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  1. Welcome! See the examples of my work below. I have a very open schedule right now, so can do quick commissions if needed. All prices listed are in USD. I'm currently offering discounts on bulk commissions! Scroll the bottom of this post to learn more. Deviantart | Website | Facebook Environments My rates for environments start at 50$. More environment examples here: Pixel Work I can do animated pixel work, starting at 60$ for a scene, or 30$ for a character. Non-animated pixel characters start at 15$. Scenes: Animated Characters: Non-Animated Characters: Characters Prices start as follows-- Colour pre-existing line art: 20$ Simple line art: 20$ /// Simple Line art + Colour: 30$ Complex / realistic line art: 40$ /// Complex/realistic colour: 60$ Animated Character: 100$ General examples: Simple line art + colour examples: More character examples here: Discounts I offer discounts if you order pieces in bulk! My current deals: 10-19 pieces: 5% off total price 20-39 pieces: 10% off total price 40+ pieces: 25% off total price
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