaked all the things to try and break our calculations. The maximum level to keep the game fun, yet fair is 25. This will give you a certain amount of skill points to work with, and how you assign them will be very important if you want the easter egg skills unlocked. Aging: Wolves age 2 weeks per day. Rollover will be midnight pacific time. Your wolves, when they are born, come with description information about their health. There will be Poor, Lacking, Okay, Average, Good, Very Good, Excellent, and Amazing. Poor - 1-3 years (26 days – 78 days) Lacking - 1-5 years (26 days – 130 days) Okay – 2-5 years (52 days – 130 days) Average - 4-8 years (104 days – 208 days) Good - 5-9 years (130 days – 234 days) Very Good - 6-10 years (156 days – 260 days) Excellent - 8-12 years 6 months (208 days – 326 days) Amazing - 15 years 6 months (404 days) The health that a customs (Legendary Wolves) get is Amazing. Legendary wolves will live a maximum of 15 years 6 months. Born wolves can live a maximum of 12 years 6 months, but rarely do they live past age 10. The higher the health, the longer the normal wolves live, so therefore, if they have health lower than Okay, they will never live past the age of 8. Born wolves (Legacy Wolves - the ones that weren't created in the customize tool) can't have Amazing health, but they can have Excellent health. Wolves that are customized automatically come with Amazing health. However, it does not pass down. The highest health that a customs pup’s can get is Excellent. Custom wolves will live a maximum of 15 years 6 months. Once wolves get to 7 years, their face starts graying. Every 6 months, the gray will increase. The graying will stop increasing at 10 years of age. As they get older, discharge stains will be visible by their eyes as well. Breeding: Females can't breed until they are of 3 years old. Males can breed at 2 years old. There will be a breeding "cool down" for one in game year (26 actual days). Since females only come into heat once a year. Females can have anywhere from 1-8 pups in a litter. The more pups, the higher the chance one could die from starvation or neglect because there are so many. 1-3 pups will have a 95% chance of survival 4-6 pups will have a 75% chance of survival 7-8 pups have a 60% chance of survival For each pup, there is a 5% chance of them catching a fatal disease. There will be a 15% chance (per pup) of a lone wolf/competing predator killing the pup. If you fail to feed your pack for too long while a female has pups, then there's an 85% chance that the entire litter will die. Inbreeding: If a litter has been born from inbreeding, there is a 30% chance (per pup) that they will be born blind, deaf, dead, or with very low health. An inbred will never have more than “Okay” health. Double inbreeding (if an inbred is either bred to a family member, or bred to another inbred) has a 70% chance (per pup) of them being a stillborn, not surviving past 6 months, and being born blind and/or deaf. Double inbred wolves are incapable of breeding. Special litter survival items can still be used with them. Rare wolves/markings: There is a 10% chance (per pup) that they will be born with an albino, melanistic, vitiligo, or somatic mutation. If you breed a wolf with a mutation, the chances of a mutated cub being born rises by 15%. If you breed two of the same mutations (example: albino x albino), the chance of a mutated cub rises to 20%. When you get either a melanistic or albino mutation, the mutation covers all other markings. Mutations like somatic or vitiligo can still have other markings show, but the mutation layers will still be above all the other markings. Normal markings: Normal markings are the markings you can get in the custom tool. The chance of the marking passing down is a 75% chance (per pup). If both parents have the same marking, the percent of it passing changes to 90%. Marking opacity is randomized between the opacity percentage that the parent or both parents have. For example, the male has Brown Mask at 50% opacity. The female has Brown Mask at 12% opacity. You breed those two together, and now have a 90% chance of Brown Mask passing on (in a randomized marking slot). Lets say Puppy #1 has Brown Mask. Puppy #1’s marking opacity will be between 12% and 50%. View full news
  8. So once in a while, I code front end stuff (mostly content for the pages for tremder.) I know basic HTML and such (Bold, underline, links, and image tags) by hand and from memory. However i recently installed a trial version of dreamweaver CS6 or something like that, and i have used, and still sorta rely on Netbeans, however, I LOVE the split screen developing of Dreamweaver. So my question to the coders here... Is there a program that is similar to dreamweaver (the split screen developing - code and how it looks screen) for free anywhere or that is under 25$ for the program? Thanks.
  9. The BIG list of Pet / Sim Sites

    Your link to beastkeeper needs to have the S knocked off the end of it. It's not Beastkeepers.
  10. Word Association

  11. Core Membership Guide

    It would be nice to have something for people who do community work too, like community liasons, admins, and such. I don't do art, i can't code, but i can build kick butt communities that run pretty smoothly as a community admin.
  12. oh boy what a loaded question..... from people disappearing and then later quitting, to the co-owner of tremder being missing in action and she does the wolf art. It's left me having to find artists who can style match, and other artists who are doing holder art till we can get better stuff paid for. It's going to leave me to make some very hard choices at the end of the year, but we'll see.
  13. How do you name things for games?

    For tremder and rigganmore, i find or design a word and google it. to make sure it doesn't already exist somewhere, or doesn't have any negativity associated with the word either in english or another language.
  14. Who here is a game owner?

    Owner and developer for 10 years here. I started back in 07 with rigganmore, and have shelved that project in favor of Tremder.
  15. Welcome. This Will be the place where we update our Information on Tremder. But our mini Kickstarter info is below. We're doing a mini kickstarter. Why not use the actual kickstarter platform you ask? Because they take up to 15% of the total raised, and charge fees to us per transaction. I'd like to keep all the money where it belongs – Developing the sim. Now below is a list of the accounts you can buy now and get access into the game during development. 10$ - A thank you on a thank you page 20$ - a basic account that is cut as soon as payment clears. 30$ - A basic account, and one additional custom wolf(when we go live and open to the general public.) 40$ - An Upgraded account for 1 year (from going live, not during testing), and one additional custom wolf(when we go live and open to the general public.) 50$ - An upgraded account for 1 year (from when we go live), and 2 additional custom wolves. 80$ - A discounted forever account (that will normally cost 100$), 4 additional custom wolves. 100$ - A discounted forever account (At the value of 80$), 6 additional custom wolves, and we will allow you to work with our artists in designing a marking that is semi-natural in nature to add to the sim for everyone as a public marking. To explain the additional wolves. When you have an account early during testing, and you are active on the sim to help test during the process finding bugs and really looking over things, everyone who is active during such testing will be given a "starter pack" for their account. the pack will include 2 custom wolf items to allow you to make 2 customs. Now the reason we do this, is to kickstart the sim with stock people can buy and trade for. What you'll be getting is the starter pack AND the additional custom wolf making items to go with your account. So you can start a whole pack of wolves! A forever account is an account that is upgraded for as long as the sim exists. It will be able to access the pay for and exclusive content that is only available for people with upgraded accounts. This will NEVER Expire on you (as long as you don't get frozen or banned off the game.) But Mortain? How do we contribute? Easy. Send PayPal payments to tremdersim@gmail.com and please make sure you use the email you want associated with your account on Tremder, or leave me a note with payment. When we have a registration system, people will be registered on a first come first served basis in the order they register. Sorry, you can't pick your ID number. But Mortain, it's taken so long to get this far? Yes I know, and it's hard for me to admit, but this project is taking longer than I would have liked too. When Miranda (The first coder) ran off and stole our 1200$ and didn't live up to her end of the contract, it was hard to get more money to hire more coders and stuff. Now with Rixon missing in action (the other owner and wolf artist) I have had to hire other artists to fill in the gap. So who is all on the development team at this time Mortain? We have myself leading the development and keeping on top of things. Then we have Jess (our blind coder) and Paige (who's new) coding for us until we can afford to pay them. I've given them promises I hope I can live up too. Then for art we have Miss Hades Jumping in and filling in for Rixon, Then we have Danny doing item icons, and Rubyz doing background holder art till we can hire someone better and get extraordinary art to woo you all with. Rounding out the team is Neroelysium who's writing content, and Tala (our head mod) who will be working with me to make a moderator handbook before we hire mods for the game. But Mortain, the holder art is just okay... please say it's not permanent. I know a lot of you are disappointed in us for not doing more sooner. But such is development life. With Rixon not doing art for whatever reason, and being hard to reach on Facebook, It leaves me to do what I have too to get this sim off the ground. It's not perfect, but it's what we have to work with. If anyone would like to help with art and you have a good amount of skill, message me. What if the sim doesn't get finished? That's not in my view of things to fail at right now. I want to get this sim off the ground so much that I've put a hold on my other sim, pulled the coder off it to help with Tremder (Jess) and I am working my hardest to make sure we get this sim done. There's a lot of interest still in the game, and the site is still getting hits from various places. So people are still interested, but they're on a wait and see mode. Which doesn't help us pay the bills when they don't buy accounts to help sim development.

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