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  1. Sadly I've not made much progress, this will probably be a project I'll pick up again at some point in the future when I have the skills for it. Sadly since its just me working on it i've not really been able to do much, especially since my health is pretty bad. I did do an attempt at art work but it causes quite a bit of pain to draw, so for now I've left that. it's all a bit overwhelming to be doing alone to be honest. I do hope to return to the project at some time and do something with it, or if I can find an artist I can fund to pay for a coder. So it's a kind of wait and see for now.
  2. General kinda question, how active is the community on your game? Another wonder of mine is, how much does your game make, if anything?
  3. I'm April, a 20+ years old with qualifications in art, ICT and games design. I hope to start up my own game whilst I'm not in university or working (due to health and personal issues) and eventually I plan on going on to study psychology and criminology.
  4. I am, I'm currently researching into my project (realistic meerkat sim). Tomorrow I'll be doing a few sketches and looking into coding for my site amongst other things. It's my first project and im pretty hyped about it!
  5. OK I've officially decided to start making my own game, I'm not to sure where to go from here, needing an artist and will probably need another coder in the future but here goes! I'm going to be doing most of the coding myself and will probably give art a go to. I've decided on the name 'Meercats', because who doesn't love meerkats? Who else would love to reenact meerkat manor? The games going to be as realistic as possible, the meerkats will explore in mobs, the player will be able to pick a group of up to 6 meerkats to explore with. (Similar to the explore in the game 'wolf play'). Meerkats will not be able to die whilst exploring. There will be an alpha male and female, the offspring of these two will survive for 100%, and the mother will have a 100% at living after birth, but other meerkats born into the mob will have a 50% chance at survival, with mothers of these meerkats having a 25% of dying after birth. However inbreeding will be an issue in the game, though I've not decided how as of yet. Mutations will not happen in game or will happen very, very rarely. This is because most meerkats seem to be rather healthy. Though I'm still researching this. There will be a look out in game, for every 10 meerkats 1 will need to be a look out. Without a look out there is a 25%-30% chance at death. OK so this is what I've got so far and im open to improvement and suggestions but it's a start!
  6. Design, thank you for sharing that with me! I'll have a read through but it all looks very helpful, thank you so much.
  7. Thanks for the input cuddly spider and hasi. Not much else I can add, I've got my friend helping and she's decided to be a admin in the site, we've been spit balling stuff. What is the game and what mechanics am I hoping to find in the game in one of those, answers being a sim meerkat game (inspired by meerkat manor and real life meerkats), mechanics of the game hunting(?), breeding and genetics, markings, leveling (?), skills or stats, health (rabies, mange, scars, hunger), just to list a few things.
  8. I already have knowledge of website design and html like you suggested, I'm not completely clueless I have done games design myself but what they actually teach you and what you expect to be are to very different things, the class was just basics at best. I was actually required to create a website for the course so I've got web design covered, I don't have an issue with that, I know a small amount of coding but I'm not to sure how to put it into what I'm after. What I was shown was mostly how to get x thing to go to y and stuff like that, I was more shown how to make flash games and use unity to an small degree. I have a site idea already but since I'll be working in a team it's flexible. I already have another person helping out but again we don't know where to begin, I was thinking of looking for an artist next and trying to do the coding myself with a little help?
  9. So I really want to start work on a realistic animal sim browser game, but I have no idea where to start, how to find a team. I'm totally lost actually, what software is best to make a browser game? Should I kick-start, is funding actually needed yet or not? How do I get a team? I have experience with IT, art and games design. I've done all in college, with games design being a level 3 and the others being level 2s but I'm still at a loss.. can anyone give me any tips? Would anyone be interested in helping me? I can't pay right now so it would be volunteer for the time being.
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