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  1. Hey Everyone! -I'm 23 year old woman -I live in Atlanta, GA in the US -I'm a 2d Illustrator and Visdev Artist. I mostly do a lot of freelance work -No kids or pets, though I really hope to get a new pet soon!
  2. Oh I've definitely both seen this in others and dealt with it a ton in my own work! It's usually called 'SameFace Syndrome' in most of the circles I interact with. It's always hard to juggle having a distinct way of drawing things and also diversifying withing your set 'style'. Whenever I see it happening again in my own work I do a few different things... Usually some studies of real people (great sites like line-of-action.com come in handy for seeing non-idealized, non celebrities), or another exercise that I find super fun and super helpful! What happens is, you start with one single face shape, copy/paste it a few times, and then make distinct characters out of each one. It kind of gets me to focus more on the micro details that make people different? After the first few faces, you start having to really reach and get a bit more creative with the ways you can assemble faces. I don't know if I explained that well, but here's a (kinda wonky) example of one time I did the exercise. Even though those are just heads, the same ideas of playing with shapes kind of work all the way down the body?
  3. I think the 'paw' shape is really interesting coupled with the more feline body shape! I'm excited to see what else you draw with this species.
  4. @Anoua I've been a player of pet sites of some form pretty much since I started using the internet. In terms of contributing to one, I haven't had the chance to yet, but I've been looking to try and do artwork for a site!
  5. I think there's still definitely popularity attached to forum-style RPGs! The first kind that I've been involved in (and seen still in practice) are the ones for Pokemon? I was super involved in quite a few Pokemon forums when I was younger and they often worked like that. Since there's the game and the anime to pull inspiration from, they usually have that mixture of actions/chance and longer-form writing that could also work for a horse rpg. Also, I've always enjoyed those, since the little actions usually work as a neat prompt to what I'll write in the post. Hope that helps some?
  6. @SilverBrick Thanks so much! This site looks awesome, and I'm looking forward to talking to people!
  7. Hi, I am Flexa and I joined on 09/05/17! View Member
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