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  1. Google Ads - Worth It?

    You should use Amazon Affiliate if you can. I earn more from this than I ever have Adsense.
  2. Hunting System!

    Looks very cool!
  3. Show off what you are working on

    Whilst I didn't create this, I'd like to show off one of the pets I'm releasing for my game NeverHeroes: Don't have a name for this guy yet, any suggestions haha? You can see more variations of him here on my development blog: https://neverheroesgame.tumblr.com/ I'm going to get some markings made next for customization and then create a demo of my pet generator/breeding simulator to show off different versions.
  4. Hi all! I'm in the process of developing a brand new petsite. It's in the early stages of development and Dracula has helped me create one of the first pet samples. Eventually, players will be able to breed pets to make all sorts of cool versions. With that being said, I'm looking for an artist who can help me create markings for the pets. Things like stripe patterns, spots, blends and all other cool things. The game's theme is fantasy/anime, so I'm not too interested in the realistic side of things. Here is an example of the pet that Dracula did: So I'm looking for a dedicated artist to help me bring these pets to life with some markings. There's also opportunity for more interesting things, such as pet additions and possibly even pets in the future if we can work well together. Payment is always via PayPal. For the job, you'll be given the PSD of the pet to work with and help customise. If you're interested, please send me a PM with your portfolio/samples + pricing. @dracula
  5. Laws of UX

    Very interesting indeed.
  6. Show off what you are working on

    My first attempt at a browser based RPG game XP Just managed to get character creation working today!
  7. Where to even begin

    You need to do a lot more research before you consider a kick-starter. No one will back a project by someone who doesn't really have a clue what they're doing. The good news is that you've come to the right place. I suggest learning how to build/setup a basic website first, using HTML/CSS. You'll want to have some grasp on how web hosting works and websites in general. Before you try to recruit people, know that it's an incredibly hard and challenging process to make a game. There are three core aspects to making a browser game: Programming, Art and Money. You'll find it hard to find volunteers if you can't offer any of these towards the game since everyone is trying to recruit these days. Simply having an idea isn't enough for people to want to invest in your game. Good luck!
  8. Small board update, and upcoming contests!

    Thanks for the hard work Can't wait for Halloween- my favourite holiday!
  9. Hide announcements?

    That would be awesome! Thanks @Digital
  10. Hi guys! I am currently looking for an artist to help me with making Isometric Tiles for a game. I currently need around some samples but once I get my base set finished and implemented, I'll be looking to order more complex tiles. Right now all I need is some simple tiles. Here are some examples of what I need: I'm looking for style to be more like the first image. My game is very anime style so less realism more cartoonish. If you're interested, hit my up via PM with how much you'd charge per tile and if you have any examples of your work. Thanks!
  11. Hide announcements?

    Is it possible to hide the site announcement bar? I've read it, but it still appears at the top of every post. It also seems to have some CSS issues with it because every time I reload the page, the whole announcement is visible and then it reduces itself to the short version within a second. It's just annoying when loading a page to have this massive wall of text and then it disappear again. Anyway to remove them? Peace!
  12. Should Staff have two accounts?

    I think either way is fine. Some staff don't want their personal accounts tagged as staff to lessen their achievements (i.e. staff favourtism, has the inside knowledge etc). It also allows them to play the game in their spare time and not do staff duties if they aren't in the mood

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