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  1. Animal Breeding

    Well I was going to comment but Hare basically took the words out of my mouth. I basically second everything she says. Also, virtual pet games are not reality. It's pretty obvious that you can't breed a real animal once every 4 days and have it give birth in 24 hours and keep doing that for years on end with no ill effects. So no, I don't think that virtual pet sites have any kind of bad effect on animal breeding in the real world. I think that people pushing "adopt don't shop" agendas do a lot more to harm animals. This basically supports irresponsible people who just let their dogs mate with any other dogs with no regard for health or temperament, and demonizes people who are breeding responsibly. Terms like "forced breeding" smack of radical animal rights that don't relate to reality in most cases. It's anthropomorphism and doesn't reflect the actual reality of animal breeding. Have you ever tried to breed a female rabbit with a buck she doesn't want to breed with? Good luck with that. And cows don't run around moaning about how they've been violated after they receive artificial insemination.
  2. I'm assuming you mean the mercury aethers, where an apparently static pet combined with another static pet produced an offspring with a mix of the features of both parents (this was done in an automated manner rather than requiring an artist to create an image by hand). We will be using this on Aethria, but not for aethers and not when the site first opens. We likely will use the mercury system for the serafel pets when that area of the site opens.
  3. Aethria Development Updates!

    Those are silver customs
  4. Aethria Development Updates!

    @Kesstryl Aethria will be a completely new site and no user information or pets will carry over from Aluriya to Aethria. However, we do plan to bring gold customs over to Khimeros as custom overlays at some point. I am not sure exactly what will happen with silver aethers.
  5. I've been trying to decide when to open Aethria. The basic framework of the site - forums, chat, private messages, inventory and all that should be good to go, and we have some game features implemented but not all that I had hoped to have before opening. But, then I sometimes think it would be better to open so that we can get user feedback on things they like, things that we might want to change etc. But then I don't want people to get bored because there isn't as much to do as they might like, either. I mean, we opened Khimeros with nothing but the live chat finished and that worked out fine LOLOL. But these days I think that people have been burned so often they might be leery of sites that are not almost completely finished, I don't know. Khimeros users seemed to find it really fun to actually watch the site being built around them, but people seems to maybe have longer attention spans 8 years ago ^^;
  6. Teripets

    Hopefully I can get some discussion going, though I don't know how many forum goers here that will be interested As some of you may remember, I bought Teripets a few years back, but didn't end up getting the site back up because of drama with previous staff/artists. I do want to include teripets on Aethria, though. I have been thinking that a good way to do it might be to put up an exact copy of the old site with all the old art that is just for browsing purposes - you can view it for nostalgia sake, but there wouldn't be any money-making aspects to it. Then, we could also include a new updated version of teripets with entirely new art so that there would not be any conflict with previous artists, that would be a playable version. If someone would like to claim that they own an art asset or anything of that nature, they'd be welcome to present proof and we'd take it on a case-by-case basis. Would there be any interest in this kind of thing?
  7. How are Virtual Pet Games doing?

    Yes, I owned Aluriya as well. Aluriya is coming back in a "lite" form as part of Aethria. Aethria has several "realms" which are each like mini-sites with their own gameplay, maps, pets, and lore. I think petsites are not doing too badly, actually. It's just that there does't seem to be a central place to hear about them anymore. With VPL gone, and this place not seeming to have caught people's attention (yet?), it's kind of whatever you stumble over. I know I haven't been posting anything about Aethria here really because the few times I did post, I didn't get any response. There are some games like furvilla that seem to be doing well but you don't really hear about. Dappervolk just made out like bandits with their kickstarter, but again you aren't likely to hear about it unless you happen to know someone who knows something because there just isn't a central hub.
  8. How are Virtual Pet Games doing?

    My game, Khimeros is still doing fine. We are a small niche site but have been around for 8 years. And I will be launching a new site soon called Aethria.
  9. Aethria Discord Server!

    Aethria now has a discord server, come and join us! https://discord.gg/7swDf53 View full news
  10. Calligra Map Reveal!

    Maps for the three realms - Aluriya, Khimeros Caldera and Calligra - that will be available during the Alpha phase of Aethria are now complete! We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the map for Calligra! View full news
  11. Aethria Development Updates!

    Images fixed!
  12. We've been hard at work preparing Aethria for opening, and it's time to give you guys an update! Programming tasks that have been recently completed: -World Maps page has been added and individual Maps for Khimeros Caldera and Aluriya have been added to the site -Most of the Aluriya area features like sending pets through the Vortex, gathering items from the Herb Garden, Orchard etc., are now functional -Admin tools for creating new aethers and uploading their assets to the demo is functional -Aether Menageries (where you keep your pets), Individual aether pages are functional -Creating Aethers through the custom demo is functional Programming tasks being actively worked on right now: -Back end and front end administration tools for adding items to the site and other essentials like creating openable item packs etc. are getting needed updates and configuration -Functionality for adding Khimeros Caldera pets is being added including all their associated admin tools and user functions like pet dens -"Growables" feature for Calligra is being reworked and new functionalities added -Pet deco system is being tested and configured Art Related tasks that have been completed: -First three aether bases that will be available from Aluriya when the site opens for Alpha have been chosen - the Kaze, Raptara, and Arabi! - "Wild Kaze" base has been enlarged and revamped in Aethria style and loaded into the custom demo -The first Inkling base that will be available from Calligra when the site opens for Alpha has been chosen - the Phantazia Griffon! -Both poses of the Phantasia Griffon have been completed and await completion of the "Growables" system! -The first Khim base that will be available from Khimeros Caldera when the site opens for Alpha has been chosen - the Lambkin! -The lambkin base has been revamped to Aethria style Art Related tasks being actively worked on right now: -World Map for Calligra is in the works -Arabi, Raptara, and remaining Kaze pose details are being finished up -Individual items for the Jungle and Savannah areas on Calligra are being completed - Iindividual "unique" colorations are being created for the lambkin base, to prepare for site opening! We don't have an ETA on when the site is open, but work is progressing rapidly! View full news
  13. Selling Artwork Advice?

    It's a really tough market as there are a lot of people out there looking to make money from comissions. A lot of times artists think that their art skills alone are what will sell them, but there are a lot of other factors. As a person who hires people to make art, I have the following advice: -It's not all just about the art. Having someone who is willing to learn to conform to a buyer's project style, who can take constructive criticism with aplomb, who realises that they are hiring themselves out to do a job and thus must conform to what the person hiring them needs, are all super important. Buyers don't want to deal with someone who thinks their style is the cat's ass and should be just fine for any site, whether it matches or not. They don't want to deal with people who fly off the handle if asked to change or tweak something, or who run off to their internet friends to complain about what a demanding bitch the boss is because they actually expect you to create within certain parameters. They also don't want to deal with a seller who is unwilling to work with the buyer to deliver what the buyer needs and not just what the seller wants to sell. If you're signing on to a long term project, expect that yes, at first, you may be asked to change things a few times - while this may be frustrating, once you and the buyer can nail down what is expected, you'll be able to speed up your creation process without having to constantly alter things. -Similarly, it doesn't matter if your art is the best ever seen, if you claim you'll be able to create 10 items by Friday but start rolling out the excuses when the buyer checks in to ask if they are done. If you were working at an office you'd be expected to consistently meet your work deadlines regardless of whether your dog had to go to the dentist, your car broke down, your internet cut out or what have you. As soon as you start missing deadlines and rolling the excuse dice to decide what reason you have today for why you can't get your work done, the buyer is going to start seeing you as an amateur and not someone they can rely on to get work done. They will start looking elsewhere. -Check around to see what other people are charging for similar work. If you haven't had a lot of sales and don't have a big following yourself, don't price your work in the top price bracket even if you think (and are correct) that your work is just as good as those who are getting top dollar. They are probably getting top dollar because they have built up a following and are now in demand, which can take a lot of time and effort to achieve. -Try to have as big a portfolio of different styles as you can. Even if a buyer is only looking for one specific style, it's very useful for them to see that you can do a wide variety of styles so that they can have confidence that you are flexible and will be able to tweak your style to meet their needs or match the style they already have established for their project. tl;dr reliability, flexibility and professional attitude are just as important as the quality of artwork you produce. If you are consistently reliable, flexible and professional as well as producing a quality product, word will eventually get around!
  14. On khimeros we allow people to *order* their own base and then hibbary creates it for them. For example, they ask for a pegasus or a griffon or a potoo bird or a combination of an iguana and a hyena (yes those are all real examples from the site xD) the base is uploaded to the site as a "platinum custom" meaning that the owner of the base can then color it themselves and create new versions that way. They can also sell tokens to allow other users to create their own colored versions. These act like a skin over the existing pet, when you breed you can get either the underlaying custom-demo pet as the offspring, or the overlay, with the overlay being rarer. This is a popular feature and we've had quite a number of bases ordered, although they are pricey. One problem we've had with this is that while these are breedable bases, only the original owner of the bases usually feel that they should have the right to breed and sell the overlays >_> Even though it is against the rules to tell other players that they can't breed a pet once they've bought it from you, this still persists. We will also be offering the same thing in a custom demo base, meaning that they can order a base with the full set of markings that all of our pets in the custom demo have. This base will then be available for everyone to preview in the custom demo and to create and breed as regular site pets if they either buy a creation token from the base owner, or buy a gen 2+ pet that someone else has bred, and breed that. However we're still figuring out a few logistics like the cost and how the creation tokens will be sold, how much control the commissioner of the base has, etc. The difference here is that with our bases they must still use the same set of markings that all pets in the custom demo have. So I think basically very similar to your idea EXCEPT that we don't allow the user to physically create their own base, they have to commission the base that they want. For a site like khimeros this is important as we need to try to keep some kind of consistency at least to the bases themselves, if not to the way they are colored. I am not sure how a system where users are actually allowed to create the art would go. It would be a very interesting experiment. I think it would go a lot better on a new site where this was the policy right from the get-go than to try to add it to an existing site. I could see a lot of people getting their feelings hurt because their pets weren't popular enough and other users becoming the "elite" because everyone wanted their bases, so I think you'd need to cultivate a userbase who can deal with that right off the bat. You'd have to keep in mind that the site would have to host all of these images, the creation system and everything that goes with it, and that you might have a lower income for the site if the site itself is not the one selling special pets etc so yes I think you'd need to charge a fair fee for a user to create their own base. That is a pretty deluxe feature after all, and in my opinion, not something that anyone can just casually do any time they want even after they reach a certain point in the game. I know users don't like to hear that things need to cost money, but the reality is that a site owner needs money to keep a site open. Now if y our site relies 100% on user contributed art, then you could cut back on costs and adjust prices that way, and I think that would be a fun way to do it - have all items on site created by users and have these items able to be picked up in the usual way that you can get items on any given site. We had hoped to include something like this on khimeros, but it didn't end up happening for a number of reasons. We do allow users to order custom items but they are owned and sold by the individual user, they don't go out into general circulation as part of the site item rotation.

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