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  1. @tavsangel are you talking about teripets re-opening?
  2. Basically artists were claiming they were owed money for art. Other artists said no, there was never any cash payment given for art, and no one was promised any pay, that they were paid in site perks. The former owner also told me that no one was owed or promised money. But it basically ended up in a big ugly mess that stymied development. I had put a lot of resources already into the site, after purchasing it and buying new art etc, and the prospect of funneling more money and effort into it only to end up with a lot of ugliness surrounding the site just wasn't appealing. I'd like to see
  3. I still have the entire teripets site but scapped developing it as a site of its own due to backlash from former artists. I still hope to some day include a "teripets land" of some kind into aethria. I had toyed with the idea of putting the old teripets site back up and just dealing with individual artist complaints as they came, but unfortunately that would require an operating budget, and these days people are just not willing to spend on petsites like they used to, so I can't support it financially.
  4. I'm sorry that it has taken so long to give you guys an update on progress! We've considered how the current game play has gone over with users, and identified some critical areas that require addressing in order for the site to reach its potential. At the top of the list is the deco system. It needs to be fixed so that it works as intended, including layering issues and khimbits not working in deco. Next, we know that the foraging system in khimeros has not been popular. The current plan is to change the system to gathering (a la Calligra and Aluriya) for quests and trash, an
  5. No, although players love custom stuff so if you have a system that can handle lots of custom markings that could be a thing. I mean like if you have a pet that is 400x 400 then have a sheet that is 1200 x 600 and completely covered with random spots. Then have a second marking that is covered with random patches or speckles or whatever. Have the two sheets move independently and it will give a natural looking marking that's always a little bit different.
  6. Yes like that except a large sheet covered wtih spots or whatever design you like. So instead of just moving the same design around on the base, you get a completely different look each time.
  7. Khimeros has the pinta marking, which is a series of 6 markings and you can get either a marking between the parents' marking numbers OR totally random depending on the option you select while breeding. Not exactly the same but sort of similar idea. I don't know the exact programming behind it though. Another thing that I want to have implemented is similar to our dyes system, but instead of the user being allowed to choose where to put the dye, it would be a big marking sheet with say for example, lots of spots all over it and the system would move the sheet around and then mask to the bas
  8. I just made up some new khims for aethria. Ink Demon Bloodborne Smoke Eater
  9. examples of khimeros profiles you've done?
  10. This seems like a horribly bad idea for the developer. They put in all the work and money to develop a game, which they have to do with a specific game engine, and then at the end they have a CHANCE to win some money but have to give half the profits from the game to the contest promoter - which if it is any kind of a good game has a good chance to earn well over the prize money amount in its lifetime. I am not seeing any upside for developers here at all.
  11. It's worked really well for aethria's development and site members prefer to use the discord chat instead of the site chatroom even now that we are open. It's really nice to be able to have the different channels. We have about 180 on the discord server currently.
  12. Aethria is now open for free accounts! We do require that you use a registration code at this time, in order to keep the numbers of new users to a reasonable amount per day so we can evaluate the site stability. Codes are free! If you encounter anyone trying to sell or trade a code, please let us know so we can deal with that! If you'd like a code, please hop over to our discord server! I will hand out some codes each day. The site is in active alpha testing and still has some glitches and bugs, so be aware of that before joining! The site is pretty advanced
  13. NOTE: There will be free accounts available once alpha release phase is complete. Account sales are set to open at 6 PM ATLANTIC time, Saturday, August 11.CHECK OUT THE SITE PREVIEW VIDEOS ON YoutubePlease note we are NOT opening the site at this time, we are opening sales of accounts so that we can start getting the information loaded into the database to prepare for opening, which will happen some time this month.The only reason you need to be around/purchase your account immediately at 6 PM, is if you are purchasing a deluxe or deluxe+ package and want a specific account number and do
  14. This is a heads up that my new site, Aethria, will be opening some time this month! Pre-opening account sales are tentatively set for Saturday, 11 August. There will be more information and demo videos of the site, but I wanted to just get the word out there. If you are interested in participating or think you might be and want more info, please get yourself set up on our Discord, as that is where you will need to post to claim your account number when the time comes. You can use this link
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