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  1. Hi, folks! We are looking for a graphic designer to join our team at Figment. Learn about us on Twitter and join our Discord! This will be an ongoing role with intermittent work. (Note: the first month of work will be heavier because of the backlog, but after that it'll slow down a little.) The overwhelming majority of design work needed is to create 800x800 social media graphics. Other things you might work on include graphics for our Patreon, game resource guides, 300x300 headers, etc. Vector graphics experience preferred. We're focused on a brand image that is whimsical
  2. (ANON) Magic & You Author: Pansy Peterson To some creatures, magic comes naturally. To others, it doesn't. Sometimes, even among the race of magical creatures, there are some individuals who aren't magically inclined. For those unfortunate souls among us who find themselves with a lack of magic, there is still hope. After generations of research, experiments, breakthroughs and horrific failures, I have concocted the solution; a potion that will grant you magic! It is not quite perfect yet; the effects aren't permanent and will wear off after a while. But while it lasts, the
  3. Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr |Instagram| Patreon July 2019 Hello, everyone! It's been a while since you've heard from us. We've been really busy working behind-the-scenes to bring you Figment, and we're excited to say that we're planning to launch alpha in mid-to-late July! In this update, I'd like to take some time to cover some features of gameplay and lore. And then I'll show you some new art. ? But first... What is Figment? Figment is a lore-heavy mishmash of a lot of funky-cool ideas, focusing neither on Human Avatar or Pet, but trying to find
  4. @Demona so sorry for the huge delay! What were you thinking to trade?
  5. Anon Book - in the middle Title- An Explanation of Changelings There are two types of Changelings -okay, maybe three. The third being a shapeshifter in a game about dragons living in dungeons or something like that. Anyway… There are two types of Changelings. By definition a Changeling is a human, usually a child, that is swapped with a fairy to live with the human parents, sometimes without the parents ever knowing. Either the fairies will make the exchange when the human is sleeping, or just lure them away to the door to their homeland. You might b
  6. More anons! LEFT BOOK ENTRY Title: How to tame a dragon, a true-told story by One-Eyed Larry Author: One-Eyed Larry Genre: Non-Fiction(-ish), exaggerated autobiography Dragons are fierce and fearsome beasts. Huge wings like hurricanes, claws like spears, you’ve heard it all before. Y’see me lad, dragons are truly misunderstood creatures, they are. They are beings, with emotions and feelings, with souls. Much like us, they can feel fear, anger, pain and love. The key to taming a dragon is to earn their trust. So, let me tell you a story, of how I lost bot
  7. Anonymous: Left Book Title: A Tall Tale Genre: Fiction Words: 499 In the land of Fanterra; there is a town called Iriverse. In that town, there once lived a tiny dragon and a large fae. Both were an abnormal size for what they were, and neither of them wished to be the way they were. The dragon was called Tiny, a nickname that was given to him by his littermates because of his meager size. He grew up enduring his siblings relentless teasing him about how he couldn’t possibly fly with his tiny wings. He hated to admit it, but it was true. His wings ne
  8. Anonymous: Book: middle Word count: 370 Type: non-fiction diary, fae author The Diary of Freidrich Our village stands on the precipice of ruin. No matter what magics we weave, what methods we try to revive them, our crops lay browning in the heat. Our animals lay still, heaving breaths into the dusty ground, any one of them their last. My sister Olette and I have run out of options. We are supposed to be the experts, weaving the mana in new ways to keep our town safe. We research and discover new ways to use the mana flowing through Fanterra. B
  9. Thank you for your entry! Which two books are these for? Left-Middle-Right?
  10. Thank you for your submission! Which book is this story for? Left-Middle-Right?
  11. Anonymous LEFT BOOK ENTRY Book title: Dairy of Sheya – Of the time the huge man came Book author: Sheya Book Content: Day 1: the Discovery Today the weirdest thing happened. There I was, minding my own business, studying the slow and magical growth of Moonlight Poppy, when I suddenly heard the strangest sound. It was too clumsy for the elegant footsteps of a fellow fae, and too loud for any of the beasts that crawl on the forest floor. It was like nothing I had ever heard before. And, studying the many magnificent flowers our forest has to offe
  12. Anonymous: MIDDLE BOOK ENTRY Book title: The Stuff of Nightmares Book author: Arym Sun Book Content: Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Myra. She wasn’t pretty on the outside. Others in the village called her names because of that, pushed her around, or even pretended she didn’t exist. Lonely and without friends, Myra only had the moon to comfort her. Each night the moon would come to her bedroom window, and comfort little Myra to sleep. ‘You are the most beautiful,’ the moon would tell her. ‘On the inside, you are sweet, and kind.’
  13. Anonymous: RIGHT BOOK ENTRY Book title: The magical and non-magical properties of the Fig Book author: an unknown fig-enthusiast. Book Content: Figs; they are juicy, sweet, and scrumptious. Due to their delicious taste, one could almost overlook the many useful properties of the mana-enriched Fig. This book records these properties, so that the glory of the Fig will never be lost. Nutrition The Fig is composed of many nutritious elements; water (82%), sugar (13%), fibers (2.1%), proteins (1.3%) and fat (0.2%), as well as an array of vitamins (1.4%).
  14. Anonymous: Book: Left book Genre: Historial Fiction Author: Human The Fire Salamander A fierce beast once lived in Fanterra; one which had ten heads, body of a dragon and wings that could block out the sun itself. Only a few had dared to fight the beast but every battle had ended in another victory for the beast and the loss of another life. As time passed the beast saw fewer fights and the lack of a challenge caused the beast to grow bored. Finally he stood up and spreading his gigantic wings he jumped into the air and soared across the land in search
  15. Anonymous: (Left book) How Dragons came to Fanterra Dragons and humans lived beside each other peacefully long ago. The dragons would fend off invaders in return for a few sheep and the occasional golden trinket. One day, a conflict between the south and north kingdoms sparked the Great War. Dragon clan against dragon clan fought, seeking to protect the humans they allied with. The war lasted many years.When it finally ended, neither side had won. The surviving dragons went into hiding to recover, promising their human friends they would n
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