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  1. This looks amazing! I may just have to throw some money towards the Alpha access, it's so exciting to see games like this in the works~! May I ask a few questions, though: Will all data be removed from an account with alpha access when going into Beta, and will Beta access require an additional purchase? Will data be wiped from an account with Beta access when going into full production? What are your main plans for the future?
  2. Whatever occurred during the period of time you had transitioned, I managed to miss it due to exams, but I do hope that everything is working fine again and your troubles were not too time-consuming.
  3. Would we send the final product to you in a Direct Message?
  4. May we add/remove different outlines, or is it just coloring?
  5. The new notifications update is awesome~! I'm still slightly in shock at how fast this is all happening, it's truly amazing~! Goodluck with your next task
  6. This game is so... Detailed and well thought out! I'd love to donate a little per month once I see some other people jumping in on the action. I have high hopes for this, even the art is beautiful~! You've done well.
  7. This game is looking absolutely fabulous~! I cannot wait to join in on the fun when the game opens for pre-alpha! Those bunnies and lions are truly stars of the show.
  8. This is absolutely adorable omg ;u; I think I'll have to buy a code, there's no way I'm waiting for a possible email. I love the idea, and there really aren't many dog games that have attracted my interest - ever. Ah, that's a shame, maximum capacity Well, I'm glad your game is succeeding~! High hopes for a successful beta test afterwards.
  9. I am absolutely in love with this game~! I've been over there for about 10 months and it's still definitely one of the most adorable pet sites I've joined. I think the best part is definitely being able to create profiles for your Goatlings, add collectors items to their pages and give them a whole backstory. It makes the game just that little bit sweeter, and makes collecting all the donuts worth it, aside from just owning them all there's really no other point. I would definitely recommend this to people who like cutesy style characters and enjoy collecting items, as well as giving pixels a life of their own.
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