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  1. Hello, I am a current student studying computer programming and looking to go into video game design and programming. I have about eight years of experience working on a number of programming languages and was recently pointed toward this site as a place to market myself. Experience I am proficient in C, C++, C# and Lua having used those languages as my go to for any schooling and projects I have worked on. Programming logic and code flow are things I work very hard on and have a lot of experience working with and tinkering around with to the most perfect as I can get them. I am also familiar with Java and Python, though any project requiring those might be a little slower to work on as I would have to pick up the language a little bit as I go along, though it wouldn't be a problem. I am also more than happy to learn new languages for whatever project you work on. It tends to take me about 3-5 days of solid study to get comfortable with a new language's syntax and idiosyncrasies. Payment I would like to negotiate payment with each client based on their needs, length of project and all those other fun factors. If anyone is interested in a well rounded game designer I am also fairly well practiced at that, be it level design, combat balancing, economy testing or what have you. Though I don't do any of my own art, sadly that is not a skill I possess. My availability will be based around my school schedule, that said most of my work will probably get done on weekends and late evenings during the week. I can be contacted most easily at RhenNiles@yahoo.com Thanks!
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