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  1. As the title says, my site Faenaria is looking to hire a programmer to improve upon our code, create new features, etc. We just held a fundraiser and have a set budget for some new upgrades that we're needing to have done soon. If you are interested in some work, please PM me to discuss further. Thank you!
  2. Faenaria - Homepage / Facebook / Twitter Faenaria is a browser-based virtual pet and avatar community focused on all the fun, interactive features that have made Virtual Pet sites last through the ages! Our website is still a work in progress, with plenty of room to grow and flourish. Our aim is to offer users an engaging, Fantasy-inspired experience. We will continue to release a plethora of mythical creatures for you to collect and customize! Our avatars are already live, providing you with many options so you can show off your personal style to the world! We are in the process of integ
  3. Updated information. I might be open to doing avatar work as well. But it would be a similar shading style.
  4. My husband and I are moving next week and we're a little short on funds for the deposit (they decided we'd need last month's rent in advance as well and so we're trying to scrape it together). To make up the difference before the 9th I'm taking some quick character commissions! The image file will be 400x600px - waist up only. I have a strong anime style. I retain all rights to share artwork to my portfolio/dA. Artwork is for personal use only. I will have my signature on each piece, please do not remove it. Please send me a PM to discuss details! Pricing - USD via PayPal • Lines+F
  5. @Indy has been working with me for about a month now on my website, Faenaria, and I don't have anything but nice things to say. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and overall great to work with. His communication is top notch. He isn't afraid to ask questions to better understand what you need out of a feature. You won't go wrong with this fella. I highly recommend! Projects I've had Indy work on include: • Updating PHP version (oh we were so behind) and fixing error codes as a result of this update. • Fully functional bank feature with savings accounts, daily interest payouts, C
  6. -Edited out review- I will not state anything negative, however, I will also not state anything positive.
  7. Down to the last two hours! Get in those final pledges before the campaign ends! Read More About the End Here!
  8. This update is far overdue and for that I apologize! I'm pleased to announce that we reached our first two stretch goals and unlocked the Kessho and Kudo! Read more in our latest update
  9. Break out the bubbly! We have officially reached 100% of our funding goal!! Not only that, but we're also a mere $20 from our first stretch goal: the Kessho! When unlocked it will become available to every backer who has pledged $25 or more! >>>>> Read More Here <<<<< A fierce hunter of Faenaria's coldest mountain regions, the Kessho is as efficient as he is cunning. Their shaggy coats insulate them against the frigid climate that they call home. The crystals that adorn their bodies are unique to each Kessho. The crystals give off magic based
  10. When you go to make the link, in that same pop up window there's a spot that says edit. Click that and it will let you choose how long you want the link to last - you can set it to Never. That's usually what I do. Sounds great, you know how to reach me!
  11. Thank you Vix! We're so close to our goal! Only 15% left! To celebrate, we're offering CYO Centaur add-ons! Your centaur, your way! >>>>> Read More Here! <<<<<
  12. @dracula I just read the newest Patreon post! If you're looking for voice actors, my husband is available. He's never worked for anyone before, but it has been a goal of his to voice act. If you're interested in giving him a try I can pass on his contact information via PM. I know he'd love this project and love to be part of it. He'd likely even be willing to work as a volunteer just to get some experience under his belt. On an unrelated note... Your discord link has expired! ?
  13. I'm eagerly following this! It looks wonderful!
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