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  1. Owner of Faenaria here... I loved working with Shex on the background commission recently. Very friendly and professional. Great communication. Highly recommend!
  2. Hello and welcome to VPL! I'm interested in hiring you to do some work for my site. Discord okay? My info: Rhowyn#2419 Thanks!
  3. Faenaria's new layout is officially live!! *celebrates by doing the peanut-butter-jelly dance like a complete weirdo* I have to give a HUGE thank you to weezee for the literal months of work that she poured into making the site look absolutely stunning! Well done, weezee! You definitely earned a 5 minute good, long break! We have made so many little changes in addition to a few major ones. I will do my best to list as many of them as possible, but first, a couple of notes! We are still updating the wardrobe and FA shops. This had to be done on the live site and so this is fair
  4. Howdy all! First and foremost I wanted to let everyone know that we will be rolling out our new layout this weekend! There might be some hiccups and downtime as a result, but not to worry, we'll get it sorted out. The changes coming with the layout are mostly quality of life and cosmetic fixes that the site has really been hurting for. A more detailed explanation of these changes will be provided in the official release post after the update has launched. In the meantime, I wanted to draw everybody's attention to our new Patreon bonuses! As a way of saying thank you to our wonderful
  5. Howdy all! The team and I are looking for someone to draw a couple scenic backgrounds for us. If all works out we would love to continue making periodic commissions going forward as well. We have a budget of around $25-35 a piece, though I'm willing to haggle. Desired canvas size is 600x850px. Below are some examples of existing BGs to give an idea of the style/quality that we're looking for. (each one was done by a different artist so some variation is okay) Obviously the avatar base wouldn't be part of the final image, but I included it to give an idea of scale, etc. She was naked so I
  6. Very nice of them to give us a couple weeks extra for the mistake!
  7. I highly recommend @Indy for programming. I've been working with him for a while now and he has been wonderful.
  8. As Faenaria's pet system is largely based on being able to create your own custom designs, we are putting into place another way to obtain pets. "Shop pets" will be premade designs, available for purchase from, you guessed it, pet shops! While our wonderful programmer, Indy, gets to work on the code, the art team has been working on the initial designs that will be released when the feature launches. Here's a preview of some of those designs!
  9. I use multiply for shadows and then overlay or sometimes screen or luminosity (depending on the effect I want) for highlights. Ultimately, there isn't a right or wrong way of shading - it's all purely objective imo.
  10. Bumping this up. Faenaria is still looking for a programmer to do some work for us. I have more details, but would prefer to discuss in private. I can be contacted on Discord or via PM here.
  11. As the title says, my site Faenaria is looking to hire a programmer to improve upon our code, create new features, etc. We just held a fundraiser and have a set budget for some new upgrades that we're needing to have done soon. If you are interested in some work, please PM me to discuss further. Thank you!
  12. Faenaria - Homepage / Facebook / Twitter Faenaria is a browser-based virtual pet and avatar community focused on all the fun, interactive features that have made Virtual Pet sites last through the ages! Our website is still a work in progress, with plenty of room to grow and flourish. Our aim is to offer users an engaging, Fantasy-inspired experience. We will continue to release a plethora of mythical creatures for you to collect and customize! Our avatars are already live, providing you with many options so you can show off your personal style to the world! We are in the process of integ
  13. Updated information. I might be open to doing avatar work as well. But it would be a similar shading style.
  14. My husband and I are moving next week and we're a little short on funds for the deposit (they decided we'd need last month's rent in advance as well and so we're trying to scrape it together). To make up the difference before the 9th I'm taking some quick character commissions! The image file will be 400x600px - waist up only. I have a strong anime style. I retain all rights to share artwork to my portfolio/dA. Artwork is for personal use only. I will have my signature on each piece, please do not remove it. Please send me a PM to discuss details! Pricing - USD via PayPal • Lines+F
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