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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I agree, DH is awful. Their support has also dropped lately, but thankfully my clients have OK'ed a switch away from them I just need to do some research and find some time to move the sites over, and we are good. I am going to take a look at Server Pronto. I have also heard so many good things about Digital Ocean, but it seems super intimidating for someone new at sys admin like me. I also don't consider myself savvy enough about Linux systems or maintaining a backend. I am all self-taught so I worry about migrating my clients over and something going wrong!
  2. Not really - I still have Mythflow on the backburner, and will probably dust that off in a few years when my current startup matures! My current business is taking up a lot of my time, and with regular my day job on top of that, I am just so terribly busy. I am already doing 50-60 work weeks and I really do not have time for another project. Haha I also am not sure about the market for pet games anymore - or what direction I need to take MF so that it becomes appealing to non petsite gamers. It will take a lot of coding and development, and I don't have the funds for that right now.
  3. @Digital I like your art! I have heard so many great things about the iPad with the Pencil & ProCreate. All my favorite artists have been using that and showing their work online haha.
  4. Horse Reality now LIVE on Kickstarter!

    Good luck with your Kickstarter, @Deloryan ! Exciting to see new games being developed & launched, and the art looks just amazing.
  5. Show off what you are working on

    Will do, Mortain. Update; This is my latest painting. I have been extremely busy with my freelance work and recently acquired a new job too, so haven't had much time to paint. This might be the last thing for a while haha.
  6. How do you name things for games?

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful replies everyone! Seems like there are a lot of different ways we come up with names. Unfortunately, I still don't know how to name my in dev petsite. I have the concept ready-ish, but the name still eludes me... @Noromtigel I was able to name a startup because of a pun, but I was admittedly having a few drinks when my co-founder and I came up with it. It stuck, people liked it, I have a love/hate relationship with it, I want it changed, but doing a massive rebrand at this stage is super annoying. Oh well. We get some laughs out of it still as an inside joke. @Design1online That's a neat way to do it, finding available domain names or ones that recently expired. I know I let a lot my domains expire, haven't had time for a lot of projects... I must imagine it is a good way to get inspiration for names, haha.
  7. Show off what you are working on

    I've been working on putting together a Kickstarter campaign for a social enterprise I founded with my partner last year, hoping to raise funds for machinery & to scale our business. We're planning on a launch in April, so I've been working on some pre-launch swag & promo items to sell that will help offset some of the advertising and promo costs for the campaign. I'm so excited for it but so nervous! The gist of what the venture does is divert wood waste from landfills & my partner and I craft handmade items out of materials.
  8. I think my artistic goals this year is getting better at anatomy, using markers (I got a set of copic markers recently and love using them), and being more active with promoting my work. Professionally I'm trying to land a good gig related to branding design, so I can support my partner when we move out together this summer. I have also been trying to finish a lot of my 2017 projects, and got my butt off to make a portfolio so that I can apply for agency jobs and maybe go back to design school haha. I've dicked around in 2017 after graduating from university, trying to figure what I want to do professionally since my field is non existent right now due to the current political climate... Soooo, design it is!
  9. .Hey guys, hope your holidays are going well. I have been hosting my websites via DreamHost for the last few years, yet I'm not too pleased with how much their plans are costing for both shared & VPS hosting. Also as a Canadian and paying USD, the exchange rate kinda (really) hurts. Their customer support is pretty shoddy as of late as well, and haven't been helpful in dealing with some tickets I had submitted. So I'm hoping to switch to another hosting company - I have a few client sites that are getting a lot of traffic, and would not mind paying extra for something that is more robust and can handle the traffic. I thought I might ask you guys for recommendations as I haven't stayed up to date for years on hosting companies or services, and am worried the information I'm going off on choosing a new one is (slightly) outdated. My budget is ideally $30/month - I've been looking at BlueHost, and thinking of getting a VPS for said high-traffic client and a shared hosting for my smaller sites. I'm also debating whether it's worth splitting the hosting up so that the smaller blogs / shops can be hosted via Squarespace (saves me from setting up Wordpress), but ideally I'd like not having to logging in/out three or four different accounts and paying the subscription rate at full price for multiple sites. Thanks everyone.
  10. Show off what you are working on

    I redid this painting from 2011 which is like, 6 years ago and I'm pretty happy with the results. Sometimes it's pretty cool to see how much you improve based on what you can finally paint v. before. I didn't know the techniques to paint what I had in mind back then haha Before/after comparison;
  11. Show off what you are working on

    I really like this style! I'd love to see more item art like this
  12. Show off what you are working on

    Finally finished the painting WIP I posted earlier;;
  13. Show off what you are working on

    I tried my hands at drawing some adoptable templates in a cartoonish style lol. I don't know if I like it enough but here it is. Not familiar with drawing on square canvases.
  14. TV Snow you Regularly watch?

    I haven't gotten into GOT lol, so I think I might be in the minority here haha. But I do love Stranger Things (so excited for season two) and The Walking Dead (even though it's gotten stale for me). When I watch TV with my partner, we watch stuff like Little Witch Academia and Steven Universe.
  15. What are your favorite 3 websites and why?

    1. Reddit, 2. Imgur, 3. I dunno? My local radio station? I frequent a few reddit subs for news, others for interests, and those alone take up too much of my free time already. I also stream my local radio station because they play a lot of my favorite songs lol. They're a modern rock station but sometimes they play classic rock.

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