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  1. Hmmmm, that's strange. Everything appears fine for me. It might be a bug? I'm sure someone can clear that up for you. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  2. Looks like there's a green "buy now" button next to the description (or below in mobile view). It will not appear if an item is marked "already sold." Free items will instead have a button "download now."
  3. What do you find is the most secure way to handle a user's change of email? I was thinking about this for a while and I just wondered how others are handling it. Method 1: User changes email address, re-enters their password. Done. Verification is sent to the new address. Method 2: User changes email address, re-enters their password. Verification is sent to the new address and old address; "Your password has recently been changed. If this was not you, click here to revert to your old password." Method 3: User changes email address, re-enters their password, a verification code is sent to the new email address and the user must confirm within X days/hours. User can also cancel the request if they entered it incorrectly. Anyway, how are you handling/ planning to handle change of email?
  4. Good luck with the move, and happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating.
  5. I can live without things (I don't attach myself to objects), but I do have some things I usually carry with me. Most days I'll have my watch, phone, wallet, keys. I'm always wearing my necklace, earrings and wedding ring. Also as its winter I'm usually decked out with coats, hats, mitts, scarves.. mustn't forget those lest I freeze.
  6. Great entries! I should have joined in too. Time just flies sometimes, heh. Maybe next time. My vote has been cast.
  7. Deadline is tomorrrroww. :-) How is the turnout so far?
  8. That's too bad! Tygras was such a beautiful game. Have you considered using Kickstarter/gofundme or another means to get it back on it's feet?
  9. :-O What happened to Tygras? why did you "have to" shut it down?
  10. I was using Adobe Dreamweaver for some time, which I still use for the "quick edits." But I switched to using Visual Studio mainly at my workplace. At home I'll use Brackets and occasionally Dreamweaver.
  11. I had that feeling recently. I've been working on developing my own framework and I got to a point where I decided to do everything a bit differently... but that means also going back and rewriting a lot of what I already completed.. which is frustrating considering I just want to move forward and code new features! But also the framework will be alllll the better if I do go back and rework this. So going back I am! Gra! :-S
  12. I thought about it a few years ago! I bought all the supplies, but then they ended up just sitting in a box. I may give it a go one day. I'd love to see the spiders! That does sound like a fun gift.
  13. I noticed it too for the first time when TGL switched platforms for like half a day. What's the story? who drew it? I'd like to know more also. PS, looking forward to seeing the fan art. :-)
  14. I found LESS to require more set up, but true that it's very similar to SASS. SASS also seems to give you more controls that LESS doesn't offer- and as a bonus the SASS community is way larger than LESS. It'll likely be even larger with bootstrap moving over to SASS as well. I never use plain CSS anymore- using a preprocessor saves you a ton of time with variables, nesting, organization, not to mention all the tools and functions to save time. Plus you can have your CSS minified automatically on save- sweeeeeet!
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