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  1. updated post with new sketches for sale! if interested in any or all, please feel free to drop me a pm!
  2. Heya! Just wanted to note ya that it'll likely be more effective to change the title of this to Colorist/Color Artist instead of Shading Artist! Since it seems by the title that youre looking for an artist to shade bases for you instead of coloring them ? good luck on your search!
  3. I feel "multiplayer" in the sense of the word definitely is a direction that pet sites beed to incorporate/trends these days seem to turn a lot into. My only struggle to understand recently is in /what way/ we could incorporate it, since the old way we used to do so were forums, and they dont seem to generally be as active/attractive anymore? I'm actually personally not too sure abt rpg/game immersion per se tho. Ik some sites that rlly push for a solid story line (ie. Dappervolk has been rlly focusing on it), but they still seem a bit... detached from interests of a lot... though i do think it is very useful for attention retention and otherwise, it doesnt seem to be enough to grab users a lot of times to stay with that alone. A difficult path as well if we do stick with the typical web-browser/web-based application that we have for pet sites these days, since it feels a LOT like old-school roleplaying with texts vs actual actions. Possibly this could also be a personal bias tho since im not big on rpgs :-0a
  4. I've been noticing for quite some time that virtual pet sites and similar sites in general (dress up/avatar sites like gaia, etc) seem to have a dying population of players. With the older "neopets" generation growing older, and subsequent sites also slowly dying/growing inactive/smaller with (seemingly) few new users(especially in younger age groups from what ive seen), i feel perhaps its the platform/method of pet sites as a whole that could no longer be as attractive. I know for a while, flash equivalents of virtual pet sites (eg. Moshi Monsters, Happy Pets, or Pet Society on FB) rose to fame for a bit, but have died out by now. I do think perhaps mobile applications (eg. Neko Atsume) or even going into a more general category of farming-type games on pc/consoles (eg. Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley) might be a close equivalent to the game population, but felt it was lacking a bit much, especially in the /social/ aspect of these applications (there are def events, friend-bonuses, shares, etc. but that doesnt have the full capacity of what most pet sites have in a community, inclusive of a full economy of trade and currency, which i personally found very important to my pet site experience growing up). that being said, what direction do you think virtual pet sites could/should take from here to be more "innovative" and connect/adapt better to recent tech/entertainment trends? and what aspects do you think should be carried over/might not be adaptable into newer platforms?
  5. Winged Dog-Ram sketch sold, and added a new sketch!
  6. Hello! I like to sketch/doodle some loose works here and there between work, and was hoping to perhaps sell them if anyone was interested. All prices listed ARE very flexible, and if you're looking to buy multiple sketches, I'm open to giving bulk discounts as well. Monster Dog Sketches(500x500): (1) $15, (2) $10, (3) $15 OR all three for $35 Korean Food Items Set (Full size for ea. sketch listed): $10 for the bundle Please post below or PM if interested! The sketches are sketched on a single layer, but if you would like them layered/made so that any overlaps are filled in (for pets), I can do that for an additional $2 per pet! Commissions are currently closed, but I'm open to selectively finishing sketches I've made. Samples available below, but I'm definitely flexible with style and shading, and can adjust as needed. Please PM if interested! http://twitter.com/moRonsense/media http://pilumvane.tumblr.com (works can be slightly dated) Thank you very much!
  7. I personally don't really like playing games myself that have pets that die. If you're making a sim that, as much as possible, tries to emulate real life, then I can see why dying is a necessary feature, but I often times find that it can get stressful for a lot of people(myself included). it makes it makes it hard for collectors to become invested, and for users to want to ever feel attached to their pets(or a pet in particular) cause they know theyll pass away. But I guess that really depends mostly on the type of features ur site overall offers - whether its one of more casual Horde And Collect Cute Pixel Pets, or one of Ur An Animal Rancher - Take Care of These Animals, or something in between. I find if ever, a system similar to what Digital mentioned above, or similar to FlightRising has are pretty nice? It seems they both have a fairly large amount of pets bred, but having them culled down by "releasing" by the users' choice is pretty effective if what youre worried about is database space (forcing it by capping pet limits to a reasonable amount which can be expanded with a fairly large amount of currency). I personally think if u have a fighting-mechanic going on, a system similar to what Pokemon Quest does (you can "sacrifice" a creature to train with another) is pretty nice as well, since it could give another method with which you can get benefit from "releasing" pets. That said, I think pets running away with a message stating that they left in a bout of mid-life crisis is pretty funny too
  8. Hello! If youre still looking for artists, I'd love to work with you on these! I don't have any recent work in the particular cell-shade style youre currently using, but I can assure you I'm capable of shading/working in that style as well! I'd particularly love to work on the tree, codes, perhaps the misc items, and particularly the reindeers! (though as mentioned above, a sample of animals in your existing style would definitely help me identify if I would indeed be able to do them.) You can see my work here (though they are slightly dated;;): http://pilumvane.tumblr.com along with some samples of pets ive done for Aywas.com I wont be able to get into work directly until the 1st, but I am very flexible with deadlines and my schedule, so I should be able to accomplish any needed work asap! Thank you very much!
  9. havnt posted in a while, but would love to throw my hat in as well! http://pilumvane.tumblr.com (samples can get slightly dated) I can also work with other styles/finishes as you're needing as well! ^^
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