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  1. Hi, folks! We are looking for a graphic designer to join our team at Figment. Learn about us on Twitter and join our Discord! This will be an ongoing role with intermittent work. (Note: the first month of work will be heavier because of the backlog, but after that it'll slow down a little.) The overwhelming majority of design work needed is to create 800x800 social media graphics. Other things you might work on include graphics for our Patreon, game resource guides, 300x300 headers, etc. Vector graphics experience preferred. We're focused on a brand image that is whimsical and lighthearted, and we market ourselves as a "haven for artists, writers, and creators." We need content to reflect that! Here are examples (that we like) of what we used in the past: https://imgur.com/a/zKEVIVH All artwork is provided. We also have a standardized font that we will send you. So most of this involves creative layering, color schemes, art placements, and backgrounds. Paid USD via PayPal. Please email your rates along with a portfolio/examples. IMPORTANT: When sending your payment expectations, please give an hourly rate (& state hours needed) or a project-based price as though you were charging us for making THIS graphic: https://imgur.com/dbYpQCl ALSO Important: We are a team that functions entirely in a Discord channel, so you must be reasonably active. Must be able to provide work within a reasonable timeframe. Must be 18+. We are a very tight-knit team so we will favor choosing someone who fits in with our culture. We are a largely LGBTQ+, silly, often lewd group of sarcastic creatives. Join us! Thanks for reading! - Leef --- Email: admin@figment.pet Discord: Michaela#9071 (I don't check DMs here.)
  2. (ANON) Magic & You Author: Pansy Peterson To some creatures, magic comes naturally. To others, it doesn't. Sometimes, even among the race of magical creatures, there are some individuals who aren't magically inclined. For those unfortunate souls among us who find themselves with a lack of magic, there is still hope. After generations of research, experiments, breakthroughs and horrific failures, I have concocted the solution; a potion that will grant you magic! It is not quite perfect yet; the effects aren't permanent and will wear off after a while. But while it lasts, there's magic. I have to warn you: this potion is not for the faint-hearted. It requires some rare ingredients, a difficult and long process time, and a strong stomach. But if you succeed, it will be well worth it. Let's get brewing! Ingredients: 3 Eyes of Newt 2 tablespoons of Wolf's Milk 1 Lion's Tooth 1 Little Dragon 1 drop of Blood of a Goose 2 Bat's Wings 1 Hawk's Heart 1 Hundred Eyes a pinch of Unicorn Root 1 cup of Blood 1 litre of water a secret ingredient Equipment: a heat-resistant kettle an oaken ladle a mortar a glass flask a cooking fire Put the water in the kettle and heat it to exactly 78 degrees Celsius. Let it sit at this temperature for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. While the water heats up, grind the Eyes of Newt, Lion's Tooth and Unicron Root in the mortar. When it's a smooth paste, add 1 Bat's wing to this mixture. Grind until smooth. In the flask, mix the Wolf's Milk and the cup of Blood. Swirl to ensure it mixes well. Add the contents of the flask and mortar to the water. Stir counterclock-wise only! Bring the mixture to a boil at 100 degrees. Let it boil for 4 days. Grind the remaining Bat's wing, Hawk's Heart and Hundred Eyes in the mortar until a smooth paste. Add this to the mixture in the kettle, and stir clock-wise only! Let it sit for 23 minutes. Take the kettle off the heat and let it cool to 46 degrees. Once the temperature reaches this exact limit at de drop of Blood of a Goose. Don't stir! And now comes the final step, the most crucial of all, involving the secret ingredient; belief! All you have to do is believe this potion will grant you magic. Pour your every fibre into believing it. Believe, and you shall have magic.
  3. Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr |Instagram| Patreon July 2019 Hello, everyone! It's been a while since you've heard from us. We've been really busy working behind-the-scenes to bring you Figment, and we're excited to say that we're planning to launch alpha in mid-to-late July! In this update, I'd like to take some time to cover some features of gameplay and lore. And then I'll show you some new art. ? But first... What is Figment? Figment is a lore-heavy mishmash of a lot of funky-cool ideas, focusing neither on Human Avatar or Pet, but trying to find a balance between the two. There will be questing, exploring, crafting, and expanding the overarching storyline based on decisions made by the playerbase. Here's a peek at our landing page. LORE Fanterra (WIP globe) Welcome to the world of Fanterra, a planet blessed with latent magical energies, where all of your wildest dreams can come true. The starting land, known as Imagine Nation, will be a tutorial town. A very folksy little place, forests and cottages, but filled to the brim with travelers from all over. Very bright and colorful. (WIP town) Erabarrow is the second town users will be discovering, and is very much like a walk through time. Each NPC shop will be themed after the 1920s / Gatsby era, with a twist. Climate would be the most picturesque weather, at the base of a mountain range. Nestled in a cozy forest. Cross Crest is the third town, based off the idea of Alternate Realities. Would have a lot of neon and inverted colors, almost like a space theme. Could also be a potential hot-spot for magic, thus a town where many fae / dragons gather. Potentially snowy, in a valley surrounded by peaks and shrouded from the world. Those are the three towns slated for Alpha/Beta, but there are other town concepts yet to be revealed for full launch! Magic Referred to as Dawn and Dusk. No magic is truly ‘’good’’ nor ‘’evil’’, but is dependent on where the user draws their magic from. A third, more powerful type of magic is known as Eclipse, a mix of the two schools and only achievable through bonds of the purest friendship. This does not have to be limited to users / pets, but could be shown through relationship building between NPCs. There are leylines running deep beneath Fanterra’s crust, which is the source of all magic on the planet. Because of this, all species have the potential to perform magic, but dragon magic is the most powerful. Fae Fae are, like dragons, beings made of magic. And although they are weaker than dragons, they are more numerous. The Fae are separated in two royal courts representing Dawn and Dusk, each wielding its correspondent magic. Both have a royal lineage currently represented by queens, and they are near always in some sort of conflict, be it all-out war, be it more subtle. Each court is associated with what's called a "Deity Dragon". The Aurora Court is led by the Dawn Queen, short and chubby, androgynous but masculine-leaning. The Eventide Court is led by the Dusk Queen, tall and lithe, androgynous but feminine-leaning. Dragons Fanterra is their planet. High-tier magical beings, outranking Fae. Although not every dragon is attuned or even in control of these powers. Like Fae, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Dependent on location and what sort of magic is present there. Snow -- Heavily feathered/furred. Medium. Desert -- Scaled. Large. Jungle -- Feathers are more vibrant. Small/Medium. Mountainous -- Feathered or scaled. Enormous. FEATURES Pets The starting pet options are a cat or a dog. Offered in "natural" colors, like Dalmatian, Calico, Red Merle, Black & White, etc. When you first join the site, you have the option to choose your “starter pets.” You may choose up to 2 pets; cat and dog, cat and cat, or dog and dog. You may not choose the fur type or breed of your new pet/s. Instead, once you make your species choice, the site will pull a premade pet from the starter-pet database. The specific pet (or pets) the players get is completely random, and some of the randomized starter pet “coats” are rarer than others. These starter pets will be only pets on-site that multiple players can have copies of. The rest of the pets on the site are 100% one-of-a-kind and individually hand-colored by a site artist. Ways to obtain pets include roleplay / explore events and contests. For premium currency ("Wisps") you may also get custom pets, where you submit a prompt and a site artist designs your new pet for you; or, you can breed your pets to receive offspring designed to look like a mishmash of the parents. Critters A pet for your pet, often found via dreaming (a random event). The type of dream your pet had (daydream / nightmare / etc.) would reflect in the type of critter they get. Some critters can also be found through adventure, through eggs, or given out as quest rewards. Each Critter is made up of a mix of two species from Earth. Other Features Adventuring system Quests Crafting Professions Breeding Human Avatars Collectible Forum Vistas Shops & Galleries Alchemy Library / Readable Books Weather Pedigrees Customs Stud Service Pet accessories Monthly events How you can help support our development For those who don't know, Patreon is a subscription-based platform that allows fans to monetarily support creators and their visions in exchange for cool benefits. For us, Figment is a passion project, and every contribution - regardless of amount - helps us add extra perks and artwork to the game. Consider supporting us here. Moving forward, we are making changes to the Patreon tiers so that you can get even more cool perks, without having to pay more! Changes to the following tiers: $10: Supporter forum vista Entry to monthly raffle for a custom pet Alpha key Alpha ribbon Fennec-fox-hummingbird Critter Paint of the month AND (NEW), (1) you may request a copy of any non-Patreon-exclusive Critter; provide a color palette / photo to inspire a site artist to color you a new Paint! OR (2) you may request a pet with natural patterns be colored for you, to be distributed among the site starter pets. $50 (now $40!): Pick a breed of cat or dog (ie: Pitbull, Bengal, Husky, etc.) that you'd like to see on the site, and we'll make it! We'll even give you a custom copy, colored to your specifications. Creator forum vista --- That's it! I will leave you with some more pretty art. ? Thanks, everyone! Some concept art!: Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr |Instagram| Patreon
  4. @Demona so sorry for the huge delay! What were you thinking to trade?
  5. Anon Book - in the middle Title- An Explanation of Changelings There are two types of Changelings -okay, maybe three. The third being a shapeshifter in a game about dragons living in dungeons or something like that. Anyway… There are two types of Changelings. By definition a Changeling is a human, usually a child, that is swapped with a fairy to live with the human parents, sometimes without the parents ever knowing. Either the fairies will make the exchange when the human is sleeping, or just lure them away to the door to their homeland. You might be wondering why. Well, it can be for many reasons. Sometimes it can be purely out of spite. You also might be wondering: Isn’t that kidnapping? It depends on who you ask. Most would say yes. Many of the fairies from Fairyland -very beautiful place, by the way- will do it out of spite just because they’re mad at the human’s friend or because the human happens to be related to someone who once successfully made fairy ointment. Fairies can be very vain, vengeful creatures that will hold grudges for human generations. But not the fairies of Fanterra. The fairies of Fanterra instead help human families if their young child is very sick. They offer to help the child in return for the favor of the parents teaching a young fairy about human culture. Fanterra families do sometimes bring older humans to Fanterra, too, but only in times of disasters. The human can choose go return home once it’s over. Some decide to stay. The reason why Fanterra fairies help humans is because so many years ago a young fairy got separated from her family. Lost and injured, she wandered into a human settlement where a kind human family adopted her and helped her reunite with her family. Since then the fairies have helped humans who are hurt or lost, repaying the kindness of that family. Fanterra’s fairies are very kind and will often help humans. For this I am personally very grateful.
  6. More anons! LEFT BOOK ENTRY Title: How to tame a dragon, a true-told story by One-Eyed Larry Author: One-Eyed Larry Genre: Non-Fiction(-ish), exaggerated autobiography Dragons are fierce and fearsome beasts. Huge wings like hurricanes, claws like spears, you’ve heard it all before. Y’see me lad, dragons are truly misunderstood creatures, they are. They are beings, with emotions and feelings, with souls. Much like us, they can feel fear, anger, pain and love. The key to taming a dragon is to earn their trust. So, let me tell you a story, of how I lost both me arms and part o’ me eye, and instead gained a lifelong friend. There I were, wing high in me sails, traveling across the endless seas, when I heard a cry on the wind that chilled my blood frozen solid. The cry of a dragon. E’ry honest sailor’s worst fear. I was certain my life was forfeit. Having just struck the best bargain o’ me life, me hull was full to bursting, and I was sure the dragon was coming for me hoard. I grabbed me sword and braced meself for the oncoming attack. But it ne’er came. Instead I saw this huge, mighty beast fall from the sky and hit the water with a huge splash. I ran to look over the side o’ me ship, to make sure me eyes (I still had both o’ them at this time) weren’t tricking me. Lo and behold, a mighty beast, felled. At first I was relieved, but when I caught a glimpse of the beast’s bright golden eye, I saw twas full o’ fear and pain. I wanted to turn me ship around and sail as far away as I could, but I couldn’t. I had to save the dragon. I dove right into the water, with some rope around me waist. I bound the dragon to me ship and sailed to the closest island. There I pulled the beast on land with me own two arms - I also still had both o’ these at this time, but not for much longer. I had hardly removed the rope for the dragon, when a larger, fiercer beast appeared in the sky. Twas clear it was coming for poor, wounded beast. So I did what any honest sailor would do; I grabbed me sword and fought a mighty battle. It bit, and slashed and breathed flame at me, but I held me ground. I poked, and slashed and yelled back at it. And so we fought. In the end I managed to fell the big beast, but not until it had devoured both me arms and ripped me eye right out of me socket with its mighty claws. Twas a small price to pay, as my wee dragon was safe once more. While it regained its strength, I buried my treasure on the island, hidden someplace deep in the forest. When it was time to part, the wee dragon promised to protect me treasure. And I vowed to come back with more treasure whenever I could. MIDDLE BOOK ENTRY Title: A day at the carrousel Author: Unknown author Genre: Children’s story, Poetry We are going out today A day in the park, as mom would say The bright sunshine to light our way Let’s go now, it’s time to play The carrousel, colourful and bright We want to go for another ride The horses whinny as they stride The wind in our hair as we forward glide Round and round the horses go Kids squealing with joy on every row The music stops; it’s the end of the show Let’s go back here again tomorrow RIGHT BOOK ENTRY Title: How to create your own Prosperity Author: Duna “the Wealthy” Genre: Non-Fiction, Business, DIY Prosperity. We all wish for it, especially here in Iriverse. But what is prosperity, and how does one achieve it? Not to sound too full of myself, but I will have to admit that I have been fairly successful at creating prosperity for myself. Now I am not a selfish dragon, very a-typical, one might think, so I am writing this self-help book to help you prosper, so that we might enjoy our prosperity together. So, where do you start? Rather than earning more treasures, as one might think, it actually starts with your spending habits. Do not spend a single penny. None of it. Hoard it all. This is probably the most difficult part, but once you have a knack for it, you’ll see your hoard grow every day, never once shrink. The easiest way to achieve this subliminal skill, is to avoid any temptation. Do not let it cross your path. And whenever temptation does end up finding its way to your doorstep, think to yourself ‘Do I really want this shiny new object? Even at the expense of my great hoard?’ The answer is ‘no’, ofcourse. You want your hoard to grow. And so you will be able to decline any offers made, no matter how tempting. The second step to achieve prosperity is to earn more. No matter how small or invaluable something might seem, everything has a value. And all these tiny steps will add up in the end. You will achieve greatness. It will take some blood, sweat and tears, figuratively speaking of course, but every bit of effort you put in will pay off. There are different methods to earn more value more quickly. Niche markets, unique services, great skill, or even just untapped potentials in the existing market. Keep an eye out for any venture that might proof lucrative, and soon, you’ll be as rich as I am. So remember: 1. spend nothing, 2. hoard everything, and 3. exploit the untapped potentials of the market. This is how you'll become as rich as I am, my friend Now that I have shared with you my secret to success, of course I do expect a little something in return. If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a million times; I might be somewhat unconventional for a dragon. So no, I do not require any payment in gold or treasures. If you manage to achieve a bit of prosperity for yourself, all I ask you is to remember: in Iriverse, we all hope to achieve prosperity one day, together. Please share your spoils and riches, share your knowledge. Perhaps buy this useful self-help book as a gift for a friend or family, and help them on their way to greatness. LEFT BOOK ENTRY The Tale of Miss. Taeri Fiction In the days of olde, there lived an adventurous young dragon under the name of Taeri. Taeri was of the most peculiar sort of dragon; for she was infatuated with humans. Their food, their games, but most importantly--their fires. Of course, Taeri had never actually talked to a human. She was a dragon, after all, and humans did not take well to the sight of dragons. Instead, she watched from afar, traveling to different villages, grasping onto the bits of knowledge that she could get. However, on one particularly lonely night, her curiosity overcame her. Taeri had flown down to a village to investigate the fires that had bewildered her so. Just as Taeri had begun prodding the still-burning pile of sticks in the middle of the human village, she heard a noise behind her. She turned slowly, expecting an angry human with a spear pointed at her heart. Instead, she came snout-to-nose with a small girl, eyes filled with wonder and a book in hand. “Excuse me, are you a dragon?” The girl asked, unabashedly. Taeri huffed a plume of smoke in relief and nodded her head. The girl’s face lit up in excitement, and she began spitting out words at such a pace that gave Taeri concern for her small lungs. “I can’t believe this! I have been reading all about dragons, all kinds of amazing things, terrible things, terribly amazing things! Well, you don’t seem very terrible, do you? The book said--” The girl babbled on, waving the book in her hand around. A simple drawing of a dragon spitting fire at a human city graced the cover, snapping Taeri out of her amusement. As she stepped backwards to make her escape, she stumbled, catching her wing on a spear that had been sticking out of the dirt nearby the fire. The dragon watched in horror as the sharp point ripped a tear in the webbing in her wings. She would never be able to fly again. Taeri took of running, the girl chasing after her. The pair reached a clearing in a nearby forest and stopped. Taeri sat to inspect her injured wing, slowly breathing out a puff of smoke as she calmed down, when a soft voice came from behind her. “Your wing. I-I’m sorry, this is all my fault, I shouldn’t have... My father was a researcher and after he and mother d-died I wanted to… to continue his research on d-dragons.. ” she hiccuped, tears flowing down her face. The dragon folded her good wing over the back of the human and drew her near. The child sobbed into the dragons side, quieting down as the night grew darker. Eventually, the two fell asleep in a bundle of tears and wings. It is said in stories that the two beings, flightless dragon and orphaned child, grew to become the best pair of adventurers Fanterra had ever seen, and even better friends. Together, they set to explore the world that had been waiting for them.
  7. Anonymous: Left Book Title: A Tall Tale Genre: Fiction Words: 499 In the land of Fanterra; there is a town called Iriverse. In that town, there once lived a tiny dragon and a large fae. Both were an abnormal size for what they were, and neither of them wished to be the way they were. The dragon was called Tiny, a nickname that was given to him by his littermates because of his meager size. He grew up enduring his siblings relentless teasing him about how he couldn’t possibly fly with his tiny wings. He hated to admit it, but it was true. His wings never grew to be as large as they should be for his size, and the closest to that he could accomplish to flying was to glide. With a story similar to Tiny’s, the fae was named Oryx. He grew up to be taller, and larger than the average fae. Oryx had expansive wings that were a bit bulky, but manageable when flying. His family treated him like they would any other, but others would unknowingly make him feel bad about his abnormalities. While Tiny and Oryx both lived in their respective areas, neither of them have ever ventured beyond what they've known their entire life. That was until they were both finally fed up with how they were treated, and decided to go out and venture on their own. They both fled to the outskirts of Iriverse, where the wilderness held many dangers. As Cold and hungry Oryx became, he's never felt so much joy. He was finally free from the looks he got on a daily basis. All the while Tiny was fluttering his wings with joy, not a care in the world that he couldn't fly. But after a few days, their excitement died down. Oryx had a struggle identifying what was edible and what wasn’t, he went to bed for many days with an empty stomach; Tiny had trouble escaping from larger predators, he would end up battered and bruised with low spirits. And most of all, they were both lonely. After a few days surviving on the barest minimum, they both came to the conclusion that wanted to go home. Even though they didn’t feel accepted, they both thought going back was the better choice. But… Where is home? So they wandered… and wandered… lost... Until one dark night, where the new moon shone no light, they met. That night, Oryx heard a shuffling sound near him. He stumbled through the dark, his toe hit a rock. He tripped and fell down, right on to a shell-shocked dragon. Immediately, the area was lit up by Oryx’s magic, and for the first time in a long time, they found someone just like them. Oryx looked at tiny and exclaimed, "You're such a small dragon!" While at the exact same time Tiny said, "You're such a large fae!" At that moment was when both of them realized who they have found. Someone that could understand them like no other. Someone that would accept them. Middle Book Title: Kuriosity Killed Kat Genre: Fiction or Non-fiction, who knows... Words: 261 Listen to me, do not read this. I’m telling you, it’s a bad idea don’t do it!! “Open it.” They said. “You will find what you’re looking for inside.” They said… Lies… all lies…. IF YOU ARE STILL READING, CLOSE IT RIGHT NOW. Nothing but death and pain will be felt if you continue, and remember I warned you. There will be no one but yourself to blame when we’re finished. What did you come here for, treasure, power, glory… love? How desperate are you to continue reading, do you have nothing left to lose? ‘Cause I’m telling you, I did. I lost it all, and gained nothing. “Kat, don’t go! Please, I beg of you!” Those were the last words I heard from my brother. “Kat… please remember that I love you.” Those were the last words my mother said to me as I went off on an impossible quest. How foolish of me. How foolish of you. By now I bet you’re feeling a cool feeling traveling up your arms, paralyzing you… I felt that too, you know. I have no doubt that you’re starting feel your head ache, your vision blur. Don’t panic, it’ll pass… soon… Your bones are cracking, aren't they? Have you ever wondered what that white sand you were walking on was? What have you done to deserve such a painful death, you ask? Nothing, nothing I tell you. Other than your own foolishness. And soon you’ll be a fool no more.
  8. Anonymous: Book: middle Word count: 370 Type: non-fiction diary, fae author The Diary of Freidrich Our village stands on the precipice of ruin. No matter what magics we weave, what methods we try to revive them, our crops lay browning in the heat. Our animals lay still, heaving breaths into the dusty ground, any one of them their last. My sister Olette and I have run out of options. We are supposed to be the experts, weaving the mana in new ways to keep our town safe. We research and discover new ways to use the mana flowing through Fanterra. Beacons of hope to those who depend on our expertise. She suggests we use the research of Talekai the Black, taking their treatise on raising the dead and reconfiguring the spells. At first, my knee jerk reaction, was of disgust. The court banished them for a reason! Meddling with the dead was asking for trouble, retribution from the court would come for all of us. But surely it's not wrong to steer these living creatures from the jaws of death? Is it not our right as beings of magic to bend the rules of this world to fit our desires? We are taking the leap, preparing the research for the rescue of this small town. ---- It's been days since I saw her last. Folks are beginning to whisper rumors about what I've done here, what we've done here. This was supposed to be safe, tapping into mana to save our town. The crops were withering, the livestock falling ill, our people suffering. The research was sound! I thought Olette knew what she was doing, I thought it had been safe! But that doesn't change our actions. Using magic like that, twisting life like that. Marley warned us against it. It's not his fault we didn't listen. We were too proud, our heads held high enough we couldn't see the consequences, the land now poisoned, the fae settled here suffering from our individual pride. And where is Olette in all this? Gone. Left come sundown when the deed brought nothing but ruin. She is my sister, the least she could have done is faced the consequences together with me. I can't just abandon these people to suffer what we've done to them. She is a coward.
  9. Thank you for your entry! Which two books are these for? Left-Middle-Right?
  10. Thank you for your submission! Which book is this story for? Left-Middle-Right?
  11. Anonymous LEFT BOOK ENTRY Book title: Dairy of Sheya – Of the time the huge man came Book author: Sheya Book Content: Day 1: the Discovery Today the weirdest thing happened. There I was, minding my own business, studying the slow and magical growth of Moonlight Poppy, when I suddenly heard the strangest sound. It was too clumsy for the elegant footsteps of a fellow fae, and too loud for any of the beasts that crawl on the forest floor. It was like nothing I had ever heard before. And, studying the many magnificent flowers our forest has to offer, I have heard quite a bit in my lifetime. I was terrified on the one hand, but so incredibly curious on the other hand as well. Blame my dear old father, bless his mana, but I had to look and find out what it was that was clumsily stomping through the forest in the middle of the night. As loud as it was, it wasn’t all that hard to track down. And what I saw baffled me! It was … sort of like a fae, but it also wasn’t. Whatever it was, it was huge. Really, incredibly, unastoundedly huge. The hugest I had ever seen. They had heads, and arms and legs like us. Hair, two eyes, a nose and a mouth. So very familiar. But they were different from us fae too. Their skin was like milk and nuts, flat of colour. And their hands…! They had five fingers, five! On each hand! What could you possibly need five fingers for? And they used some weird guttural sounds to communicate with one another. Either way, I am very intrigued and will definitely be back to do some more spyingstudying. Day 3: the Introduction I was brave today, and introduced myself to the new neighbours in our forest. Their language is hard to grasp, but I’m sure with patience, we’ll be able to understand one another one day. I’ve shown them all the trees I love, and tried to tteach them the names. They showed me some things too, although I’m not sure what they were saying. Day 9: a Name After a long week of studying, I think I have found the proper name for our new neighbours: Huge man. When I went back home to tell the farmer, my neighbour, and everyone who would listen, they didn’t believe me at first. But when I showed them, they had the swallow their words (Call me a liar again, Kael, and I will wither your tree!) Now, the huge man is the talk of the day, you can hear the younglings playing outside pretending to be ‘humans’ as they call them. Perhaps huge man is too difficult to pronounce. Either way, I can see an interesting relationship blossoming here. I’m sure we our folk have much to teach and learn from one another.
  12. Anonymous: MIDDLE BOOK ENTRY Book title: The Stuff of Nightmares Book author: Arym Sun Book Content: Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Myra. She wasn’t pretty on the outside. Others in the village called her names because of that, pushed her around, or even pretended she didn’t exist. Lonely and without friends, Myra only had the moon to comfort her. Each night the moon would come to her bedroom window, and comfort little Myra to sleep. ‘You are the most beautiful,’ the moon would tell her. ‘On the inside, you are sweet, and kind.’ But as the bullying continued, Myra’s mood turned sour. One night, when the moon tried to comfort little Myra, Myra became angry at the moon, and shouted at her. ‘No one cares about my sweetness! No one cares about the beauty on the inside. All they care about is what they see on the outside, and it is ugly. Go away.’ The moon was taken aback by Myra’s outburst, and hid in the clouds. That night was incredibly dark and shadows crept into the thoughts of everyone. The next night, the moon tried to visit Myra again. But Myra was still angry, and told the moon to go away, and never come back. Sad and broken-hearted, the moon left the sky, not to be seen again. Without the moon the light the night sky, the nights were longer, colder and the shadows took hold of everyone’s thoughts. Each night, people would wake up screaming and crying, for nightmares haunted their dreams. People became sick for the lack of sleep, hollowed by their dark thoughts and dreams. Everyone, except Myra. People flocked to Myra, asking her for advice, for help, for anything that would make the cold nights and dark dreams go away. While Myra was at first reluctant to help those who had previously been so mean to her, she eventually came to like the attention she got. The fact that people came to her, needed her. She enjoyed it. Myra decided to bring back the moon, as she thought it would make the people love her even more. However, the moon saw through Myra’s scheme. ‘You apologize to me, but you do not mean it. You only think of yourself. Once you were pretty on the inside. But the bitterness has turned your heart dark and you are no longer kind. Not unless it benefits you.’ Myra was shocked by what the moon said, but she couldn’t deny the truth. Horrified at what she had become, Myra apologized sincerely, and asked what she could give the moon in exchange for returning to the night sky. ‘I’ll do anything.’ She promised ‘What others have suffered at my absence, you shall suffer with my presence. Nightmares to haunt you at night.’ And so it was that the moon returned, and peace settled over village. Except for little Myra, who would forever dream dark dreams. Yet despite the nightmares, Myra was happy for happiness had returned to the village.
  13. Anonymous: RIGHT BOOK ENTRY Book title: The magical and non-magical properties of the Fig Book author: an unknown fig-enthusiast. Book Content: Figs; they are juicy, sweet, and scrumptious. Due to their delicious taste, one could almost overlook the many useful properties of the mana-enriched Fig. This book records these properties, so that the glory of the Fig will never be lost. Nutrition The Fig is composed of many nutritious elements; water (82%), sugar (13%), fibers (2.1%), proteins (1.3%) and fat (0.2%), as well as an array of vitamins (1.4%). Flavour Purple and blue Figs generally are sweeter, Red Figs have a tangier flavour, whereas green Figs have a bitterness to them, which seems to indicate it is unripe. Purple and blue Figs are best eaten fresh; leave them unplucked until their skin turns nice and dark. Red Figs are perfect for drying, mixed into a fruity salad (either fresh or dried) or made into a jam. The leaves, twigs and flowers of the Fig plant are unbearably bitter, and do not offer any enjoyment in terms of flavour. They are best left uneaten. Botany Extract the seeds from the Fig fruit, dry them for two or three afternoons in the warm sun, and bury in soft, fertile soil. The Fig plant needs plenty of sun and regular watering. Make sure the roots have enough room to develop, and for the love of the Fig, keep dog and cat companions at a distance, to avoid turning your precious Fig nursery into a lavatory. Healing The Fig is a useful ingredient for your everyday household remedies. Ingested fresh or as juice, the Fig provides remedy against hunger and listlessness. It can in some cases give relief of throat-aches and headaches. When dried or cooked, Figs provide similar effects, although to a lesser extent. Fig juice and Fig pulp, when applied externally, can provide near-instant relief on a variety of rashes, itches and insect bites. Important note: The sweet fragrance may attract other biting or stinging insects. Use with care. No anti-bacterial properties have yet been uncovered. Do not apply to open wounds! Magical spells While the usage of Figs in magical spells remains largely unexplored, most likely due to the delicious taste and preferred usage as food, I must admit to doing some magical experiments with my favourite fruit. The exact extent of the magical effect of the Fig as of yet is underdetermined, but when added to a potion, it does at a rather sweet, pleasant fragrance, in most cases. Other appliances Fig juice can be used as ink. However, the colour is light, fades quickly, and attracts both insects and rodents. Dried fig skin can be ground down and used to create a dark blue or purple dye. Fig juice turns sticky when it dries. However, it is not quite sticky enough to serve as some sort of cohesive or glue. The fibre of the Fig tree is tough, but with persistance can be woven. It is too rough to wear as clothing, but can be useful as a basket or sun hat.
  14. Anonymous: Book: Left book Genre: Historial Fiction Author: Human The Fire Salamander A fierce beast once lived in Fanterra; one which had ten heads, body of a dragon and wings that could block out the sun itself. Only a few had dared to fight the beast but every battle had ended in another victory for the beast and the loss of another life. As time passed the beast saw fewer fights and the lack of a challenge caused the beast to grow bored. Finally he stood up and spreading his gigantic wings he jumped into the air and soared across the land in search of a new opponent. As he soared a strange dark mark appear on the horizon. Puzzled he flew towards it until it was revealed to be a forest burned until only the scorched corpses of the trees remained. He landed with a mighty thud to gaze at the death before him. "Something fierce must have done this..." the beast muttered, growing both confused and mildly excited, "but how...and where can I find them?" "I know who did it." Came a soft voice. He whipped his heads around, searching for the source, "who dares speak to the destroyer of worlds!?" "Me, I am by your feet." Looking down he finally spotted a tiny creature no bigger than his smallest toe looking up at him. "You know who did this?" "I do indeed my lord..." "Then tell me so I can find them...and kill them..." his claws raked the earth. "You may not want to know mi-lord..." "Bah!" He snorted in annoyance, "You just don't want to get eaten. Now tell me before you slip past my teeth and down my throat!" "...me." "You?!" The beast was immediately furious, "you dare lie to me little worm?!" "I tell no lie Lord of Destruction...I cannot lie." The creature licked an eyeball, "for if I do the curse I have will awaken once more." "Tell me the truth!" "The truth stands before you...whether you like it or not, Master of Fear." He shrieked and in one quick movement the creature was swallowed whole, "that...is what you get for lying...pest." He murmured. Before taking a step though a strange sensation formed in his stomach followed by intense pain he had never felt in his life. Crying out he scratched at his scaly belly as he coughed out smoke, followed by huge flames that burst forth from his throat as it burned hot. Unable to handle the pain the dragon retched until a ball of fire flew out and landed on the ground. A few seconds later the fireball was revealed to be the creature as the flames faded from its skin, "...h...how?" The beast asked with a hoarse voice. "One should not make assumptions lord of chaos..." The creature replied before shambling away into the burned forest. The once vicious beast was turned into a wheezing and pitiful thing as it crawled back home. To the end of his days he plotted what he would do to the one who tricked him.
  15. Anonymous: (Left book) How Dragons came to Fanterra Dragons and humans lived beside each other peacefully long ago. The dragons would fend off invaders in return for a few sheep and the occasional golden trinket. One day, a conflict between the south and north kingdoms sparked the Great War. Dragon clan against dragon clan fought, seeking to protect the humans they allied with. The war lasted many years.When it finally ended, neither side had won. The surviving dragons went into hiding to recover, promising their human friends they would not take revenge on those who caused the war. When the dragons woke from their healing slumber they sought out the humans to announce their return. The humans worked in the field, and upon seeing the dragons, fled, screaming, back to their towns. The dragons looked around the land. Many more towns scattered across the land. The towns they once knew had flourished into vast cities, the cities they once knew had crumbled into mere ruins. The dragons realized they had not been asleep for weeks- they had been asleep for centuries. They tried telling the humans they meant no harm, only be to chased away by armies with powerful weapons. The fairy queen observed this, and made an offer to the dragon king: All dragons could live in a land hidden from humans, where perhaps, one day, only select humans who accepted dragons would come. The dragon king agreed. And that is how the dragons disappeared from Earth and came to live in Fanterra.
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