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  1. I am always looking for those that would like to help
  2. if you are ever interested in help with the species development please let me know
  3. Thank you for understanding. Out of the lines that I do have completed which one do you like the most?
  4. No I am going to make editions to the adolescent female which is what I am in the middle of doing now. As I mentioned before I like the position she is in I just need to make it my own if you get my meaning.
  5. In order the first image is the Adolescent male the second image is the baby female the third image is the baby male the forth image is the adult male and the fifth image is the adult female
  6. you see the only one that I dont have a decent base for is the adolescent female. I like the position that she is currently in but I have to make it like there was no base design you know? The first image is the adult female. I have the lines for the baby male and female as well as the base for the adolescent male and adult male. the adolescent female one it seems is the one that I have to make the most changes on. Below are the lines of the
  7. I am still going through and making edits to the designs that are being used. I have been working on this for near three years now. The dragon above is my own design though some more edits will be used to make it nothing like the one listed above that. Art isnt something that can be rushed and I am the only one working on it.
  8. This is a dragon breeding game as well as an adventure game. It allows you to collect familiars as well as items for crafting. There are different levels and rarities that you can find throughout the game. There are various markings and mutations that can be found as well. I am currently looking for some coders that can help me View full game
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