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  1. @HareThat happened to my cousin in the custody battle for his child whom he dearly loves. His wife was a complete bitch about the entire matter, demanding full custody, and got it...cause she's the mother, and isn't letting him see his child. He's doing his best to fight back to keep his relationship with his son alive, but with full custody, there's not a lot to be done. I feel fortunate my parents had a relatively amicable divorce, and despite that my mother also got full custody, she at least realized I still needed my father in my life, and just because she didn't love him anymore, didn't mean that I shouldn't see him. Sadly, I think that's not necessarily the norm, as, let's be honest, women kinda tend to be spiteful (unlike guys who just punch each other and then everything's ok, women hold a grudge forever), and I've seen other split family's where the mother uses the children to hurt to divorced husband (it was truly awful, the mother was a drug addict had committed petty crimes, didn't show up to court and STILL got full custody). The law system is definitely rigged against men for family court, I've seen it all too much.
  2. I have one big recommendation, have a front and center forum dedicated to information about what the heck this is, visible to unregistered users. Just a cursory glance, I see something that looks like an event, places, updates, and general user chat area, but NO INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT THIS EVEN IS.
  3. @Bingo did some work for me a while ago, she's amazing to work with
  4. Maybe instead of account "deletion" something more like account "closure". So the data in various places will still exist, it just won't be accessible? Unless the purpose of wanting to delete an account to remove all trace of the person from a site (which, as you've noted, affect more than just the user's personal page of pets).
  5. @Bingo Sounds great! It varies agency to agency (and depending on how populated your area is, you might find a few). The one I went to, after filling out a paper to tell what my skills were, they then tested me on them (on the computer, since they were all office related skills, not sure what they do for people specializing in labor). Using the data from the tests, they placed me in appropriate work environments. But, another temp agency may work another way. I know my current roommate got placed in a call center when she joined one many years ago. It wasn't something she loved, but it made money, and she worked in the area where people are calling in, not where she had to solicit calling out. Ack, yeah, I hear you. I used the computer wrong for so many years I developed tennis elbow. Had to live with it for a number of years before I finally made enough money to get proper physical therapy. I'm also thankful that my current boss is concerned about my well being enough that he pays for half of special things I need (like certain kinds of mice, chairs, etc), though in a temp environment, you'll have to work with what you have. If you go to the agency and tell them your limitations, they may be able to recommend certain kinds of jobs for you based on that, it's what they specialize in after all. And it hurt my pride to do it, but helped when I wasn't making a lot, have you considered applying for government assistance? Even the food program really helped when I needed it and wasn't making a whole lot of money. Plus, with your currently medical issues, you may qualify for some kind of temporarily handicapped assistance. If you talk to a human services agent at your local county office, they may be able to find you a bit of help.
  6. I am basically the local anime queen, constantly watching new shows every season as well as catching my boyfriend up on old good shows that he missed before we started dating. One anime I constantly rewatch is Heroic Age, a space opera extremely loosely based on the Labors of Heracles and featuring mecha and giant monster battles, as well as a bit of politics and psychics. Highly recommend. Another oldie but goodie is one of the first anime I ever rented from a video, back when places like Sci-fi channel were licensing all these weird science fiction movies and OVAs. Birdy the Mighty (and the dub of which was surprisingly not bad for a late 90s dub), the original OVA not the new Decode TV series (which I hate). It has fantastic animation that still holds up today despite its dated designs, and I find the story even more engaging as an adult than I did when I was a kid. It's about an alien police offers who accidentally kills a human while out on the job, then must share her body with him while his is repaired, allowing him to continue his life, but also getting her police work done as well. Kind of a buddy cop type show, only the two cops share one body. The biggest reason I prefer the OVA over the TV series is that the male lead actually grows and starts to help Birdy with her mission, whereas in the TV series, he's really just along for the ride and doesn't provide much of any support. So there's my two recommendations!
  7. @BingoIf you have a place for me to leave a review about your work for me to hopefully get you more work in the future, I'd love to provide you with a testimonial! As far as interim jobs until you land that sweet art job, have you ever thought about going to your local temp job agency? I did that for a while with an agency that focused on office admin work (and got put into a warehouse shipping and receiving for a while that was fun). Temp agency sounds a bit unreliable by name, but so long as you have the skillsets, they'll always have work for you. Other than that, since retail isn't your thing, some companies hire part time front desk people to meet and greet people at the door and get them to the person they need to see. Generally pretty easy if you have decent computer skills (and by decent, I mean you know how to copy & paste, send emails, and other basic tasks that I am surprised a lot of people have trouble with)
  8. I have seen on other websites such as Subeta, Flight Rising, and Aywas, that in addition to their legal entity for that particular petsite, they also have created umbrella companies under which their petsite resides. What would be the purpose in creating an umbrella company in addition to the legal entity (LLC or otherwise) of the Petsite Group itself?
  9. I would prefer you make a public link to the results, as just filling out a survey does not generate discussion of answers.
  10. Solistia


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