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  1. thank you!! I was really proud of how it ended up looking! If I decide to continue on with the game concept I have I'd really love to do all the item art in the same style
  2. got inspired earlier to work on a concept for something and wanted to try my hand at drawing site items again in a new style (teeny tiny t-bone steak!)
  3. I've considered it, yeah, though I only have a couple very old backups as I lost internet access (also because no money, lmao) around the time we had to let it go so almost everything would have to be redone from scratch. However, I do like toying with the idea of a "Tygras 2" type thing based off the original site like how we were beginning to work on a few months before the site closed. But right now its really just something I note ideas and sketch things out for every once in awhile. If I ever go forward with that idea then I'd very likely end up using some sort of crowdfunding platform! But before then I'd definitely want to be much more prepared for the costs of it all in case the Kickstarter/GoFundMe didn't work out.
  4. We just couldn't afford it anymore. Ended up switching to a new server to cut costs and it brought in a ton of new bugs and glitches that was beyond my ability to fix and, since I was already so low on funds, we couldn't afford anyone to help us fix them either.
  5. I used to be! I was the owner of Tygras before we had to shut it down.
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