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  1. Hello there! Please call me Misc. I'm a long time digital artist and pet site/sim player, and I finally want to mix the two. Though I've already gotten a position with a site still in development, I have a lot of free time one my hands and would like to either take up another project or one-off orders for more experience. My style consists largely of lineless painting, and I would consider that my strong suit along with shading. Lineart isn't my strongest area, but it's doable. A few examples are attached below, and I plan to add some more after the 10th, or wips/non-item example of my at can be given upon request. I'm more than willing to do a test image to see if I can match a preexisting style if needed! Mostly looking to do item and decor art, and/or pelt recolors and marking designs. Paid work is preferred but if the project really interests me I may be down to do some volunteer work. Please contact me through either DMs here or at my email: haleighbean@outlook.com
  2. Do you have an email we could send examples of our work to? Or are you alright with PMs through here?
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